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Last Updated: 30 December 2001

Blue joined our family about 3 years ago (maybe 1996?). She is a stripmall petstore parakeet. She still had all of her forehead bars, so she was a young bird. I chose her out of a cage full of young parakeets because she was the bossiest. I like a parakeet with some zip. Unfortunately, she's a little bit big for her britches. One morning in early 1999 our cockatoo, Lily, escaped while we were sleeping. Lily made a leap to the parakeet cage. Blue furiously defended her space, and Lily bit her toe. I awoke to much fuss and a bloody mess. The vet tried to save the toe, but two weeks later the bandage came off with the toe. As you can see below Blue's left foot is now missing the left back toe. The amputation doesn't keep her from industriously chewing our woodwork. We're working on that one!

Video: Blue Bathing (1.3Mb MPEG)


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