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Most of the books on this list come from reviews in the magazines Entertainment Weekly and People. A lot of the descriptions are excerpted from the reviews. Please support these magazines and the books that they recommend.

Evison, Jonathan This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! Fiction Suggested By:
After losing her husband, 78-year-old Harriet sets out on an Alaskan cruise and soon must confront her past and her relationship with her estranged daughter. "As sweet as it is inventive, profound as it is hilarious, unflinching as it is bighearted" - Maria Semple, author of Where'd You Go, Bernadette.
Ewalt, David M Of Dice and Men Non-fiction Sheds light on the world of Gary Gygax and also lets the reader into the mind of somebody questioning how cool this game is.
Fabian, Leslie Hilburn My Husband's a Woman Now GLBT Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
A Shared Journey of Transition and Love. Recommended by Alicia Vikander of The Danish Girl.
Fagen, Donald Eminent Hipsters Memoir Hilarious musical genius. Diary of Steely Dan's last tour.
Fagone, Jason The Woman Who Smashed Codes Auto/Biography Suggested By:
In 1916, at the height of World War I, brilliant Shakespeare expert Elizebeth Smith went to work for an eccentric tycoon on his estate outside Chicago. The tycoon had close ties to the U.S. government, and he soon asked Elizebeth to apply her language skills to an exciting new venture: code-breaking. There she met the man who would become her husband, groundbreaking cryptologist William Friedman. Though she and Friedman are in many ways the "Adam and Eve" of the NSA, Elizebeth's story, incredibly, has never been told.
Fairley, Linda The Midwife's Here! Memoir One of Britain’s best-loved, longest-serving midwives tells her inspirational true story in this bestseller.
Fake Steve Jobs Options Fiction For 14 months before his recent outing, Forbes senior editor, Daniel Lyons, surreptitiously channeled Apple's CEO in a hit-or-miss blog diary. This version is so textured and real that even his most idle thoughts amuse.
Faleiro, Sonia Beautiful Thing Non-fiction Suggested By:
Inspired by her friendship with a 19-year-old exotic dancer, an award-winning journalist presents an intimate examination of the notorious world of sex work in the dark underbelly of Bombay. "Will break your heart several times over" (The New York Times).
Fallon, Jane Getting Rid of Matthew Fiction A mistress's hilarious attempt to get rid of her married lover, after he leavs his family to move in with her.
Falter, Suzanne and Jack Harvey Transformmed GLBT Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Charley McElroy is a handsome, well-heeled travel writer and CIA operative and he's having a midlife crisis. Not only did he get suspended by the Agency after forgetting to pay his taxes.
Farthing, Pen One Dog at a Time Non-fiction British Royal Marine Farthing begins rescuing the starving strays nosing their way into his Afghan war zone compound. Farthing hatches a dangerous plan to transport the dogs to a rescue sanctuary.
Fatsis, Stefan A Few Seconds of Panic Memoir Fatsis depicts the cutthroat work environment of the present-day NFL.
Fatsis, Stefan Word Freak Non-fiction Absorbing account of the competitive Scrabble Scene.
Faubion, Stephanie S. Mayo Clinic The Menopause Solution Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
$2.14 Kindle book. A doctor's guide to relieving hot flashes, enjoying better sex, sleeping well, controlling your weight, and being happy.
Faur, Peter Red Metal Fiction Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. In 2005, hedge-fund manager David Brown of Galileo Capital spots a rare opportunity. China's voracious appetite for copper is flooding Red Metal Corporation with cash, and Red Metal CEO Jeff Fowler appears hell-bent on leaving most of it in the bank.
Faust, Drew Gilpin This Suffering Republic Non-fiction Award-winning look at how the Civil War changes our view of death. Improbably gripping.
Fawer, Adam Improbable Crime/Mystery Gambling addict David Caine tries to raise cash by taking an experimental which accidentally makes him see the future.
Faye, Lyndsaye The Gods of Gotham Fiction Suggested By: Author.
Recommended by Joshilyn Jackson: The first in a series, this thriller is more than a mystery or detective procedural. It's a stark look at a still-feral Manhattan, rife with crime and religious bigotry, and a character-driven family drama in which decades-old secrets are ultimately revealed.
Feig, Paul Superstud Memoir Creator of 'Freaks and Geeks' muses about tap dancing, musical theater, and on being a virgin at age 24.
Feig, Paul Superstud, or How I Became a 24-Year-Old Virgin Memoir Growing-up memoir, by the creator of "Freaks and Geeks".
Feiler, Bruce Learning to Bow: Inside the Heart of Japan Memoir Bruce Feiler's warm, insightful, and often comical memoir of his year teaching English in a small rural town in Japan.
Feldman, Deborah Unorthodox Memoir Suggested By:
The scandalous rejection of my hasidic roots. Feeling stifled by the strict Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn where she grew up, Deborah Feldman left with her son.
Fellowes, Julian Snobs Fiction Women marrying into money.
Fenn, Addison Minimalist Budget Non-fiction Suggested By:
Free Kindle book. Spend Less and Live More with a Minimalist Lifestyle. As an answer to consumerism and endless consumption, minimalism tries to strip what is unnecessary and only keep the essentials. Many individuals convert to minimalism to simplify their lives. Possessions get thrown out and emotional attachments are severed so that minimalists get the clarity they need to realize what is truly important in their lives.
Fennelly, Beth Ann Heating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs Memoir Suggested By: Author.
Recommended by Joshilyn Jackson. Bright glimpses into a richly lived life, combining the compression of poetry with the truth-telling of nonfiction into one heartfelt, celebratory book. Ranging from childhood recollections to quirky cultural observations, these micro-memoirs build on one another to arrive at a portrait of Beth Ann Fennelly as a wife, mother, writer, and deeply original observer of life's challenges and joys.
Fenton, Liz and Lisa Steinke The Good Widow Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Book Award List.
From list of books that you can read in one sitting. Elementary school teacher Jacqueline "Jacks" Morales's marriage was far from perfect, but even in its ups and downs it was predictable, familiar. Or at least she thought it was…until two police officers showed up at her door with devastating news. Her husband of eight years, the one who should have been on a business trip to Kansas, had suffered a fatal car accident in Hawaii. And he wasn't alone.Now, following the twisting path of that fateful road, Jacks is learning that nothing is ever as it seems. Not her marriage. Not her husband. And most certainly not his death…
Ferencik, Erica The River At Night Fiction Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
Nail-biting tale of a rafting trip gone wrong - The Descent meets The River Wild.
Ferguson, Craig American On Purpose Memoir Suggested By:
Craig Ferguson chronicles his remarkable journey from Scotland to the US in pursuit of the American dream. "Hilariously vivid"
Fernald, Anya with Jessica Battilana Home Cooked Cookbook Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
Inspired by Italian farm cooking. Hearty, inexpensive, utterly unfussy meals.
Ferrante, Damon Guitar Adventures Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Fun, informative, and step-by-step lesson guide.
Ferrari-Adler, Jenni Alone in the Kitchen With An Eggplant Essays Cooking for oneself reveals man at his weirdest. Devouring the entire book will feel like eating Thanksgiving dinner and all the leftovers at once - but sampling one essay at a time is a treat.
Ferriss, Timothy Tribe of Mentors Essays Suggested By:
$4.30 Kindle book. Waiting list for this was over 100 people at the library. A compilation of tools, tactics, and habits from 130+ of the world's top performers. From iconic entrepreneurs to elite athletes, from artists to billionaire investors, their short profiles can help you answer life's most challenging questions, achieve extraordinary results, and transform your life.
Fey, Tina Bossypants Essays Genially jumbled memoir-esque collection of riffs, essays, laundry lists, true stories, fantasy scenarios, SNL script excerpts, embarrassing photos, and more.
Feynman, Richard P. All of his books... Non-fiction Anything by the physicist.
Feynman, Richard P. Perfectly Reasonable Deviations From the Beaten Track Non-fiction The letters of Richard P. Feynman. They show equal respect for and attention to both experts and laypeople seeking his advice and opinions.
Feynman, Richard Phillips What Do You Care What Other People Think? Further Adventures of a Curious Character Non-fiction Perhaps the most intriguing parts of the book are the behind-the-scenes descriptions of science and policy colliding in the presidential commission to determine the cause of the Challenger space shuttle explosion; and the scientific sleuthing behind his famously elegant O-ring-in-ice-water demonstration. Not as rollicking as his other memoirs, but in some ways more profound.
Fick, Nathaniel One Bullet Away Memoir Fick, now 28 and a civilian, tells the compelling story of his odyssey from Officer Candidate School to the adrenaline-fueled insanity of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Fielding, Helen Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy Fiction Shocking new development!
Fields, Duane K., Mark A. Kolb, Shawn Bayern Web Development with JavaServer Pages Computer JSP 1.2, Java Servlets 2.3, Minneapolis Lib
Fields-Meyer, Tom Following Ezra Memoir Suggested By: Unknown.
Focuses on the triumphs and breakthrus of parenting an autistic son - anything but grim. Autism Spectrum. Autistic. Asperger's syndrome.
Filbert, Thalia and others Beat Slay Love Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. When a series of celebrity chefs are murdered in gruesome fashion, there's no shortage of motives for revenge.
Fink, Mitchel and Lois Mathais Never Forget: An Oral History of September 11, 2001 Non-fiction Personal stories by the survivors of September 11.
Fink, Sheri Five Days at Memorial Memoir Suggested By: People Mag.
Fink shares stories of both horror and heroism as Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
Finkel, David The Good Soldiers Memoir Finkel's account of the months he spend embedded with American troops in Baghdad is a sobering must-read.
Finn, Maria A Little Piece of Earth Other Grow your own food in small spaces: patios, fire escapes, windowsills.
Finnegan, William Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life Memoir Suggested By:
Finnegan shares stories of life in a whitesonly gang in a tough school in Honolulu even while his closest friend was a Hawaiian surfer. He shows us a world turned upside down for kids and adults alike by the social upheavals of the 1960s. He details the intricacies of famous waves and his own apprenticeships to them.
Finney, Jack Time and Again SciFi Suggested By: Other.
$2.14 Kindle book. When advertising artist Si Morley is recruited to join a covert government operation exploring the possibility of time travel, he jumps at the chance to leave his twentieth-century existence and step into New York City in January 1882.
Fiorina, Carly Tough Choices: A Memoir Memoir Former Hewlett-Packard CEO describes and early 80s scene where, as a saleswoman, she was hazed by male colleagues who'd scheduled a business lunch at a strip club. "I was cordial, tried to appear relaxed...The next day in the office the balance of power had shifted perceptibly. I had shown...that I would not be intimidated."
Firestone, Carrie The Loose Ends List Youth Suggested By:
Seventeen-year-old Maddie O'Neill Levine lives a charmed life, and is primed to spend the perfect pre-college summer with her best friends and young-at-heart socialite grandmother (also Maddie's closest confidante), tying up high school loose ends. Maddie's plans change the instant Gram announces that she is terminally ill and has booked the family on a secret "death with dignity" cruise ship so that she can leave the world in her own unconventional way - and give the O'Neill clan an unforgettable summer of dreams-come-true in the process.
Fischkin, Barbara Exclusive Chick Lit Dead on newsroom details are quite the scoop.
Fisher, Antwone Q. Finding Fish Memoir Born in prison to a single mother, Fisher grew up in verbally and physically abusive foster homes. In his mid-teens he escaped and enlisted in the Navy and turned his life around.
Fisher, Carrie The Princess Diarist Essays Suggested By: People Mag.
Collection of inter-connected auto-biographical essays focusing primarily on the making of the first Star Wars movie.
Fisher, M.F.K. A Life in Letters: Correspondence 1929-1991 Non-fiction Example of how to write simply, enjoy food and drink, and enjoy life. These highly personal pieces reveal some of Fisher's most private moments over six decades, giving ample display to her sharp wit and affectionate humor, her ongoing reflections on loss and the power to change.
Fisher, Roy Instant Pot Cookbook: 777 Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book.
Fitch, Janet Paint It Black Fiction Fitch's first book since White Oleander. A moving tale of grief set in early-80s Los Angeles. This isn't light reading, but Fitch has crafted a rewarding story of power and grace. At its core, the book is about the dramas Josie experiences in mourning and how she finally comes to accept her boyfriend's death.
Fitch, Noel Riley Appetite for Life Auto/Biography Classic Julia Child biography.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Tales of the Jazz Age Classic Suggested By: Author.
Free Kindle book.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Beautiful and the Damned Classic Suggested By: Author.
Free Kindle book.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button Classic Suggested By: Author.
Free Kindle book.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott This Side of Paradise Classic Suggested By: Author.
Free Kindle book.
Fitzgerald, Isaac and Wendy MacNaughton Knives & Ink Non-fiction Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
Gorgeous look at the tattoos (and the stories behind them) of 65 chefs, some famous, some not.
Fitzgerald, Patrice Karma of the Silo: the Collection Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book. Inspired by Hugh Howey's Silo/Wool/Shift/Dust series. A WOOL story. Karma lives in the Silo, deep underground. She lives with a man whom she barely knows and with a name she doesn't remember choosing. When visions come to her about another husband, another way of life, and another world, Karma struggles to discover what came before. Includes all five books in the Karma series:
  • The Sky Used to be Blue
  • Cleaning Up
  • Deep Justice
  • Rising Up
  • Last Walk
Fitzgerald, Patrice The Sky Used to Be Blue Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Author.
Free Kindle book 1/5 in the series Karma of the Silo: The Collection. Note: I own Karma of the Silo: the Collection which includes this book and the other four in the series. Karma lives in a Silo deep beneath the earth. She isn't sure of much else… only that the wallscreen shows an outside view that is barren and swirling with toxic clouds. Most of the other residents seem content. Except for the ones who jump to their deaths from the hundred-level spiral staircase. And the ones who are pushed. Inspired by Hugh Howey's Silo/Wool/Shift/Dust series.
Fitzmaurice, Simon It's Not Yet Dark Memoir Suggested By: People Mag.
Guy with ALS given 4 years to live at age 33. Instead, he had five children and made prize-winning films. Now he's 42 and still working.
Fiztpatrick, Kevin C. A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York Non-fiction Fitzpatrick tells the story of Parker's life by showing us where she lived, revealing the influence these two icons - the writer and the metropolis - had upon one another. In addition to photographs and maps, the text is sprinkled liberally with excerpts from her famously sardonic poetry and prose.
Flack, Sophie Bunheads Fiction At turns riveting, hilarious and bittersweet, Bunheads provides a backstage pass into the world of elite New York City ballet dancers. Author is a former NYC Ballet dancer.
Flagel, Thomas R. The History Buff's Guide to the Civil War Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
$2.99 Kindle book. The best, the worst, the largest, and the most lethal top ten rankings of the Civil War.
