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Last Updated: 20 June 1999

Barney was adopted from a friend's grandmother. Barney was 13 years old when he came to live with us. He was 14 or so when Nikka the evil dog killed him 12 May 1997. Read the entire story here. Barney could talk a little bit. He could clearly say "Grandma's pretty bird". Listen here. He even taught PeeWee the parakeet to say it - I only heard her say it once, but it was clear and unmistakable. Barney wasn't hand-tame while he lived with us. Apparently he had been quite friendly with Grandma, or at least she let him out a lot. Maybe she didn't handle him. Barney loved sunflower seeds and his big bell (you can see it behind his head). He used to spend a lot of time with his head inside that bell. Now I've heard that plenty of cockatiels like to do exactly the same thing. After Barney's violent death we buried him in the backyard with a handful of sunflower seeds and his beloved bell.


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