The Boys: Sherman, Stuart, and Lee

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Last Updated: 2 April 2006

Doug pulled Ling out of our backyard lilac tree 8 August 2000. She got along well with PeeWee and Blue. Years later, PeeWee died (she was 9 or 10). After another year or so, Blue died too (also at 9 or 10 years old). Ling got very friendly after she started living alone. She was super excited to see us after work, and became instantly hand tamed. It was so sweet and cute. But she seemed lonely so we talked about getting another parakeet. On April 1st 2006, Kris went to three pet stores and didn't find the right parakeet. She stopped at the Humane Society on the way home on the off-chance that they'd have a parakeet. They had three who seemed perky and feisty. She brought home one, Sherman, on the left in the picture below. We didn't need 4 parakeets, and it seemed a shame to leave just one behind, so only Sherman came home that day.

Jose at the Humane Society got him out of the cage and into the cardboard transport box. He was super easy to handle. And the other two parakeets would both step up and let Jose move them around inside the little cage. They were very sweet and well behaved parakeets. Sherman flew out of the box when he got home. We had to chase him around until he got tired, but then he stepped up nicely. The weirdest part is that they were all surrendered by the previous owner who had never handled them at all. How unexpected that they are so mild-mannered. It seemed a shame to split them up, and a cage full of parakeets sounded fun, so the next day Kris dragged Doug over to the Humane Society to bring the other two little guys home. See them below (from left to right): Sherman, Lee, and Stuart. Sound familiar? Those are also three WWII tanks named after Civil War Officers.

They've been here all of one day, and have been a box of noise. Heh. Now, how long with it take to convert them all to eat pellets?


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