Flagg, Chelsea I'd Rather Wear Pajamas Humorous Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Non-fiction. Everybody has the awesome opportunity to find their own strength and path through life. Some come about their self-discoveries through studying and working hard. Others (Chelsea) spend their time nearly burning down kitchens and driving around the country with a car full of hangers.
Flagg, Fannie A Redbird Christmas Fiction Pretty sure that I've read this. After a startling diagnosis from his doctor, Oswald T. Campbell leaves behind the cold and damp of the oncoming Chicago winter to spend what he believes will be his last Christmas in the warm and welcoming town of Lost River.
Flagg, Fannie Can't Wait to Get to Heaven Fiction Suggested By:
Life is the strangest thing. One minute, Mrs. Elner Shimfissle is up in her tree, picking figs, and the next thing she knows, she is off on an adventure she never dreamed of, running into people she never in a million years expected to meet. Meanwhile, back home, Elner's nervous, high-strung niece Norma faints and winds up in bed with a cold rag on her head; Elner's neighbor Verbena rushes immediately to the Bible; her truck driver friend, Luther Griggs, runs his eighteen-wheeler into a ditch–and the entire town is thrown for a loop and left wondering, "What is life all about, anyway?" Except for Tot Whooten, who owns Tot's Tell It Like It Is Beauty Shop. Her main concern is that the end of the world might come before she can collect her social security.
Flagg, Fannie I Still Dream About You Fiction The author of Fried Green Tomatoes heads back to Alabama with this comedy about an ex-beauty queen.
Flagg, Fannie Standing in the Rainbow Fiction Porch-swing read from Flagg.
Flagg, Fannie Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! Fiction Brainy, beautiful, and ambitious rising star of 1970s television, Dena Nordstrom, pride of the network, is a woman whose future is full of promise. Her present is rich with complications, and her past is marked by mystery.
Fleming, Ian James Bond Novels Fiction Suggested By: Movie/TV.
  • Casino Royale* (1953)
  • Live and Let Die* (1954)
  • Moonraker* (1955)
  • Diamonds are Forever* (1956)
  • From Russia with Love* (1957)
  • Doctor No* (1958)
  • Goldfinger* (1959)
  • For Your Eyes Only* - Short Stories (1960)
    • From a View To a Kill
    • For Your Eyes Only
    • Quantum of Solace
    • Risico
    • The Hildebrand Rarity
  • Thunderball* (1961)
  • The Spy Who Loved Me* (1962)
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service* (1963)
  • You Only Live Twice (1964)*
  • The Man With The Golden Gun (1965)
  • Octopussy & The Living Daylights - Short Stories (1966)
    • Octopussy
    • The Living Daylights
    • The Property of a Lady
    • 007 in New York
*I own an eBook copy
Blue - I still need a copy
Fleming, Karl Son of the Rough South Memoir Fleming, a white man from North Carolina, recalls his dangerous experiences reporting on the civil rights movement during the 1960s for Newsweek.
Fleming, Melissa A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea Non-fiction Suggested By: People Mag.
Fleeing Syrian violence in 2014, Doaa, 19, and her fiancé hired smugglers to get them to Europe. But their boat was attacked, spilling 500 into the sea, most to drown. Doaa lost her fiancé but never gave up hope. She's now living in Sweden. Her inspiring story is urgently required reading.
Fletcher, Connie What Cops Know Non-fiction Captures a group of Chicago cops talking about the personal nature of homicide detecting. It's fascinating.
Flinn, Kathleen The Kitchen Counter Cooking School Cookbook How a few simple lessons transformed nine culinary novices into fearless home cooks.
Florentin, Gustavo The Schwarzschild Radius Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Rachel, an 18-year-old Columbia University student, descends into the netherworld of runaways and predators to find her sister, Olivia, who has suddenly disappeared. After getting a job in a strip joint where Olivia worked, then doing private shows in the homes of rich clients, Rachel discovers that Olivia has been abducted by a killer who auctions the deaths of young girls in an eBay of agony.
Florey, Kitty Burns Script and Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting Non-fiction Bas Bleu recommendation. Florey's history of handwriting is both delightfully charming and seriously fascinating.
Flynn, ick Another Bull---- Night in Suck City Memoir Flynn's father was a would-be great American novelist, con man, and, eventually, homeless person. Grim memoir of years spent moving every six months.
Flynn, Nick Being Flynn Memoir Suggested By:
During his time as a caseworker at a homeless shelter, Nick Flynn encountered an unexpected client: his father. Eloquent, funny, and bravely inventive.
Flynn, Vince Various - Vince Flynn Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Friend.
Local guy. Died in 2013. Recommended by Alison G.
  • Transfer of Power (1999)
  • The Third Option (2000)
  • Separation of Power (2001)
  • Executive Power (2003)
  • Memorial Day (2004)
  • Consent to Kill (2005)
  • Act of Treason (2006)
  • Protect and Defend (2007)
  • Extreme Measures (2008)
  • Pursuit of Honor (2009)
  • American Assassin (2010)
  • Kill Shot (2012)
  • The Last Man (2012)
  • The Survivor (TBD)
Foer, Jonathan Safran Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Fiction Nine-year-old Oskar Schell has embarked on an urgent, secret mission to find the lock that matches a mysterious key that belonged to his father, who died in the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11.
Foley, Aaron How To Live In Detroit Without Being A Jackass Humorous Seven Rules for Living in Detroit: Or How Not To Be A Dumbass
  • The Moment You Get Here
  • The Quick and Dirty Tour
  • Difficult Questions About Detroit With Simple Answers
  • How Not To Offend People When Talking About Detroit
  • How You Should Be Talking About Detroit
  • How To Be White In Detroit
  • How To Make Peace With The Suburbs
  • and more...
Fontana, Marian A Widow's Walk Memoir Suggested By: Unknown.
She watched the World Trade Center's South Tower collapse with her husband, Dave, inside. Her book has the addictive appeal of a smartly paced novel, and readers will close it wanting more.
Food For Life Weight Watchers Instant Pot Cookbook Cookbook Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Delicious Weight Watchers Smart Points recipes that improve your health and melt belly fat.
Ford, Jamie Songs of Willow Frost Fiction Suggested By:
An orphaned Chinese American boy embarks on an odyssey through Depression-era Seattle to find a mysterious woman who might be his mother. Author recommended by Pat Conroy.
Ford, John M. Web of Angels SciFi Suggested By: Friend.
Recommended by Landon D. Condemned to death at the age of nine for his ability to manipulate the Web, which links the many worlds of humanity, Grailer must go underground, hiding his skills and testing his powers.
Ford, Richard T. Racial Culture: A Critique Non-fiction Ford argues that attempts to secure legal recognition for cultural difference?an African-American employee's right to wear her hair in cornrows, for instance?result in what he calls a "difference discourse" that is actually counterproductive, forcing minority groups to accept the very stereotypes they were trying to oppose by celebrating diversity.
Ford, Richard Thompson The Race Card: How Bluffing About Bias Makes Race Relations Worse Non-fiction Ford, a professor of law at Stanford, argues that ubiquitous accusations of discrimination in the United States frequently distract from serious racial injustices, which, in the ambivalent aftermath of the civil-rights era, "stem from isolation, poverty, and lack of socialization as much as from intentional discrimination or racism."
Forgey, William Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid Non-fiction Incision and drainage of abscesses, dealing with massive lacerations, etc.
Foroohar, Rana Makers and Takers: How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street Non-fiction Suggested By:
Now updated with new material explaining how our corrupted financial sys­tem propelled Donald Trump to power, Makers and Takers explores the confluence of forces that has led American businesses to favor balance-sheet engineering over the actual kind, greed over growth, and short-term profits over putting people to work. From the cozy relationship between Wall Street and Washington, to a tax code designed to benefit wealthy individuals and corporations, to forty years of bad policy decisions, she shows why so many Americans have lost trust in the sys­tem, and why it matters urgently to us all.
Forrest, Emma Your Voice In My Head Non-fiction Her psychiatrist dies, then her lover leaves. A memoir about finding strength when you least expect to.
Forsman, Jari and Steve Sekhon Bite Size Happiness Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Bite Size Happiness is a compilation of our daily meditations that we distilled down into short, simple ideas.
Forster, E. M. A Room With a View Classic Suggested By: Author.
Free Kindle book.
Fortier, Zach and Derard Barton I am Raymond Washington Auto/Biography Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. The only authorized biography of the original founder of the Crips.
Foskett, Keith Balancing on Blue: A Thru-Hiking Adventure on the Appalachian Trail Memoir Suggested By:
$3.23 Kindle book. During his five months living in the woods hiking the Appalachian Trail, Foskett's psychological apprehensions are stretched to the limit against the wild elements of nature. By turns humorous and harrowing, his journey allows him to overcome his fears while reflecting on the man he's meant to be. His adventure weaves a route through some of America's wildest landscapes and history, and is told with insight, humour and reflection.
Foster, Marilee Dirt Under My Nails: An American Farmer and Her Changing Land Memoir Started as a seasonal diary.
Fountain, Ben Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Fiction Suggested By: Movie/TV.
Three minutes and forty-three seconds of intensive warfare with Iraqi insurgents caught on tape by an embedded Fox News crew has transformed the eight surviving men of Bravo Squad into America's most sought-after heroes. Now they're on a media-intensive nationwide tour to reinvigorate public support for the war.
Fowler, Alys The Edible Garden Non-fiction Suggested By:
From a BBC gardening celebrity comes a fun, informative guide to growing your own food in an urban setting. Even if you have a small yard or a tiny apartment, you can still have a garden that shines!
Fowler, Christopher Various - Bryant and May Mystery Series Crime/Mystery Suggested By:
Fowler is the author of the Bryant and May mysteries, in which the two detectives, Arthur Bryant and John May, are members of the fictional Peculiar Crimes Unit, based on a unit his father worked in during World War II.
  • Full Dark House (2004)
  • The Water Room (2004)
  • Seventy-Seven Clocks (2005)
  • Ten Second Staircase (2006)
  • White Corridor (2007)
  • The Victoria Vanishes (2008)
  • Bryant & May On The Loose (2009)
  • Bryant & May Off the Rails (2010)
  • Bryant and May and the Memory of Blood (2011)
  • Bryant & May: The Invisible Code (2012)
  • The Casebook of Bryant and May (graphic novel 2013)
  • Bryant & May: The Bleeding Heart (2014)
  • Bryant and May and the Secret Santa (single short story 2015)
  • Bryant & May and the Burning Man (2015)
  • Bryant & May: London's Glory (short stories 2016)
  • Bryant & May: Strange Tide (2016)
  • Bryant & May: Wild Chamber (2017)
  • Bryant & May: Hall of Mirrors (2018)
  • Bryant and May, as well as other characters from this series, also appear in Fowler's Rune, Darkest Day, and Soho Black, although these books are not considered part of the series.
Fowler, Connie May How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly Fiction When a 30ish wife, mom, and writer is forced - thanks to some very unusual circumstances - to take stock in her life, the result is downright miraculous.
Fowler, Karen Joy The Jane Austen Book Club Fiction Endearing group of Californians gather to read Austen's six novels as a way to escape their own love lives. According to EW, the book is even better than the movie.
Fowler, Therese Anne Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald Fiction Suggested By: Movie/TV.
When beautiful, reckless Southern belle Zelda Sayre meets F. Scott Fitzgerald at a country club dance in 1918, she is seventeen years old and he is a young army lieutenant stationed in Alabama. Before long, the "ungettable" Zelda has fallen for him despite his unsuitability: Scott isn't wealthy or prominent or even a Southerner, and keeps insisting, absurdly, that his writing will bring him both fortune and fame.
Fowles, John The Magus Fiction Literary box of tricks involving a mysterious millionaire on a small Greek Isle (EW Must List).
Fox, Angie Southern Spirits Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. When out of work graphic designer Verity Long accidentally traps a ghost on her property, she's saddled with more than a supernatural sidekick--she gains the ability see spirits. It leads to an offer she can't refuse from the town's bad boy, the brother of her ex and the last man she should ever partner with.
Fox, Paula The Coldest Winter Non-fiction Another vibrant memoir from the author of "Borrowed Finery". Here she remembers life in post-war Europe.
Francis, Dick The Edge Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book. A high-class, transcontinental horse-racing junket should be an idyllic getaway for the super-rich. But one passenger on this train is a sociopath, a genius at blackmail and criminal corruption--and he plans to take everyone for everything they've got.
Frank, Dorthea Benton Return to Sullivans Island Magical/Mystical Suggested By:
When Beth returns to South Carolina to house-sit her family's beach house, she contends with a turbulent romance, new friendships, and family secrets. Touches of Southern magic make this a winner.
Frank, Michael The Mighty Franks Memoir Suggested By: People Mag.
Adored by his glam "Auntie Hankie", a Hollywood screenwriter, the author grew up feeling special - and then he saw her true colors.
Frankel, Branden Snowfall on Mars Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By:
Free Kindle book. Twenty years ago, life on Earth was annihilated. Now, the few remaining colonists on Mars scratch out their living in the worn husk of New Houston, a once vibrant settlement. Outside its walls, a perpetual storm rages - acidic snow and rain - the result of a failed attempt to terraform the planet decades earlier. The human race, once numbering in the billions, has dwindled to five hundred or so souls.
Frankel, Glenn The Searchers Non-fiction Based on the 1836 kidnapping of a 9 year old girl in East Texas. By the time she was finally recaptured she was no longer the girl her family remembered. She was fully Comanche.
Frankel, Lauren Hyacinth Girls Fiction Disconcerting and suspenseful. Pressures of adolescence, the cruelty of society, and how little we know our children.
Frankel, Valerie It's Hard Not to Hate You Memoir When a doctor orders her to reduce her stress, Frankel decides to exorcise the spiteful feelings she keeps buried deep inside. On her touching, hilarious journey, Frankel learns overt positivity isn't the answer.
Franken, Al Rush Limbaugh is Big Fat Idiot; Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them Non-fiction A scathing--but uncompromisingly fair--look at America's largest talk show host and the rest of the Republican right.
Franklin, Tom and Beth Ann Fennelly The Tilted World Fiction Suggested By: Author.
Recommended by Joshilyn Jackson. Set during Prohibition, it tells the story of the great flood when the levees broke in Mississippi. It's a historical thrill ride, but the beating heart of the book is Dixie Clay. She's a bootlegging moonshine savant whose broken heart begins to heal when she falls first for an orphaned baby boy and then for the man who brought her the child--too bad he's a federal agent.
Franklin, Benjamin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Auto/Biography Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the traditional name for the unfinished record of his own life written by Benjamin Franklin from 1771 to 1790; however, Franklin himself appears to have called the work his Memoirs. Although it had a tortuous publication history after Franklin's death, this work has become one of the most famous and influential examples of an autobiography ever written.
Franz, Jeffrey Crock Pot Cookbook Cookbook Suggested By:
Free Kindle book. A Complete Guide Of Slow Cooker For The Busy and Lazy Man With 70+ Delicious and Time-Saving Recipes.
Franzen, Jonathan Freedom Fiction Franzen chronicles the ups and downs of Walter and Patty Berglund of St. Paul with a cold mind and a warm heart.
Fraser, Antonia Marie Antoinette: The Journey Auto/Biography Biography, plays up Marie's human side.
Fraser, Antonia Must You Go? My Life With Harold Pinter Memoir Tender portrait of her marriage and a deliciously detailed account of living in the thick of creativity and fame.
Frazer, Andrea Strangeways to Oldham Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. On a visit to a local nursing home where an old business partner of her father's is residing, she unexpectedly discovers a long-lost friend, Hugo Cholmondley-Crichton-Crump - and stumbles upon murder as well.
Frazer, Brian Hyper-Condriac Memoir The perfect medicine for anyone suffering from a case of treacly-memoir syndrome. Frazer's reflections are distince and laugh-out-loud funny. Wickedly funny observations make this sickness-filled book easy to swallow.
Frazier, Charles Nightwoods Crime/Mystery By author of Cold Mountain. Appalachian mystery combines enchanting prose with a terrifying story.
Frazier, Charles Thirteen Moons Fiction In the misty Appalacians, Will Cooper sits on his porch taking potshots at passing trains, lamenting modern annoyances like electricity, and reminiscing about his past as orphan, shopkeeper, senator, and "white chief" of the Cherokee. It's fertile material, so why is this novel so much less moving than "Cold Mountain"?
Frazier, Ian Lamentations of the Father Humorous Frazier's pieces are easily digestible but addictive. You may have to explain to others what's making you guffaw so loudly.
Frederick, Jim Black Hearts Non-fiction From an editor at Time Magazine, the riveting account of an Iraq war atrocity and the nightmarish conditions that made it possible.
Fredston, Jill Snowstruck: In the Grip of Avalanches Science/Nature Suggested By: Unknown.
From tracking avalanche paths on mountains to guiding rescue efforts to convey the devastation brough on by these natural phenomenon.
Freed, Jennifer Ph. D. Peace Q Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Increasing your capacity for peaceful living within and peace around you.
Freedman, David H. At Large: The Strange Case of the World's Biggest Internet Invasion Non-fiction About the Phantom Dialer hacker. In 1992 a hacking incident of unprecedented proportions spread from universities to government contractors to military sites and even to nuclear weapons labs. This book reveals the true story of the most widespread hacking incident to date--and issues an ominous warning about the fatal flaws of the Internet.
Freedman, David H. Wrong Non-fiction Why experts* keep failing us--and how to know when not to trust them.

*Scientists, finance wizards, doctors, relationship gurus, celebrity CEOs, high-powered consultants, health officials, and more.
Freedman, Rory and Kim Barnouin Skinny Bitch Non-fiction Skinny Bitch espouses a healthful lifestyle that promotes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and encourages women to get excited about feeling "clean and pure and energized."
Freeman, Julian Art: A Crash Course Non-fiction An Irreverent but highly informative look at great art through the ages.
French, Dawn You. Me. A Diary. Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Interactive diary - but the Kindle version is not interactive. This might be...stupid.
French, Nicci Blue Monday Crime/Mystery Introduces Frieda Klein, a buttoned-up London psychotherapist who spends her days dealing with the "pain inside of other peoples' heads," and her insomniac nights roaming the city to clear her own.
French, Tana The Trespasser Crime/Mystery Suggested By: People Mag.
If you haven't tried French's nuanced, addictive crime novels, this one - about a domestic murder that's more complex than it seems - is a great place to start.
French, Tana Various - Dublin Murder Squad Series Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
  • In the Woods (2007)
  • The Likeness (2008)
  • Faithful Place (2010)
  • Broken Harbour (2011)
  • The Secret Place (2014)
  • The Trespasser (2016)
Frenkel, James Bangs and Whimpers: Stories About the End of the World Post-Apocalyptic Published just before the turn of the century--when quite a few people were contemplating the Apocalypse (I wasn't one of them)--"Bangs & Whimpers" does a great job of offering 19 various scenarios about the end of the world. Looks to be more about the end, than the recovery afterwards, but worth a try.
Freudenberger, Nell The Newlyweds Fiction A young woman leaves her family in Bangaladesh to live in America as the wife of a man she met on the internet.
Fridland, Emily History of Wolves Fiction Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
The life of a lonely teenager in Minnesota becomes calamitously tangled with a young couple and their 4-year-old son in this starkly affecting coming-of-age novel.
Friend, David Watching the World Change Non-fiction Intriguing book explores how photos shaped the 9/11 experience and helped us through.
Frost, Fifi Rusted Rhinestones GLBT Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Memoir. Warning, does contain adult content. I was set on a journey as a gay youth in the deep south at the age of 14 in the late 1970's. The battles with my family, organized religion, anti gay conversion therapy, homelessness as a minor, mental illness, as well as government and institutionalized discrimination have made me the man I am today. Surviving 2 brutal hate crimes, trying to live, love, and have my piece of the American Dream.
Fuchs, Leo Leo Fuchs: Special Photographer From the Golden Age of Hollywood Photo Fuchs' photographs of Hollywood's undisputed heyday are collected for the first time.
Fuhrman, Joel The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life Non-fiction Suggested By:
Fuhrman writes, "By reading this book, you will understand the key principles of the science of health, nutrition and weight loss. It will give you a simple and effective strategy to achieve--and maintain--an optimal weight without dieting for the rest of your life. This new approach will free you forever from a merry-go-round of diets and endless, tedious discussions about dieting strategies. This is the end of dieting."
Fuhrman, Joel M.D. Eat to Live Non-fiction Suggested By: Author.
$2.16 Kindle book. The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss Read about Dr. Fuhrman in Penn Jillette's weight loss book, Presto! Dr. Joel Fuhrman's revolutionary diet is not about willpower, it is about knowledge. Eat to Live offers a healthy, effective, and scientifically proven Six-Week Plan for shedding a radical amount of weight quickly. The key to the program's success is simple: "health = nutrients / calories". When the ratio of nutrients to calories in the food you eat is high, fat melts away. The more nutrient-dense food you consume, the more you will be satisfied with fewer calories and the less you will crave fat and high-calorie foods.
Fuller, Alexandra Leaving Before the Rains Come Memoir The story of her crumbling marriage. The writing is so gorgeously wrought that you stop, time and time again, to marvel at the language.
Fuller, Bryant The Legend of Colton H. Bryant Auto/Biography In this moving book, Fuller recounts Bryant's short, rowdy life and horrific death in an oil rig accident. By the time Bryant meets his demise, you may find yourself fighting tears.
Gabaldon, Diana A Plague of Zombies SciFi Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book. An Outlander Lord John Grey novella. Lord John Grey, a lieutenant-colonel in His Majesty's army, arrives in Jamaica with orders to quash a slave rebellion brewing in the mountains. But a much deadlier threat lies close at hand. The governor of the island is being menaced by zombies, according to a servant. Lord John has no idea what a zombie is, but it doesn't sound good. It sounds even worse when hands smelling of grave dirt come out of the darkness to take him by the throat. Between murder in the governor's mansion and plantations burning in the mountains, Lord John will need the wisdom of serpents and the luck of the devil to keep the island from exploding.
Gabaldon, Diana Drums of Autumn Fantasy Suggested By: Author.
$5.37 Kindle book. Outlander Book 4. Now Brianna has made a disturbing discovery that sends her to the stone circle and a terrifying leap into the unknown. In search of her mother and the father she has never met, she is risking her own future to try to change history...and to save their lives. But as Brianna plunges into an uncharted wilderness, a heartbreaking encounter may strand her forever in the past...or root her in the place she should be, where her heart and soul belong....
Gabaldon, Diana Lord John and the Private Matter Fiction Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book. Lord John Grey book 1. The year is 1757. On a clear morning in mid-June, Lord John Grey emerges from London's Beefsteak Club, his mind in turmoil. A nobleman and a high-ranking officer in His Majesty's army, Grey has just witnessed something shocking. But his efforts to avoid a scandal that might destroy his family are interrupted by something still more urgent: The Crown appoints him to investigate the brutal murder of a comrade-in-arms who may have been a traitor.
Gabaldon, Diana The Outlandish Companion (Revised and Updated) Non-fiction Suggested By: Author.
$3.23 Kindle book. Companion to Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn.
Gabaldon, Diana Various - Outlander Series Fantasy Suggested By: Friend.
WWII nurse Claire Randall time travels to 18th-century Scotland and finds adventure and romance with the dashing James Fraser.
  • Outlander (1991 - Read 10/2014)
  • Dragonfly in Amber (1992 - Read 11/2014)
  • Voyager (1994 - Read 2/2015)
  • Drums of Autumn (1997)
  • The Fiery Cross (2001)
  • A Breath of Snow and Ashes (2005)
  • An Echo in the Bone (2009)
  • Written in My Own Heart's Blood (2014)
  • The Outlandish Companion (1999) Beautifully illustrated compendium of all things Outlandish
Gable, Kenneth Calligraphy Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. The definitive guide. Learn top calligraphy techniques and master the art of lettering.
Gabriel, Susan Grace, Grits and Ghosts Short Stories Suggested By:
Free Kindle book. Southern Short Stories: For Lovers of Southern Novels & Southern Authors. Written in the tradition of Flannery O'Connor and Eudora Welty, the eight short stories in Grace, Grits and Ghosts: Southern Short Stories are all rooted in the southern landscape--from the steamy coast of Georgia, to the current day Atlanta suburbs, to the ancient Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.
Gabrielle, Gundi Travel for Free Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. How to score free flights, rental cars & accommodations, dramatically reduced airfares, get paid to travel & star a digital nomad biz in the world.
Gaesser, Glenn A. Big Fat Lies Non-fiction The Truth about Your Weight and Your Health. Exercise and healthful eating are still the keys to vitality and longevity. It's just that weight control has been unrealistically foisted upon us by the insurance and fashion industries, making us miserably concerned with girth when there's often no need for worry.
Gaffigan, Jim Food: A Love Story Humorous Suggested By:
An all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of laughter! Comedian Jim Gaffigan shares his culinary passions in this hilarious ode to everything edible.
Gaffney, Elizabeth Metropolis Fiction Story takes place in The Big Apple when the Brooklyn Bridge was under construction and running water was a novelty.
Gaiman, Neil American Gods Fantasy Suggested By: Author.
BOOKS ON TAPE. Read by George Guidall, recommended by Stephen King.
Gaiman, Neil Bibliography (Novels) Fantasy
  • The Silver Dream (2013 YA) - sequel to InterWorld
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane (2013 - read 2013)
  • The Graveyard Book (2008 YA - read 2014)
  • Anansi Boys (2005 - read 2009)
  • InterWorld (2007 YA)
  • American Gods (2001)
  • Stardust (1999 - read 2007)
  • Neverwhere (1996 - read 2009)
  • Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett - 1990. Meh - I tried to read this 9/2014 but didn't like it).
Gaiman, Neil The Ocean at the End of the Lane Fantasy Suggested By: Author.
$2.96 Kindle book. BooksAndBars for July 2014, but I had already ready it. Some guy goes back to his childhood home, and then memories of that awful event come flooding back.
Gaiman, Neil Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances SciFi Suggested By:
Third collection of short fiction, following Smoke and Mirrors and Fragile Things, which includes a never-before published American Gods story, "Black Dog," written exclusively for this volume.
Gaiman, Neil and Terry Pratchett Good Omens Fantasy Suggested By:
Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's brilliantly dark and screamingly funny take on humankind's final judgment.
Gaimon, Neil and Michael Reeves Interworld Youth Suggested By: Unknown.
Book one of a trilogy. A lad discovers that he can walk between alternate Earths and is swept up in a war between them in this fast-paced, compulsively readable tale.
Gaines, Steven The Sky's the Limit Non-fiction There is no more fascinating sport than the New York real estate market.
Galbraith, Robert (J.K. Rowlings) The Cuckoo's Calling Crime/Mystery London PI Cormoran Strike’s final feud with his arguably insane fiancée leaves him camping in his office, wondering how his last two clients will keep him afloat and pay for his new secretary, Robin.
Gansworth, Eric If I Ever Get Out Of Here Fantasy Suggested By:
Fearlessly lays down the truth about what it's like to grow up poor. Lewis Blake, and American Indian in an all-white school, forms a life-changing bond with an unlikely new friend.
Gantos, Jack Dead End in Norvelt Youth Suggested By: Other.
Suggested by on Twitter. A young boy gets into trouble and his punishment is to help an elderly neighbor write obituaries of the town's founding residents. Sweet and funny.
Garant, Robert Ben and Thomas Lennon Writing Movies for Fun and Profit Non-fiction From writers of Reno 911. Even if you have no interest in screenwriting, it's hilarious.
Garcia, Kami and Margaret Stohl Various - Beautiful Creatures Series Youth Suggested By: Movie/TV.
  • Beautiful Creatures (2010 - read 2015/04)
  • Beautiful Darkness (2010 - read 2015/05)
  • Beautiful Chaos (2011)
  • Dream Dark (2011)
  • Beautiful Redemption (2012)
  • The Mortal Heart (prequel - 2015)
Garcia-Roza, Luiz Alfredo Inspector Espinosa mysteries Crime/Mystery Inspector Espinosa mysteries set in the sunny menace of RIO DE JANIERO. The Brazil / Jorge connection...
Gardner, Daniel The Science of Fear Non-fiction Why do we fear dying in a terrorist-hijacked plane more than a car accident, when the odds of the former are tiny?
Gardner, Lisa Hide Crime/Mystery Police sharpshooter, Bobby Dodge, has just traded up from sniper to detective when he's summoned to a horrifying crime scene: six dead girls in an underground pit.
Garfield, Simon Just My Type Non-fiction A book about fonts.
Garland, Rosie The Palace of Curiousities Magical/Mystical Recommended by Shelley M. A luminous and bewitching debut novel that is perfect for fans of Angela Carter. Set in Victorian London, it follows the fortunes of Eve, the Lion-Faced Girl and Abel, the Flayed Man. A magical realism delight.
Garlin, Jeff My Footprint Memoir Garlin writes on reducing his carbon footprint and his weight.
Garner, Abigail Families Like Mine Memoir Autobiography. Dad came out when she was 5 years old.
Gartenstein-Ross, Daveed My Year Inside Radical Islam Memoir A man remembers working for an extremist Islamic charity.
Garvin, Michael Scott Aunt Sookie & Me GLBT Suggested By:
Free Kindle book. Hilariouly outrageous. Aunt Sookie & Me explains what it is like for someone who experiences gender questions through Southern spice and wisdom all rolled together. Poppy Wainright comes to live in Savannah, Georgia, with her Aunt Sookie. She is really a male in female clothing. She begins dressing as a female in very conservative Mountain Home, Arkansas.
Gates, Henry Louis Jr. and Kevin M. Burke And Still I Rise Non-fiction Suggested By:
An important and captivating journey through time: From the assassination of Malcolm X to the presidency of Barack Obama, explore 50 years of African American history and culture in this sweeping chronology.
Gatski, Kate Starting an Etsy business for dummies Non-fiction Found at library.
Gawande, Atul Better Non-fiction He discusses the difficulty of getting doctors to wash their hands between patients, the ethical connumdrum for doctors participating in executions, and even a short history of obstetrics. Gawande's multi-topic approach makes for a gripping read, but sometimes suggests he's wandering off course.
Gawande, Atul The Checklist Manifesto Non-fiction Compelling take on the virtues of the humble to-do list from the surgeon-author.
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal and W. Michael Gear Various - The People Series SciFi Suggested By: Unknown.
  • People of the Wolf (1990 - read 4/2009)--the initial migration of Siberian hunters across Beringia and into Alaska (13000 BC)
  • People of the Fire (1990)--the transition of Native American culture from Paleo-Indian to Archaic, as a result of sudden climactic warming, in the High Plains and Western Rockies region (8000 BC)
  • People of the Earth (1992)--Plains and Basins region (5000 BC)
  • People of the River (1992)--the mound-building Cahokia empire on the Mississippi River
  • People of the Sea (1993)--the initial development of California Native American culture, as a result of climactic warming (8000 BC)
  • People of the Lakes (1994)--the journey of a band of Hopewell Indians across the Great Lakes (100 AD)
  • People of the Lightning (1995)--the travails of an albino youth in Early Archaif Florida (7000 BC)
  • People of the Silence (1996)--the decline of the Chaco Empire (1200 AD)
  • People of the Mist (1997)--a murder mystery set among the Algonquin people of the Chesapeake Bay region (1200 AD)
  • People of the Masks (1998)--Iroquois culture of the Woodland period
  • People of the Owl (2003)--the Poverty Point semi-urban culture (1500 BC)
  • People of the Raven (2004)--a speculative fictional account of Kennewick Man, an apparent Caucasoid male who lived in the Pacific Northwest c. 9000 BC
  • People of the Moon (2005)--the collapse of the Chaco Empire frontier of the Southwest (1300 AD), from the perspective of a subject people in what is now southern Colorado
  • People of the Nightland (2007)
  • People of the Weeping Eye (forthcoming)--the mound-building culture around Moundville, AL
  • People of the Thunder (forthcoming)
Geddes, John Highway to Hell: Dispatches from a Mercenary in Iraq Memoir For the first time a private military contractor delivers a frontline report on life as a hired gun in Iraq.
Gefter, Amanda Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn Memoir Suggested By:
A Father, a Daughter, the Meaning of Nothing, and the Beginning of Everything. Amanda Gefter tells the story of how she conned her way into a career as a science journalist--and wound up hanging out, talking shop, and butting heads with the world's most brilliant minds.
Geniesse, Jane Fletcher Passionate Nomad: The Life of Freya Stark Auto/Biography Freya Stark born 25 years after "Desert Queen", Gertrude Bell, was an intrepid female traveler to antique lands including Iraq and what is now Iran.
George, Elizabeth (Editor) A Moment on the Edge Crime/Mystery Suggested By:
26 of the best mystery stories of the past century by some of the genre's most prominent women writers! Featuring work from Shirley Jackson, Ruth Rendell, Dorothy L. Sayers, and more.
George, Jean Craighead My Side of the Mountain Trilogy Youth Suggested By: Author.
The original Sam Gribley story and sequels.
  • My Side of the Mountain (1959 - read 2018/06)
  • On the Far Side of the Mountain (1990 - read 2018/06)
  • Frightful's Mountain (1999)
  • Frightful's Daughter (2002)
  • Frightful's Daughter Meets the Baron Weasel (2007)
Gerber, Robin Barbie and Ruth Non-fiction About Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler. Handler named Barbie and Ken after her kids. They weren't pleased.
Gerritsen, Tess The Mephisto Club Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book. Rizzoli & Isles book #6. The Latin word is scrawled in blood at the scene of a young woman's brutal murder: I HAVE SINNED. It's a chilling Christmas greeting for Boston medical examiner Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli, who swiftly link the victim to controversial celebrity psychiatrist Joyce O'Donnell–Jane's professional nemesis and member of a sinister cabal called the Mephisto Club.
Gerritsen, Tess Various - Rizzoli & Isles Series Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Movie/TV.
  • The Surgeon - introduces Rizzoli (2001)
  • The Apprentice - introduces Isles (2002)
  • The Sinner (2003)
  • Body Double (2004)
  • Vanish (2005)
  • The Mephisto Club (2006)
  • The Keepsake / Keeping the Dead (US / UK, 2008)
  • Ice Cold / The Killing Place (US / UK, 2010)
  • Freaks (short story, 2011)
  • The Silent Girl (2011)
  • John Doe (short story, 2012)
  • Last To Die (2012)
  • Die Again (2014)
Gerrold, David The Martian Child Fiction A Novel About A Single Father Adopting A Son. The biggest question is why the story is presented in fictional form. As Gerrold explicitly states, it is based on reality, and no point seems to be served in manufacturing details, except, perhaps, that it allows Gerrold to focus on the thesis that lavish applications of love, patience and understanding (along with a bit of medication) can overcome any child's difficulties and create a marvelous father-son relationship and a successful adoptive process. Because it doesn't thoroughly address such serious potential problems as Dennis's propensity for petty theft and violence, the resulting story is less than believable.
Gershman, Suzy C'est la Vie: An American Woman Begins a New Life in Paris and - Voila! - Becomes Almost French Memoir Gershman entertains with her true story of her move to Paris at age 50, following the death of her husband. This account of her transition from American wife to "almost French" widow is in turn witty, sad, funny, fresh, and fascinating.
Ghahramani, Zarah My Life as a Traitor Memoir In 2001, 20-year-old Tehran University Student Ghahramani was snatched by the dreaded secret policy for protesting a controversial professor's firing; wihtout trial or notification to her parents, she was thrown into Iran's brutal Evin Prison for 30 days.
Ghinsberg, Yossi Jungle Memoir Suggested By:
$2.14 Kindle book. True account of backpacking in the Amazon. Yossi is separated from his companions and struggles to make it out alive. A powerful story of self-discovery survival in the wild. Republished under several different names, including Back from Tuichi (the original).
Gibbons, Kaye Ellen Foster Fiction Old Ellen is the wittiest and most courageous character in contemporary Southern fiction - and she's only 11 years old.
Gibney, Michael Sous Chef Memoir Lets the reader see what it's like to spend 24 hours as a professional sous chef.
Gibson, Graeme The Bedside Book of Birds: An Avian Miscellany Essays Lushly illustrated, this sweeping compilation of avian writing will capture the imagination of any literary bird-lover. Or it could be mind-numblingly pretentious. Found in the Bas Bleu catalog.
Gibson, William Distrust That Particular Flavor Essays Suggested By: Friend.
Recommended by Landon D. As seen at Dollar Tree. Recommended by Matthew Amster-Burton for the coupla short stories about Tokyo. Available as eBook from HCL. These articles and essays cover thirty years of thoughtful, observant life, and are reported in the wry, humane voice that lovers of Gibson have come to crave.
Gibson, William Virtual Light SciFi Suggested By: Author.
From the author of Neuromancer: LA bike messenger Chevette Washington steals a pair of high-tech sunglasses that could cripple DatAmerica.
Gibson, William and Bruce Sterling The Difference Engine SciFi Steampunk. Part detective story, part historical thriller, The Difference Engine takes us not forward but back, to an imagined 1885
Giddings, Paula When and Where I Enter Non-fiction Suggested By:
Focusing on figures like Ida B. Wells and Fannie Lou Hamer, this volume pays tribute to amazing black women throughout history who've fought for equality and reform -- and the hurdles they've faced in their struggle. Drawing on speeches, diaries, letters, and other original documents, Paula Giddings powerfully portrays how black women have transcended racist and sexist attitudes--often confronting white feminists and black male leaders alike--to initiate social and political reform.
Gideon, Melanie Valley of the Moon Magical/Mystical Suggested By: Author.
Suggested by Sarah Addison Allen. The residents of Greengage tell a stunned and disoriented Lux that they’ve somehow been marooned in the early twentieth century. Unlike the people of Greengage, Lux discovers that she is able to come and go. And over the years, Lux finds herself increasingly torn between her two lives.
Gies, Frances and Joseph Gies Life in a Medieval City Non-fiction Suggested By:
Discover what life was like in northern Europe in the Middle Ages, from finances to government and beyond.
Gies, Joseph and Frances Gies Women in the Middle Ages Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
$1.07 Kindle book. The lives of real women in a vibrant age of transition.
Giffels, David All the Way Home Memoir Suggested By:
Giffels and his wife are on the hunt for the perfect house. But when they decide to rebuild an old mansion, they'll find that nothing worth having comes easy. Hilarious.
Gifford, Rob China Road Non-fiction Suggested By:
In this utterly surprising and deeply personal book, acclaimed National Public Radio reporter Rob Gifford, a fluent Mandarin speaker, takes the dramatic journey along Route 312 from its start in the boomtown of Shanghai to its end on the border with Kazakhstan. Gifford reveals the rich mosaic of modern Chinese life in all its contradictions, as he poses the crucial questions that all of us are asking about China: Will it really be the next global superpower? Is it as solid and as powerful as it looks from the outside? And who are the ordinary Chinese people, to whom the twenty-first century is supposed to belong?
Gilbert, Elizabeth The Last American Man Non-fiction Suggested By:
From the bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love: This National Book Award finalist follows the unconventional life of Eustace Conway, who abandoned suburban life in favor of the rugged Appalachian Mountains.
Gilbert, Jennifer I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag Memoir At 22 she was brutally attacked by a screwdriver-wielding maniac and nearly killed. She survived, but her sense that the world was a good place did not.
Gilbertson, Ashley and Dexter Filkins Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Non-fiction A Photographer's Chronicle of the Iraq War. Gilbertson's camera records chaos descending as the Kurds and Arabs (longtime enemies) sectioned off their neighborhoods and began arming themselves, even before Baghdad fell. In dozens of striking battle scenes, American soldiers go about their business with courage and discipline but show little affection for Iraq's civilians and positive contempt for its army.
Gilbreth, Frank B. Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey Belles on Their Toes Memoir Suggested By:
In this "sincere and heartwarming" classic by the authors of Cheaper by the Dozen, the expansive Gilbreth clan approaches every adventure together -- whether they're fighting chicken pox or meeting the president.
Gillespie, Hollis Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch Memoir 42-year old NPR regular who is also a Delta flight attendant.
Gillett, James B. Six Years With the Texas Rangers 1875-1881 Memoir Suggested By: Other.
Free Kindle book. Six Years with the Texas Rangers 1875 to 1881 is a history of the Texas Rangers from 1875 to 1881 written by Sergeant J.B. Gillett, a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. It is a fascinating account of one Ranger's life attempting to maintain law and order on the Texan frontier.
Gillick, Dr. Muriel R. The Denial of Aging Non-fiction Americans are spending billions a year trying to stay young. Snap out of it, urges Dr. Gillick, and focus on things like overhauling Medicare.
Gilmar, Susan Jane Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress Memoir Brisk comic memoir ala David Sedaris by observant and vivid writer.
Gilmour, David The Film Club Memoir Dad Gilmour made a deal with his 15-year-old son that the kid could drop out of school on one condition: Jesse had to watch three movies a week with his father. Ultimately, the story becomes subtly affecting.
Gimlette, John At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig: Travels Through Paraguay Travel He boats down piranha-infested rivers, hobnobs with Anglo-Paraguayan socialites and hunts down the former hiding place of notorious Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele. Gimlette, a travel writer and lawyer in London, proves a chatty, amiable guide to local institutions like the national railway (which has no running trains) and native wildlife, like the fierce, raccoon-like coatimundis (who, Gimlette writes, "make up for their absence of pity with fistfuls of dagger-like claws").
Ginna, Peter What Editors Do? Non-fiction Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
Publishing executive Ginna has collected essays from 27 of his peers in the book business about everything from the importance of the author-editor relationship to the challenges of editing the genre fiction to the ways editors must function as evangelists, creating buzz for their books.
Giovino, Andrea Divorced From the Mob Memoir Both her mob-connected ex-beau and common-law husband went to jail, but "before he went to prison I couldn't get rid of him". Giovino was busted herself on drug charges, but refused to enter the Witness Protection Program, and has now written this tell-all book.
Gladwell, Malcolm Blink Non-fiction Explores intuitive/snap decision making Heard him on MPR.
Gladwell, Malcolm David and Goliath Non-fiction Another one of his social-science behemoths, this one about underdogs and misfits.
Gladwell, Malcolm What the Dog Saw Non-fiction Brings together, for the first time, the best of Gladwell's writing from The New Yorker in the past decade, including: the bittersweet tale of the inventor of the birth control pill; the dazzling inventions of the pasta sauce pioneer Howard Moscowitz; spotlighting Ron Popeil, the king of the American kitchen; and the secrets of Cesar Millan, the "dog whisperer." Gladwell also explores intelligence tests, ethnic profiling and "hindsight bias," and why it was that everyone in Silicon Valley once tripped over themselves to hire the same college graduate.
Glaspy, P. A. Before the Power was Gone: A Powerless World Prequel Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By:
Free Kindle book. My name is Anne Mathews. I'm a prepper. But I haven't always been. This is how it started.
Gleiberman, Owen The Other Hollywood Non-fiction Portrays everything connected to porn except pleasure.
Glick, Daniel Monkey Dancing: A Father, Two Kids, and a Journey to the Ends of the Earth Memoir Glick had a mid-life crisis of epic proportions, and took his kids on an epic 5-month trek around the world.
Glock, Allison Beauty Before Comfort Memoir True story of Glock's grandma, a redheaded spitfire.
Gloeckner, Phoebe The Diary of a Teenage Girl An Account in Words and Pictures Other Graphic novel plus text and other drawings. I saw the movie and was both intrigued and a little bit disturbed. Minnie Goetze is a horny drinking/drugging 15 year old in 1970s San Francisco. She is loosely based on the author. The book is interesting, but also a bit repulsive as reading teen-age angst is always a bit much. I read about the first 50 pages before I had to return it. I'm not clamoring for more, but I"m adding it to the list in case I'm in the mood for it some other time.
Godfrey-Smith, Peter Other Minds Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
New York Times: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness. This fascinating exploration into consciousness combines evolutionary biology, philosophy, and stunning photographs, with lots of remarkable cephalopod facts.
Godwin, Parke Various - Firelord Series Fantasy Suggested By: Other.
I gave my copies to the library.
  • Firelord (1982): Artorious Pendragon, a young warrior-king destined to unite the shattered land of Britain, reaches unattainable heights, only to lose his heart and his kingdom to the greatest betrayal of all.
  • Beloved Exile (1984): King Arthur is dead. Surrounded by traitors and usurpers, Guinevere must defend the empire she struggled so desperately to help forge. Aided by the loyalty of Bedivere, Gareth, Lancelot, and others from Arthur's reign, she works toward settling her uneasy nation.
  • The Last Rainbow (1985): Journeying to a pagan world of old magic in order to spread his religious beliefs, Padree, a passionate young priest, encounters the extraordinary Dorelei, the leader of the mystical Faerie folk, who teaches him about the earth and spirituality.
    Godwin, Parke Various - Robin Hood Series Fantasy Suggested By: Other.
    I gave my copy to the library.
    • Sherwood (1991)
    • Robin and the King (1993) (also published under the title Return to Nottingham)
    Godwin, Peter When a Crocodile Eats the Sun Memoir Godwin, a NY journalist, flies home to Zimbabwe to check on his frail parents. He documents their descent as well as that of his country under Robert Mugabe's corrupt regime. This is a moving, often raw portrait of modern Africa, juxtaposed against a very personal story.
    Goines, Donald Black Girl Lost Fiction Overheard some lady on the bus recommend this. Realistic urban fiction.
    Gold, Rozanne Radically Simple Cookbook Her ingredients are somewhat fancy, but Gold's short-and-easy techniques put sophisticated fare within any cook's reach.
    Gold, Theo Networking Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
    Free Kindle book. Networking Genius. Confidence, charisma, likability & communication skills.
    Goldberg, Amanda and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper Celebutantes Fiction Witty and revealing. A walk-up to the Oscars where it's fun trying to sort fact from fiction as these two grew up in Hollywood. You'll feel like you were there, and be glad you weren't.
    Goldberg, Danny Bumping Into Genius Memoir Goldberg chronicles the phases of his career - rock journalist, record-company president, manager to musicians - with the sort of candor few record-biz execs would attempt.
    Goldberg, Myla Bee Season Fiction Jewish family implodes as the daughter ascends through the spelling bee ranks.
    Goldberg, Myla Wickett's Remedy Fiction A young Irish Catholic girl in Boston struggles to survive the deadly 1918 flu epidemic.
    Goldman, Ari Living a Year of Kaddish Memoir A clearly written autobiographical memoir that appears at first glance to be simple and straightforward. In fact, it is a profound and sophisticated examination of human relationships, particularly between a son and his parents. A modern Orthodox Jew, Goldman writes about observing the ritual requirements following the death of his father, as he had done four years earlier for his mother. Among these rituals is the obligation to "say kaddish" each day for 11 months. This Aramaic poem, which praises God, is recited in daily prayer services in the synagogue with 10 men present. In the memoir, Goldman describes the people he met and the experiences he had as he fulfilled this commitment.
    Goldman, Leslie Locker Room Diaries Non-fiction Medical writer and recovered anorexic Goldman interviewed hundreds of women in gym locker rooms, asking how they felt about their bodies. The naked truth: nobody feels perfect. (Duh, how narcissistic would that sound? - KA)
    Goldman, Lynda Easy Container Gardening Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
    Free Kindle book.
    Goldsmith, H. C. and Adam Gellert Four Years: A Navy Medic's World War II Memories Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
    Free Kindle book.
    Goldsworthy, Sandy Aftermath Fantasy Suggested By: Other.
    Free Kindle book. After losing her father, Emma Bennett moves to her aunt's small town of Westport to finish out her senior year of high school. Emma wants to forget the pain and loss of the past few weeks, finding relief in the company of Ben Parker--a local boy who she has an instant attraction and uncanny connection with. When Ben seems a little too preoccupied with other responsibilities and has no time for her, Emma turns to the town's hottest flirt--Lucas Crandon--for affection. Unfortunately, she realizes a little too late that, sometimes, bad boys really can be bad for you.
    Gollner, Adam Leith The Fruit Hungers Non-fiction Eating [durian] is said to be like eating your favorite ice cream while sitting on the toilet. The ones we ate tasted like peanutbutter mint omelets in body-odor sauce. Globetrotting search for exotic fruit.
    Golson, Barry Gringos in ParadiseGringos in Paradise Memoir Suggested By: Friend.
    An American Couple Builds Their Retirement Dream House in A Seaside Village in Mexico. Looking for books about retiring in Spanish speaking country. This is at the library, but not as an e-book.
    Gonzales, Laurence Flight 232 Non-fiction Suggested By:
    A Story of Disaster and Survival. As hundreds of rescue workers waited on the ground, United Airlines Flight 232 wallowed drunkenly over the bluffs norwest of Sioux City. The plane slammed into the runway and burst into a vast fireball.
    Good, Phyllis Fix-It and Forget-It New Slow Cooker Magic Box Set Cookbook Suggested By:
    $2.15 Kindle book. Over 1,300 Classic, New, and Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes. New York Times bestselling author Phyllis Good presents a collection that gives cooks even more! This three cookbook set of Phyllis Good's classic slow cooker cookbooks includes titles:
    • Fix-It and Forget-It Slow Cooker Magic
    • Fix-It and Forget-It New Cookbook
    • Fix-It and Forget-It Cooking Light for Slow Cookers
      Goodavage, Maria Soldier Dogs Non-fiction Canine commandos sniff out bombs, act as sentries, and even track the masterminds behind explosives. There is a desperate need for dogs of war to be able to retire to loving homes when their work for our country is done.
      Goodman, Allegra Intuition Fiction Cancer-lab researchers are torn asunder when one thinks he's developed a virus that melts away tumors in mice, while another jealously believes that he is guilty of falsifying those results.

      Other titles include: Total Immersion, The Family Markowitz, and Paradise Park.
      Goodman, Allegra Kaaterskill Falls Fiction Community of Orthodox Jews who summer in upstate New York.
      Goodman, Doris K No Ordinary Time Non-fiction Something about the Roosevelts - recommended by CHDIII.
      Goodman, Randi and others Empowering Women to Succeed Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Volume III. 16 authors, including one man, share incredibly powerful messages, heartfelt stories that will motivate women and men, and inspire you. Each author has poured their hearts into sharing their resiliency towards trauma, separation, death, abuse and many other challenges. Through their quests, they give people hope, they find overwhelming success and happiness and hope that you can find the same through their life experiences.
      Goodwin, Doris Kearns Team of Rivals Non-fiction Abe Lincoln.
      Goodwin, Doris Kearns Wait Till Next Year Memoir Suggested By: Other.
      $2.14 Kindle book. By award-winning author. Touching memoir of growing up in love with her family and baseball.
      Gooseberry Patch Circle of Friends 25 One-Pot Dinners Cookbook Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book.
      Gopnik, Adam Paris to the Moon Memoir New Yorker writes about living in Paris.
      Goranin, Nakki American Photobooth Photo Jack and Jackie Kennedy. Andy Warhol. Goranin scoured garage sales, flea markets, and the internet for the distintive black and white photo strips to fill her charming new book.
      Gorant, Jim Wallace Non-fiction How an abused pup became a world-champion Frisbee dog. A moving tale.
      Gordimer, Nadine July's People Fiction Suggested By:
      A "flawlessly written" novel (The New York Times Book Review) from a Nobel Prize–winning author: As violence erupts in South Africa, a white family takes refuge with July, their black servant. "Gordimer writes more knowingly about South Africa than anyone else" (The New York Times). Speculates about the end of Apartheid before it actually happened.
      Gordon, Sol Anything by him... Non-fiction The G.R. audio tape guy.
      Gorman, Dave Are You Dave Gorman Memoir Inspired by drunken wager, DG travels to 7 countries in search of 54 people sharing his name.
      Gorman, Dave Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure Memoir A game in which you type a two-word phrase into an get one and only one hit in return. It's harder than you think. "dork turnspit", "pomegranate filibusters" and "hydroids souvlaki". On a drunken wager, he set out to meet the owners of 10 googlewhacked websites.
      Gose, Tom Peanut Butter and Passports Humorous Suggested By:
      Free Kindle book. Tom Gose brings readers along on his travels to various places around the world. Starting with a trip to Hawaii, he recounts trips to Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland smoothly weaving his comedic narrative on practically every aspect of traveling.
      Gosnell, Mariana Ice Non-fiction Frostbite, hail, how it feels to be on an iceberg when it flips. Ice is way more intriguing than you'd think.
      Gosselin, Peter High Wire: The Precarious Financial Lives of American Families Non-fiction why have so many of us, even those making hundreds of thousands of dollars, arrived at the new century with a gnawing sense that events are moving against our families and ourselves? The easy answer is that we?re suffering a case of needless anxiety. But the easy answer is wrong.
      Gottlieb, Robert Near-Death Experiences . . . and Others Essays Suggested By: Other.
      This new collection from the legendary editor Robert Gottlieb features twenty or so pieces he's written mostly for The New York Review of Books, ranging from reconsiderations of American writers such as Dorothy Parker, Thornton Wilder, Thomas Wolfe ("genius"), and James Jones, to Leonard Bernstein, Lorenz Hart, Lady Diana Cooper ("the most beautiful girl in the world"), the actor-assassin John Wilkes Booth, the scandalous movie star Mary Astor, and not-yet president Donald Trump.
      Gough, Julian Juno and Juliet Fiction Twin sisters attend university in Galway where they come of age.
      Gould, Jonathan Can't Buy Me Love Non-fiction The book charts the evolution of the Beatles from three-chord sprints to synphonic masterpieces like "A Day in the Life." If you've ever wanted to know why the Beatles' music is great, look no further.
      Goulston, Mark Talking to Crazy Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      $2.14 Kindle book. How to deal with the irrational and impossible people in your life. Intro has story about cutting off mad guy on the LA freeway, then accidentally defusing his anger.
      Gowar, Imogen Hermes The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock Magical/Mystical Suggested By:
      Recommended by Elizabeth Berg. Imogen Hermes Gowar, Britain's most-heralded new literary talent, makes her debut with this spellbinding novel of a merchant, a mermaid, and a madam--an unforgettable confection that explores obsession, wonder, and the deepest desires of the heart with bawdy wit, intrigue, and a touch of magic.
      Gowdy, Barbara The White Bone Fiction Novel told from perspective of wild African elephants.
      Gowen, Karen Jones Farm Girl Memoir Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Set in the Dust Bowl of the American West, this true account of a child coming of age on a 1920's Nebraska farm, recaptures an era. Young Lucille Marker experiences survival during the Depression, one of the worst dust storms in history, and finally the disintegration of the close-knit community in which she grows up.
      Grace, Celina Hushabye Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Kate Redman Mystery book 1. On the first day of her new job in the West Country, Detective Sergeant Kate Redman finds herself investigating the kidnapping of Charlie Fullman, the newborn son of a wealthy entrepreneur and his trophy wife. It seems a straightforward case... but as Kate and her fellow officer Mark Olbeck delve deeper, they uncover murky secrets and multiple motives for the crime.
      Grace, Celine Imago Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Kate Redman mystery book 3. A known prostitute is found stabbed to death in a shabby corner of Abbeyford. Detective Sergeant Kate Redman and her partner Detective Sergeant Olbeck take on the case, expecting to have it wrapped up in a matter of days. Kate finds herself distracted by her growing attraction to her boss, Detective Chief Inspector Anderton – until another woman's body is found, with the same knife wounds. And then another one after that, in a matter of days.
      Grace, Laura Jane Tranny GLBT Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      From the band Against Me!. She thought she might be schizophrenic or even possessed; for every furtive experiment with wigs and women's clothing, there were months or years of avoidance and self-loathing.
      Grace, Mary Instant Pot Cookbook: Top 550 Amazingly Tasty & Healthy IP Recipes Cookbook Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book.
      Graedon, Joe and Teresa Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them Non-fiction Suggested By:
      The Graedons give patients the specific, practical steps they need to take to ensure their safety: the questions to ask a specialist before getting a final diagnosis, tips for promoting good communication with your doctor, presurgery checklists, how to avoid deadly drug interactions, and much more.
      Grafton, Sue Z is for... Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
      There will not be a "Z" novel to wrap up the series. Ms Grafton died in December of 2017 and had not written the final letter in the series.
      Graham, Heather Why I Love New Orleans Memoir Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book. A Collection of Blogs from the actress.
      Graham, Lauren In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It Non-fiction Suggested By: Author.
      Available as eBook from library. In this expansion of the 2017 commencement speech she gave at her hometown Langley High, Lauren Graham, the beloved star of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood, reflects on growing up, pursuing your dreams, and living in the here and now. "Whatever path you choose, whatever career you decide to go after, the important thing is that you keep finding joy in what you're doing, especially when the joy isn't finding you." In her hilarious, relatable voice, Graham reminds us to be curious and compassionate, no matter where life takes us or what we've yet to achieve. Grounded and inspiring--and illustrated throughout with drawings by Graham herself--here is a comforting road map to a happy life.
      Graham, Lauren Someday, Someday, Maybe Fiction Suggested By:
      New York Times bestseller from star of Gilmore Girls. Fresh and funny and full of zingers.
      Graham, Lauren Talking As Fast as I Can Essays Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between). Collection of personal essays.
      Graham, Lawrence Otis Member of the Club: Reflections on Life in a Racially Polarized World Non-fiction An African-American corporate attorney's searing exposes about racism.
      Grahame, Kenneth The Wind in the Willows Classic Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book. As spring begins to bloom across the countryside, so too does Mole's desire to leave his underground home and venture into the wilds above.
      Grahame-Smith, Seth Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter SciFi Suggested By: Other.
      $2.14 Kindle book.
      Gran, Sara Claire DeWitte adn the Bohemian Highway Crime/Mystery Cokehead Claire DeWitt puzzles over the murder of her ex-boyfriend.
      Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 Barrett, Wayne and Dan Collins Non-fiction The public needed a hero...Rudy Giuliani stepped forward. But his failures, to prepare for terrorism, to protect responders, tarnigh his crown. An eye-opener.
      Grandin, Temple Animals in Translation Non-fiction Quirky, scholarly, and impassioned advocate of animals. Poorly edited, repetitive first chapter is no reflection on the rest of the book.
      Grandin, Temple Animals Make Us Human Non-fiction Creating the best life for animals. A groundbreaking look at how animals feel. Her unique insights have made her one of science's foremost voices on animal behavior.
      Grann, David Killers of the Flower Moon Non-fiction Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      Almost 100 years ago, members of the Osage nation began to suspect a serial killer was in their midst. In his meticulously researched and masterfully spun book, Grann explores the mystery behind the murders and the origins of the FBI.
      Grant, AnnaLisa The Lake Chick Lit Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. The Lake Series book 1. Life takes an unexpected turn when Layla meets Will Meyer. His breathtaking good looks are enough to catch her eye, but his sincerity and passion are everything she needs to find the strength and confidence she lost -- and lead her into love.
      Grant, Jennifer Good Stuff Memoir Cary Grant's daughter writes about her father.
      Grant, Lee I Said Yes to Everything Memoir Juicy, no-holds-barred memoir from the once-banned author of Peyton Place, Shampoo, and Valley of the Dolls.
      Grant, Linda The Thoughtful Dresser Non-fiction The Art of Adornment, the Pleasures of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter.
      Grant, Richard God's Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre Memoir Suggested By: Other.
      $2.14 Kindle book.
      Graves, Lindsay To Catch a Husband Chick Lit Four ladies who lunch - on every eligible male within their tony Southern California enclave - vie to win newly single billionaire David Clemente.
      Green, Jane Babyville Chick Lit Three thirty-something Londoners share their gripes about motherhood. The writing is uneven, but Green draws dead-on portraits of the emotional rollercoaster each woman is riding.
      Green, Jane Jemima J. Fiction Jemima J. loses 121 pounds, but will happiness follow?
      Green, Jane Straight Talking Chick Lit Tasha and her gaggle of Sex and the City-ish friends attempt to decipher male behaviour in yuppie London. Compulsivey readable, and surprisingly touching.
      Green, Joey Potato Radio, Dizzy Dice, and More Wacky, Weird Experiments from the Mad Scientist Science/Nature More than 40 experiments from shooting off a matchbook rocket to making glowing ink from laundry detergent. All the experiments use common household items.
      Green, John Various - John Green Fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Originally suggested by Books And Bars book club. Waiting for him to write more books.
      • Looking for Alaska (2005)
      • An Abundance of Katherines (2006)
      • Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances – with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle (2008)
      • Paper Towns (2008)
      • Will Grayson, Will Grayson – with David Levithan (2010)
      • The Fault in Our Stars (2012)
      • Turtles All the Way Down (2017)
      Green, Marti Unintended Consequences Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      $1.99 Kindle book. Nineteen years ago, Indiana police found the body of a young girl, burned beyond recognition and buried in the woods. They arrested George Calhoun for murdering his daughter, and his wife testified against him at the trial. George maintains he didn't do it.
      Green, Risa Notes From the Underbelly Chick Lit Lara Stone's fine with being a self-obsessed material girl, until her sweetly indulgent husband says he wants a baby.
      Greenblatt, Joel The Little Book That Still Beats the Market Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Recommended by Mr. Money Mustache. Basics of value investing. "More the Warren Buffet style of hands-on, more active, value investing." Introduction by Andrew Tobias.
      Greene, Amy Bloodroot Fiction Searing debut novel set in the bone-poor hollows of the eastern Tennessee mountains that tells the story of the long-afflicted Lamb family. Terribly sad, breathtakingly good read.
      Greene, Bob Once Upon a Town: The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen Non-fiction The women of North Platte met every troop train, day or night, and provided the boys with sandwiches, coffee, cakes, warmth and affection.
      Greene, Graham The End of the Affair Fiction Recommended by mountaineer David Roberts for its "irreducible tragedy at the core of the story." Also, a movie with Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes.
      Greene, Melissa Fay Last Man Out: The Story of the Springhill Mine Disaster Non-fiction True story. Nail-biting account of how men in collapsed mine struggle to keep hold of their spirits as they starve and wait.
      Greene, Molly The Last Fairytale Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Bree Butler shelved her dream of becoming an investigative journalist long ago. But when she finds a young biotech executive dead on his office floor, she begins to think she might have another shot at it – even though she's a suspect in the homicide investigation.
      Greene, Robert The 48 Laws of Power Non-fiction Suggested By:
      Some laws teach the need for prudence ("Law 1: Never Outshine the Master"), others teach the value of confidence ("Law 28: Enter Action with Boldness"), and many recommend absolute self-preservation ("Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally"). Every law, though, has one thing in common: an interest in total domination. In a bold and arresting two-color package, The 48 Laws of Power is ideal whether your aim is conquest, self-defense, or simply to understand the rules of the game.
      Greene, Thomas Christopher The Headmaster's Wife Fiction Luminous and atmospheric, bringing to life the tight-knit enclave of a quintessential New England boarding school, the novel is part mystery, part love story and an exploration of the ties of place and family.
      Greener, Richard The Locator: The Knowland Retribution Crime/Mystery Book 1 of 2 of The Locator books, on which the TV show "The Finder" is based.
      Greener, Richard The Locator: The Lacey Confession Crime/Mystery Book 2 of 2 of The Locator books, on which the TV show "The Finder" is based.
      Greenfield, Robert Exile on Main Street Non-fiction A debauchery-drenched account of the recording of the Rolling Stones 1972 album. Full of sexual and narcotic misdeeds more than recording info. Huh. Sounds good to me!
      Greenspan, Dorie Paris Sweets: Great Desserts From the City's Best Pastry Shops Cookbook Suggested By:
      An elegant gift for Francophiles, armchair travelers, bakers of all skill levels, and certainly for oneself, Paris Sweets brings home a taste of enchantment.
      Greenstein, Fred I. The Hidden-hand Presidency Non-fiction Eisenhower as leader.
      Greenwood, Elizabeth Playing Dead Non-fiction Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      Author grills "privacy consultants" who help people vanish, interviews investigators who specialize in death fraud, and even explores black market morgues in the Philippines where people can obtain bogus death certificates for a price.
      Greer, Andrew Sean Less Fiction Suggested By: Book Award List.
      What would possibly go wrong? Arthur Less will almost fall in love in Paris, almost fall to his death in Berlin, barely escape to a Moroccan ski chalet from a Saharan sandstorm, accidentally book himself as the (only) writer-in-residence at a Christian Retreat Center in Southern India, and encounter, on a desert island in the Arabian Sea, the last person on Earth he wants to face. Somewhere in there: he will turn fifty. Through it all, there is his first love. And there is his last.
      Greer, Andrew Sean The Confessions of Max Tivoli Fiction Born in 1871 at age 70, Max Tivoli grows younger with time and, hence, already knows the year of his death. For all the melancholy, a rich and mesmerizing tale.
      Greer, Judy I Don't Know What You Know Me From Essays Kind of famous "How do I know you?" Essays on everything from her mom the (former) nun to her inability to ditch a mortifying vanity plate because her dad made it.
      Gregory, Julie Sickened Memoir Suggested By:
      Growing up, Julie endured a life of painful and unnecessary medical treatments -- all at the urging of her mother, a woman troubled by mental illness. Here, she tells her own story in a wonderfully written memoir.
      Gregory, Julie Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood Memoir By her teens she'd swallowed thousands of pills, endured an invasive heart procedure, and was starving to death. Her memoir has the queasy, free-floating feel of dirty oil on water.
      Gregory, Phillippa The Boleyn Inheritance Fiction Historical fiction, brilliantly depicts what life must have been like with maniacal Henry VIII from the perspective of three women close to him.
      Greitens, Eric The Heart and the Fist Non-fiction Oxford student became boxing champion, then got into philanthropy and joined the Navy SEALs. He's a living Jason Bourne with a PhD.
      Grenville, Kate The Idea of Perfection Fiction Set in tiny Australian town. A nerdy engineer and a plain museum curator fall in love while one is trying to save a bridge, and the other's job is to destroy it. A sweet and funny love story.
      Gretzky, Wayne with Rick Reilly. Gretzky: An Autobiography Auto/Biography The genuinely likable Gretzky emerges humble to a fault, still uncomfortable with fame, quick to compliment his teammates and opponents, and still devoted to his parents.
      Grey, Alissa Noel Winter Soup Cookbook Suggested By:
      Free Kindle book. Hot and hearty soup recipes to help you lose weight without dieting.
      Grey, Andrew Fire and Water GLBT Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Carlisle Cops book 1. At night, they come for him. They surround his house. They beat down his door. They burst through the windows. They attack him in the dark. But Chaz Singleton is not going down without a fight. Chaz is alone in his battle for survival against overwhelming odds and he holds the fate of the world in his hands, whether he likes it or not.
      Greyson, Christopher Girl Jacked Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Series book 1. Jack Stratton's a good guy on the ugly side of life. Eight years ago a bomb blew his world apart and he's been picking up the pieces ever since. Guilt has driven a wedge between him and the family he loves. When Jack hears the news that his foster-sister Michelle is missing, it cuts straight to his core. The police think she just took off, but Jack knows Michelle would never leave her loved ones behind--like he did. Forced to confront the demons from his past, Jack must take action, find Michelle and bring her home... or die trying.
      Griffith, Nicola The Blue Place GLBT In late September 1874, Margaret Prior makes her way through the pentagons of London's Millbank Prison, a place of fearful symmetry and endless corridors. This plain woman on the verge of 30 has come to comfort those behind bars, several of whom Waters brings to instant, sad life.
      Grimes, Martha The Old Fox Deceived Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      $2.14 Kindle book. Richard Jury Mysteries book 2.
      Grimes, William Appetite City Non-fiction A culinary history of New York. Photos, menus, and other illustrations. A delectable treat for historians, and anyone with an appetite for mouthwatering prose and juice insider anecdotes.
      Grinker, Roy Richard Unstrange Minds Non-fiction Suggested By: Unknown.
      In this rigorous and compelling book, Grinker examines the way advances in child psychiatry and cultural attitudes have changed the picture for autistics and describes his own daughter's hopeful story. Autism Spectrum. Autistic. Asperger's syndrome.
      Grisham, John Calico Joe Fiction Story of a pitcher whose famous fastball turns lethal.
      Grisham, John Camino Island Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Book Award List.
      From a list of books you can read in one sitting. A gang of thieves stage a daring heist from a secure vault deep below Princeton University's Firestone Library. Their loot is priceless, but Princeton has insured it for twenty-five million dollars. Bruce Cable owns a popular bookstore in the sleepy resort town of Santa Rosa on Camino Island in Florida. He makes his real money, though, as a prominent dealer in rare books. Very few people know that he occasionally dabbles in the black market of stolen books and manuscripts.
      Grisham, John The Litigators Crime/Mystery Book about two-bit law firm Finley & Figg is being heralded as a return to form for Grisham.
      Grisham, John The Rooster Bar Crime/Mystery Suggested By:
      Mark, Todd, and Zola came to law school to change the world, to make it a better place. But now, as third-year students, these close friends realize they have been duped. They all borrowed heavily to attend a third-tier, for-profit law school so mediocre that its graduates rarely pass the bar exam, let alone get good jobs. And when they learn that their school is one of a chain owned by a shady New York hedge-fund operator who also happens to own a bank specializing in student loans, the three know they have been caught up in The Great Law School Scam.
      Grisham, John The Whistler Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      Author likes delving into hot button issues. This time, corrupt judges.
      Grogan, John Marley & Me Non-fiction A journalist writes a funny, touching tribute to his 97-lb Lab, who was as loyal and loving as he was disobedient.
      Groneberg, Tom The Secret Life of Cowboys Memoir Guy from Chicago suburbs gets hooked on horses during stay at a dude ranch and moves to Montana. The whole world is a thrill until it comes time to euthanize a sick animal or add up the bills.
      Groopman, Jerome How Doctors Think Non-fiction Single-minded in its exploration of what goes on in a doctor's mind as he or she treats a patient. He risks wearing down his erader with too many examples of how doctors can go wrong. It's enough to make the most carefree readers fear for their lives.
      Gross, Michael 740 Park Non-fiction Gossipy history of Manhattan's most luxurious co-op, with revealing tales about tenants including Jackie Onassis and John D. Rockefeller Jr.
      Gross, Michael Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women Non-fiction Investigative journalist Michael Gross takes us into the private studios and hidden villas where models play and are preyed upon, and tears down modeling’s carefully constructed façade of glamour to reveal the untold truths of an ugly trade.
      Grossman, Austin You SciFi Suggested By:
      When Russell joins Black Arts games, brainchild of two visionary designers who were once his closest friends, he reunites with an eccentric crew of nerds hacking the frontiers of both technology and entertainment. In part, he's finally given up chasing the conventional path that has always seemed just out of reach.
      Grosvenor, Edwin S. The Best of American Heritage: Vietnam War Non-fiction Suggested By:
      Expert historians cast new light on one of America's most controversial conflicts in this probing dissection of the Vietnam War -- from the Gulf of Tonkin to the Tet offensive.
      Groth, Janet The Receptionist Non-fiction Janet Groth chronicles her decades at the country's most famous literary magazine. Starting with the day E.B. White hired her in 1957.
      Grover, Trevor The Juryman's Tale Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Every year a quarter of a million people are selected at random from the electoral register for jury service. They are given no training and are forbidden to discuss their verdicts after the trial. Despite the high-profile trials of Louise Woodward and O.J. Simpson, astonishingly little is known about what it's like to serve on a jury: this book is the first to reveal it.
      Gruber, Michael The Good Son Fiction The suspense is terrific, but in this book it's a bonus. I learned more about the jihadist mindset in these pages - an in an entertaining way - than in all the cable-TV punditry I've seen since 9/11.
      Grumley, Michael C. Catalyst SciFi Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Breakthru book 3. In 1984 a doomsday vault was constructed on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean. Its purpose was to preserve Earth's genetic history in the event of a global catastrophe. Now, decades later, a second vault has been uncovered. This one resting where no one ever expected. And the problem is…it's not ours.
      Grundvig, James Breaking Van Gogh Non-fiction Suggested By:
      Fast-paced and engrossing exposé of the shady underbelly of the art world. An investigative journalist proves that one of the Met's most expensive paintings is a forgery.
      Guay, Roger A Good Man with a Dog Memoir Suggested By:
      A Good Man with a Dog explores Guay's life as he and his canine partners are exposed to increasingly terrible events, from tracking down hostile poachers to searching for victims of violent crimes, including a year-long search for the hidden graves of two babies buried by a Massachusetts cult. He witnessed firsthand FEMA's mismanagement of the post-Katrina cleanup efforts in New Orleans, an experience that left him scarred and disheartened. But he found hope with the support of family and friends, and eventually returned to the woods he knew and loved from the days of his youth.
      Guffey, Robert Until the Last Dog Dies Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By:
      "Standout speculative fiction" (Locus): When a runaway virus obliterates humanity's sense of humor, an aspiring Los Angeles comedian and his stand-up friends face their own personal apocalypse! This "sardonic, cleverly written" (Publishers Weekly) sci-fi novel "taps into the cultural zeitgeist".
      Guggenheim, Peggy Confessions of an Art Addict Memoir Suggested By:
      A legendary arts patron provides a thrilling glimpse into the dazzling world of modern art. Witness the birth of a new era and rub elbows with acclaimed figures like Jackson Pollock and Marcel Duchamp in this candid autobiography.
      Guillebeau, Chris The $100 Startup Non-fiction Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future
      Guillebeau, Chris The Art of Non-Conformity Non-fiction Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World. Discover how to live on your own terms by exploring creative self-employment, radical goal-setting, contrarian travel, and embracing life as a constant adventure.
      Gunder, Dana Waste-Free Kitchen Handbook Non-fiction Suggested By:
      A guide to eating well and saving money by wasting less food.
      Gunderson, Mary Pioneer Farm Cooking: Exploring History Through Simple Recipes Cookbook Grade 6 Up-These books offer a unique and intriguing way to explore history. The authors look at the foods people ate during the Civil War and on pioneer farms and offer recipes for modern readers.
      Gunn, Deana and Wona Miniati Dinner's Done! Cooking With Trader Joe's Cookbook. Cookbook Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book.
      Gup, Ted A Secret Gift Non-fiction Suggested By:
      Seeks to recover the true stories of Americans struggling to survive the Great Depression thru the letters they left behind.
      Gurdon, Martin Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance: Reflections on Raising Chickens Memoir The distinct personalities and peculiar escapades of each chicken are by turns hilarious, heartwarming, and occasionally a bit odious. If you have any chicken-raising fantasies, thie engaging "chicken memoir" is sure to inform and entertain.
      Gurley, Jason Silo Saga: Greatfall - The Complete Silo Novel Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Other.
      $3.99 Kindle book. Includes the collected complete story, parts 1-3. What happens when a silo goes dark? Maya has been sent to Silo 23 to investigate. Disconnected from the grid, the silo appears to be dead, rotted from the inside. But what Maya finds is a silo that is anything but deceased. Inspired by Hugh Howey's Silo/Wool/Shift/Dust series.
      Gurley, Jason The Settlers SciFi Suggested By:
      Free Kindle book. Hugh Howey gave it a good review. The Movement Trilogy - book 1. Earth is on the brink of ruin. Great storms destroy cities. Rising seas reshape the continents. Afraid for its survival, mankind constructs a fleet of space stations in orbit, and steps off-world. Among the humans fighting for their future are Micah Sparrow, a widower who uncovers a plot to return mankind to the dark ages; Tasneem Kyoh, who undergoes life-extension treatments and begins the search for humanity's next home; and David Dewbury, a prodigy who believes he knows where that home might be.
      Gurney, Lydia Maria Things Mother Used To Make Cookbook Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Vintage/historical cookbook. A collection of old time recipes, some nearly one hundred years old and never published before.
      Gurwitch, Annabelle Fired! Essays Celebs including Tim Allen offer true tales of being axed. Woody Allen canning Gurwitch: "You look retarded."
      Gurwitch, Annabelle I See You Made an Effort Humorous Suggested By:
      "Seriously funny" (NPR): As she teeters on the verge of turning 50, actress and comedian Annabelle Gurwitch reflects on the trials of middle age in this hilarious New York Times bestseller!
      Guthrie, Woody Bound for Glory Auto/Biography Woody Guthrie hops trains across America and shacked up in hobo camps.
      Guttridge, Leonard F. Ghosts of Cape Sabine History Underprovisioned expedition to the North Pole. Waited two years for supplies or rescue. Cannibalism ensued. Six survivors made it back. According so Sarah Vowell, it was underprovisioned thanks mostly to Abraham Lincoln's indifference to the project.
      Gwynne, S.C. Empire of the Summer Moon Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Suggested by on Twitter. Traces the rise and fall of the Comanche, the most powerful Indian tribe in American history.
      Gwynne, S.C. Empire of the Summer Moone Non-fiction Cuts through all the bullshit - from the left and right - about how the West was won from the Indians, and how American began to lose its soul.
      Gyllenhall, Liza Local Knowledge Fiction A powerful and deeply moving novel about the lies we tell ourselves, the moral corners we cut, and the loved ones we betray to get what we want. Gyllenhaal has x-ray vision into the human heart and a sharp eye for contemporary mores and social maneuvering. She knows women and men and children, and pins them to the page with some of the most dazzling prose I?ve read in a long time.
      Hachiya, Dr. Michihiko Hiroshima Diary Auto/Biography Michihiko Hachiya's remarkable eyewitness account of the fatefull bombing August 6, 1955. One of the most extraordinary records of human calamity and courage in the history of letters.
      Hadden, Evelyn J. Hellstrip Gardening Technical/Reference Create a paradise between the sidewalk and the curb.
      Haddon, Mark A Spot of Bother History In Haddon's hilarious second novel, British retiree George Hall finds a spot on his hip - eczema, but he tells himself it's cancer. You'll discover people you know in these pages, and it's a nonstop pleasure to get to know them better.
      Hadju, David Positively 4th Street Non-fiction A look at Dylan, Richard Farina, Joan Baez and her sister Mimi.
      Hagan, Joe Sticky Fingers Auto/Biography Suggested By: People Mag.
      He loved pharmaceuticals, journalism, and himself, not always in that order. Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner was the embodiment of the magazine that changed our ideas about the role of popular music. He ended up resenting that he cooperated with this bio - just the kind of tension that makes for great psychological profiles.
      Hagen, George The Laments Fiction Heartrending and surprisingly comic family saga. Mother, Rose, staunch defender of British colonialism disapproves of their move to America. Abundant surprises will make you weep and guffaw in equal measures.
      Hagendorf, Colin Atrophy Slice Harvester Memoir Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      A mission to review every slice of cheese pizza in Manhattan becomes an unexpected way out of a dark mental place in this delicious memoir.
      Hager, Thomas The Alchemy of Air Non-fiction Suggested By:
      German chemist Fritz Haber discovered a process for transforming abundant air-borne nitrogen into ammonia, and Carl Bosch's ingenious engineering scaled Haber's benchtop chemistry into industrial processes to make fertilizer. The Haber-Bosch process was also used to make the gunpowder and explosives that killed millions during the two world wars. Both men were vilified during their lives; both, disillusioned and disgraced, died tragically.
      Hahn, Chanda UnEnchanted Fantasy Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Mina Grime is unlucky, unpopular and uncoordinated; until she saves her crush's life on a field trip, changing her High School status from loser to hero overnight. But with her new found fame brings misfortune in the form of an old family curse come to light. For Mina is descended from the Brothers Grimm and has inherited all of their unfinished fairy tale business. Which includes trying to outwit a powerful Story from making her it's next fairytale victim.
      Haigh, Jennifer Mrs. Kimble Fiction Three main characters find stability, charm, and refuge in arms of Ken Kimble. Riveting and absorbing.
      Hakakian, Roya Journey from the Land of No Memoir Suggested By:
      Growing up Jewish in Iran, Roya saw her world fall apart -- and also learned who she was meant to be.
      Hale, R. D. Skye City: The Trials of Arturo collection SciFi Suggested By:
      Free Kindle book. This collection of four episodes represents the first complete book in the Skye City series including: The Rise of an Orphan, The Migdols of Samaris, The Biopunk Revolution, and The San Terian Genocide. Skye City is a biopunk adventure set in a world where science is indistinguishable from magic and oppression is near-inescapable. Technology has created a newer, 'superior' form of human and genetically engineered monstrosities are as terrifying as anything encountered in your nightmares. The underclass have been underestimated and as they fight back the boundary between freedom fighter and terrorist becomes increasingly blurred.
      Hale, Richard C. Frozen Past Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. When a boy's body shows up floating under the ice of a quiet neighborhood pool, Jaxon finds himself immersed in a world where the ghosts of his past feel too close for comfort. A psychopath is using the innocent in ways that appear familiar.
      Hales, Dianne La Bella Lingua Memoir When Dianne first traveled to Italy, she was instantly enamored with the country — and its language. This “charming” memoir (Publishers Weekly), full of fascinating cultural analysis, chronicles her decades-long effort to embrace Italian fully.
      Haley, Arthur Hotel Fiction Suggested By: Author.
      $2.14 Kindle book. During five sultry days, the lives of the guests, the management, and the workers at New Orleans' largest and most elite hotel converge. The owner has four days to raise the money to save his financially ailing property. The general manager, once blacklisted from the hospitality business, struggles with one crisis after another. A rebellious heiress will do anything to attain her secret desires. The duke and the duchess in the lavish presidential suite are covering up a crime. And within one of the many guest rooms hides a professional thief.
      Halilovic, Besko My Experience of Migration to Australia Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. How I bought my way into Oz.
      Hall, Elizabeth Miramont's Ghost Fantasy Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Clairvoyant from the time she could talk, Adrienne's visions show her the secrets of those around her. When her visions begin to reveal dark mysteries of her own aristocratic French family, Adrienne is confronted by her formidable Aunt Marie, who is determined to keep the young woman silent at any cost. Marie wrenches Adrienne from her home in France and takes her to America, to Miramont Castle, where she keeps the girl isolated and imprisoned. Surrounded by eerie premonitions, Adrienne is locked in a life-or-death struggle to learn the truth and escape her torment.
      Hall, James W. Hit Lit Non-fiction Suggested By:
      What makes a bestseller? This "thoroughly entertaining… cleverly elucidated" analysis (Kirkus Reviews) lays out the secrets to the most popular written works of the 20th century and explains why we love the books we do.
      Hall, Jane and Dixie Haywood Foundation Borders Craft Traditional style, but nice colors. Bargello Borders on page 54 and triangles on page 63.
      Hall, Kenneth Asperger syndrome, the universe and everything Non-fiction Suggested By: Unknown.
      Looks interesting. Autism spectrum. Autism. Autistic. Spectrum. Asperger's syndrome.
      Hall, Megan Kelley and Carrie Jones Dear Bully Essays 70 authors - some victims, some perpetrators, some observers - share their experiences with bullying.
      Hall, Meredith Without a Map Memoir In 1965 Meredith Hall was just another young girl whogot pregnant at 16. Cast out by her formerly loving mother, Hall is shunged off to live iwth her judgemental father and his icy new wife, sequestered indoors and forced to give her baby up for adoption. She marries and has two more children, divorces, goes to college in her 40s and finally in 1987 meets her now grown son, whose life has not been the priveleged paradise she had imagined it would be.
      Hall, Steven The Raw Shark Texts Fiction The Raw Shark Texts is riddled with typographic games, codes, a flip book, and a boatload of very elegant plot devices that hinge on collisions between the Information Age and the imagination. At one point Eric and Scout, his guide/love interest, are speeding away from the conceptual shark on a motorbike. Scout eludes the shark by exploding a letter bomb, a bomb made out of old metal type; the type diverts the shark into a stream of random letterforms. At this I practically fell off the couch with admiration.
      Hallinan, Timothy Fields Where They Lay Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      Burglar Junior Bender is a self-professed "detective for crooks" in some of L.A.'s seediest neighborhoods when he's not committing crimes himself.
      Halpern, Daniel (Editor) Who’s Writing This? Essays Behind every author’s words, there’s a private self few ever see. Fifty well-known writers including James Michener, Joyce Carol Oates, and Margaret Atwood reflect on this duality in an enchanting treasury of literary meditations — sometimes moving, sometimes “delightfully silly”.
      Halpern, Justin Sh*t My Dad Says Non-fiction Moving back with Dad has never been funnier.
      Halpin, Brendan Donorboy Fiction Single guy takes in the daughter he fathered years earlier via sperm donation. Halpin writes with an easy humor that lets him strike a balance between pathos and irreverence. The hopeful finale feels just right.
      Halpin, Brendan Long Way Back Fiction Truly funny moments about an ex-altar boy who worships God, the Ramones, and his older sister. Pitch-perfect dialogue.
      Hamill, Pete Forever Fiction Cormac's parents are killed by an English nobleman, and he follows the murdered to NYC to exact revenge. Swings deal to become immortal as long as he never leaves Manhattan, and bears witness to four centuries of NYC history.
      Hamilton, Gabrielle Blood, Bones and Butter Memoir Suggested By:
      A New York Times bestseller hailed as "simply the best memoir by a chef ever" (Anthony Bourdain). With candor and comedy, Gabrielle Hamilton traces the turns in her life that led to her becoming a highly acclaimed chef.
      Hamilton, Jane The Short History of a Prince Fiction A young man deals with his brother's death an his love for another man. Recommended by Elizabeth Berg, along with "The Book of Ruth", and "A Map of the World".
      Hamilton, Laurel K Various - Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series Fantasy Suggested By: Friend.
      Recommended by Dezi. Anita Blake, who works in St. Louis, Missouri, as a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police. The early novels focus predominantly on crime-solving and action; the later ones on Anita's personal and sexual relationships and powers.
      • Guilty Pleasures (1993)
      • The Laughing Corpse (1994)
      • Circus of the Damned (1995)
      • The Lunatic Cafe (1996)
      • and many more...
      Hamilton, M.L. Murder of Potrero Hill Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Peyton knows the first suspect is always the husband, but Jake Ryder isn't acting like a typical suspect. Jake truly loved his wife. So what went wrong? Stepping into the circle of the social elite, Peyton finds that things work differently when you're at the top. And Jake Ryder seems to be caught in the epicenter.
      Hamilton, Suzy Favor Fast Girl Memoir Suggested By:
      Three-time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton reveals her struggles with mental illness and her secret double life as a high-end escort in this honest, hopeful New York Times bestseller.
      Hammett, Dashiell The Maltese Falcon Crime/Mystery Check out one of the masters of, uh, detective noir? The main character, Sam Spade, appears only in this novel and in three lesser known short stories, yet is widely cited as the crystallizing figure in the development of the hard-boiled private detective genre.
      Hamner, Earl Spencer's Mountain Fiction Novelized memoir on which the TV Show The Waltons is based.
      Hampl, Patricia The Florist's Daughter Memoir Lovely elliptical memoir of family and loss. "Nothing is harder to grasp than the relentlessly modest life." Father is a mild-mannered St. Paul florist.
      Hampton, Kelle Bloom Memoir I knew the minute I saw her that she had Down syndrome," writes Hampton, who was 31 at th etime and had foregone prenatal testing, believing that there was no reason to worry.
      Hancock, Noelle My Year With Eleanor Memoir Suggested By: Other.
      $2.14 Kindle book. I'd just been laid off from my job and I was just full of fear. I thought, maybe to figure out what I want to do with my life, I have to do all the things that I don't want to do.
      Hand Lettering for Crafts Salamony, Sandra Craft Calligraphy
      Hand, Elizabeth Errantry Short Stories Amy B recommends these weird stories.
      Handler, Evan It's Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive Memoir Handler has issues to rehash, including his bitterness over the years lost to illness, complaints about medical care he received, showbiz wrangles and, above all, his testy relationships with women.
      Hanks, Tom Uncommon Type Short Stories Suggested By: Author.
      A gentle Eastern European immigrant arrives in New York City after his family and his life have been torn apart by his country's civil war. A man who loves to bowl rolls a perfect game--and then another and then another and then many more in a row until he winds up ESPN's newest celebrity, and he must decide if the combination of perfection and celebrity has ruined the thing he loves. An eccentric billionaire and his faithful executive assistant venture into America looking for acquisitions and discover a down and out motel, romance, and a bit of real life. These are just some of the tales Tom Hanks tells in this first collection of his short stories. They are surprising, intelligent, heartwarming, and, for the millions and millions of Tom Hanks fans, an absolute must-have!
      Hanna, Katherine Amt Breakdown: A Love Story Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Other.
      $2.00 Kindle book. An influenza plague decimates humanity. Six years after the pandemic, a former rock star finally makes it from New York to Britain to reunite with his brother.
      Hannah, Kristin Fly Away Fiction Sequel to "Firefly Land". Recommended by Sarah Addison Allen.
      Hannah, Kristin Various - Hannah Kristin Fiction Suggested By: Author.
      Recommended by Sarah Addison Allen
      • A Handful of Heaven (July 1991)
      • The Enchantment (June 1992)
      • Once in Every Life (December 1992)
      • If You Believe (December 1993)
      • When Lightnings Strikes (October 1994)
      • Waiting for the Moon (September 1995)
      • Home Again (October 1996)
      • On Mystic Lake (February 1999)
      • Angel Falls (April 2000)
      • Summer Island (March 2001)
      • Distant Shores (July 2002)
      • Between Sisters (April 2003)
      • The Things we Do for Love (June 2004)
      • Comfort and Joy (October 2005)
      • Magic Hour (February 2006)
      • Firefly Lane (2008)
      • True Colors (2009)
      • Winter Garden (2010)
      • Night Road (March 2011)
      • Home Front (2012)
      • Fly Away (2013)
      Hansen, Gerald Static Cling Fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. The Irish Lottery Series book 5. PLEASE NOTE: Although this book is part of the IRISH LOTTERY SERIES, there is no cliffhanger. It is true that the characters get older as the series progresses, but each book is a complete story, and can be enjoyed without having read the previous book. When an armed robbery at Final Spinz, the dry cleaners where hardened matriarch Fionnuala Flood works, leads to the death of beloved pensioner Mrs. Ming, the ensuing investigation unleashes dark secrets that promise to bring Fionnuala closer to her husband Paddy, her mother Maureen, and the four children of her brood still in town. Or tear them apart forever.
      Hansen, Julia A Life in Smoke Memoir "I wanted to quite, but I didn't want to stop smoking," Hansen writes in her wry memoir about the demon weed. She is gutsy, and readers on both sides of the no-smoking sign will applaud her.
      Hanson, Jason Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life Non-fiction Suggested By:
      A former CIA officer teaches safety and survival tactics for a variety of everyday situations. From detecting lies to improvising self-defense weapons, preventing home invasions, learn the techniques that could one day save your life!
      Harad, Alyssa Coming to My Senses Memoir Poet and perfume blogger Harad on her unlikely love affair with the intoxicating world of fragrance.
      Harden, Blaine Escape From Camp 14 Non-fiction Suggested By:
      One Man's remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the west. Harden's harrowing narrative exposes this hidden dystopia, focusing on an extraordinary young man who came of age inside the highest security prison in the highest security state. Escape from Camp 14 offers an unequalled inside account of one of the world's darkest nations. It is a tale of endurance and courage, survival and hope.
      Harden, J. L. and James Harden The Secret Apocalypse Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. A Secret Apocalypse Story book 1. Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Robinson is the sole survivor of the Australian Apocalypse. The death toll is at an estimated 22 million. The entire world wants to know what happened down there and since the military isn't talking, everyone is looking to Rebecca for answers.
      Hardy, Thomas Far from the Madding Crowd Classic Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book. Watch the movie first? In Victorian England, the independent and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene attracts three very different suitors: Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer; Frank Troy, a reckless Sergeant; and William Boldwood, a prosperous and mature bachelor. Alive with lush, idyllic settings that exert profound influences on the novel's characters, Far from the Madding Crowd is an unforgettable narrative of both beauty and devastation. Its portrait of rural life, and compelling examination of social conventions, has made it one of literature's classic romances.
      Harfenist, Jean A Brief History of the Flood Magical/Mystical This writing is almost dreamlike in its lyricism.
      Hargrove, John Beneath the Surface Non-fiction A heartfeld plea to allow orcas (whales) what humans took from them - their freedom.
      Harkaway, Nick Gone Away World Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Book Award List.
      Some horrible weapon happened.
      Harmel, Kristin The Sweetness of Forgetting Chick Lit Suggested By:
      A baker in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, must travel to Paris to uncover a family secret for her dying grandmother--and what she learns may change everything.
      Harp, Wilson EMP Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Other.
      $1.07 Kindle book. In a flash of searing light, the world changed. A massive solar flare has crippled the modern world and brought chaos and destruction. David Hartsman is stuck in the remote farm town of his youth on what was expected to be a short visit to check on his ailing parents. While his wife and his daughter are hundreds of miles away at home in Chicago, David must face the dangers associated with his own survival and the pressures of not being with his family. In a worldwide catastrophe, every struggle is personal.
      Harper, Kenn Give Me My Father's Body Non-fiction The live of Minik, the New York Eskimo.
      Harper, Valerie with Catherine Whitney Today I Am a Ma'am Memoir Suggested By:
      In this irreverent guide to getting older, an Emmy Award–winning star celebrates middle age and delivers the perfect antidote to America’s youth-obsessed culture.
      Harpham, Heather Happiness Memoir Suggested By: People Mag.
      Harpham's boyfriend never wanted children, so when she gets pregnant, he's awful. He comes around, and the kid has a mysterious blood disease. They decide to have another kid.
      Harra, Todd and Kenneth McKenzie Mortuary Confidential: Undertakers Spill the Dirt Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      $2.70 Kinde book.
      Harrigan, Stephen Challenger Park Fiction At the novel's center: Lucy Kincheloe, an astronaut married to an astronaut, the loving mother of two young children, with a fierce ambition to excel in the space program. Her husband, Brian, a rigorous man whose dreams of glory have been blighted by two star-crossed missions. This guy spent a year interviewing real female astronauts, including the psycho diaper lady.
      Harris, Blake J. Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, an the Battle that Defined a Generation Non-fiction Suggested By:
      Following the success of The Accidental Billionaires and Moneyball comes Console Wars--a mesmerizing, behind-the-scenes business thriller that chronicles how Sega, a small, scrappy gaming company led by an unlikely visionary and a team of rebels, took on the juggernaut Nintendo and revolutionized the video game industry.
      Harris, Bob Prisoner of Trebekistan Memoir Surprisingly touching memoir that also offers nuts-and-bolts answers to questions casual Jeopardy! fans may have. Includes a mother-lode of tips on strategy if you so much as daydream about trying out for the show.
      Harris, Charlaine Midnight Crossroad Magical/Mystical Suggested By: Author.
      $1.07 Kindle book. A Novel of Midnight, Texas Book 1. Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, located at the crossing of Witch Light Road and the Davy highway. It's a pretty standard dried-up western town. There's a pawnshop with three residents. One is seen only at night. There's a diner, but people stopping there tend not to linger. There's a newcomer, Manfred Bernardo, who just wants to work hard and blend in. But Manfred has secrets of his own...
      Harris, Charlaine Midnight, Texas Trilogy Fiction Suggested By: Author.
      By the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
      • Midnight Crossroad (2014 - Kindle)
      • Day Shift (2015)
      • Night Shift (2016)
      Harris, Charlaine The Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse) Chick Lit Suggested By: Author.
      • Dead Until Dark (read)
      • Living Dead in Dallas (read)
      • Club Dead (read)
      • Dead to the World (read)
      • Dead as a Doornail (read)
      • Definitely Dead (read)
      • All Together Dead (read)
      • From Dead to Worse (read)
      • Dead and Gone (Read)
      • A Touch of Dead - Previously published Sookie Stuff (read)
      • Dead in the Family (read)
      • Dead Reckoning (read)
      • Deadlocked (read)
      • Dead Ever After (read)
      • The Sookie Stackhouse Companion (read)
      Harris, Dan 10% Happier Non-fiction Suggested By: Unknown.
      How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works. An unexpected, hilarious, and deeply skeptical odyssey through the strange worlds of spirituality and self-help.
      Harris, Lynn Death by Chick Lit Chick Lit A fun murder mystery set in NYC's chick-lit scene with a quippy novelist/self-styled gumshoe.
      Harris, Mark Five Came Back Non-fiction John Ford filming the battle of Midway.
      Harris, Mark Pictures at a Revolution Photo Harris crafts a fascinating tale in this history of the '67 Oscars race. Harris' account is entertaining and remarkably tense, even from this side of the '60s.
      Harris, Michael The Atomic Times Non-fiction Suggested By:
      This singular, darkly absurd memoir from an American soldier will change your perception of atomic history. This book delivers a fascinating look at Operation Redwing, the nuclear weapons test that would change the world.
      Harris, Michael The Atomic Times: My H-Bomb Year at the Pacific Proving Ground Memoir Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Michael Harris welcomes readers into the U.S. Army's nuclear family where the F-words were Fallout and Fireball. In a distinctive narrative voice, Harris describes his H-bomb year with unforgettable imagery and insight into the ways isolation and isotopes change men for better--and for worse.
      Harris, Nadine Burke The Deepest Well Non-fiction Suggested By: People Mag.
      Can severe childhood stress cause adult storke, cancer, Alzheimer's and more? Yes, says Harris, a pediatrician who began researching the biological effects of abuse, divorce and other stressors after treating a boy who stopped growing following a sexual assault. There's no way yet to erase the damage, but Harris developed a written screening test and strongly advocates exercise, mindfulness, diet and talk therapy as remedies. And extraordinary, eye-opening book.
      Harris, Ruth Modern Women Chick Lit Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. If you loved Sex and the City, you'll love Modern Women.
      Harris, Sam Letter to a Christian Nation: A Challenge to the Faith of America Non-fiction He takes on the majority of America and tells them exactly what a nation truly under their faith would be like (imagine Iran with one less prophet). He shows how the South was on the theologically sound side of the slavery argument, as have every misogynist, antiunionist, and antichildren's right adovate.
      Harris, Sam Lying Non-fiction Kindle Single: in Lying, bestselling author and neuroscientist Sam Harris argues that we can radically simplify our lives and improve society by merely telling the truth in situations where others often lie. He focuses on ?white? lies?those lies we tell for the purpose of sparing people discomfort?for these are the lies that most often tempt us. And they tend to be the only lies that good people tell while imagining that they are being good in the process.
      Harrison, Colin The Havana Room Crime/Mystery Explains Manhattan real estate and city's restaurant business.
      Harrison, Harry Arm of the Law SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry Deathworld SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry Make Room! Make Room! SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      $2.14 Kindle book. Soylent Green!
      Harrison, Harry Navy Day SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry Planet of the Damned SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry The Ethical Engineer SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry The Harry Harrison Collection SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Harrison, Harry The K-Factor SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry The Misplaced Battleship SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry The Repairman SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Harry Toy Shop SciFi Suggested By: Author.
      Free Kindle book.
      Harrison, Michèle All the Gear, No Idea Memoir Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. A woman's solo motorbike journey around the Indian subcontinent.
      Hart, Ellen Dial M for Meat Loaf Crime/Mystery Suggested By:
      $2.15 Kindle book. Sophie Greenway Series Book 6. I've seen Ellen Hart speak a few times at QLib.
      Hart, Ellen Various - Jane Lawless Series Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
      Local mystery writer. QLibrary.
      1. Hallowed Murder (1989) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      2. Vital Lies (1991)
      3. Stage Fright (1992) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      4. A Killing Cure (1993)
      5. A Small Sacrifice (1994) – Lambda Literary Award Winner, Minnesota Book Awards Winner
      6. Faint Praise (1995) – Minnesota Book Awards Winner, Lambda Literary Award finalist
      7. Robber's Wine (1996) – Lambda Literary Award Winner
      8. Wicked Games (1998) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      9. Hunting The Witch (1999) – Lambda Literary Award Winner
      10. The Merchant of Venus (2001) – Lambda Literary Award Winner
      11. Immaculate Midnight (2001) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      12. An Intimate Ghost (2004) – Golden Crown Literary Society Award, Lambda Literary Award finalist
      13. The Iron Girl (2005) – Golden Crown Literary Society Award, Minnesota Book Awards Winner, Lambda Literary Award finalist
      14. Night Vision (2006) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      15. The Mortal Groove (2007) – Golden Crown Literary Society Award, Lambda Literary Award finalist
      16. Sweet Poison (2008) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      17. The Mirror and the Mask (2009) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      18. The Cruel Ever After (2010) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      19. The Lost Women of Lost Lake (2011)
      20. Rest for the Wicked (2012) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      21. Taken by the Wind (2013) – Lambda Literary Award finalist
      22. The Old Deep and Dark (2014) – Lambda Literary Award Winner
      23. The Grave Soul (2015)
      24. A Whisper of Bones (2018)
      Hart, Ellen Various - Sophie Greenway Series Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Local mystery writer. Qlibrary.
      1. This Little Piggy Went to Murder (1994)
      2. For Every Evil (1995)
      3. The Oldest Sin (1996)
      4. Murder in the Air (1997)
      5. Slice and Dice (2000)
      6. Dial M For Meat Loaf (2001 - Kindle)
      7. Death on a Silver Platter (2003)
      8. No Reservations Required (2005)
      Hart, Jennifer Skeletons in the Closet Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Book 1 of 4 in Laundry Hag series. Maggie Phillips hasn't had it easy. As the wife of retired Navy SEAL, and the adoptive mother of two little hellions, Maggie is constantly looking for ways to improve her family's financial situation. She accepts a cleaning position for her new neighbors (who redefine the term ‘eccentric'), never imagining she will end up as the sole alibi for a man with a fascination for medieval torture devices when he is brought up on murder charges.
      Hart, Joe The Last Girl Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. A mysterious worldwide epidemic reduces the birthrate of female infants from 50 percent to less than 1 percent. Medical science and governments around the world scramble in an effort to solve the problem, but twenty-five years later there is no cure, and an entire generation grows up with a population of fewer than a thousand women.
      Hartzler, Aaron Rapture Practice Memoir Aaron Hartzler grew up in a home where he was taught that at any moment Jesus might come down in the twinkling of an eye, and scoop his whole family up to Heaven.
      Harvey, Katherine & Ryan The Bare Bones Broth Cookbook Cookbook Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      Explains how to make various bone broths and what to server with them.
      Harvey, Michael Brighton Fiction Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      A tale of murder and old friends - and a paean to the dark, gritty streets of Boston.
      Harvey, Tom The Eighties Memoir Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. A bitchen time to be a teenager!
      Harwood, Seth Young Junius Fiction Suggested By: Other.
      $2.15 Kindle book. Fourteen-year-old Junius Posey pushes weed for a small-time neighborhood dealer--a low rung on the ladder of the gangster life surrounding him. But when his older brother is shot dead, Junius grips a gun for the first time and starts climbing.
      Hasić, Mirsad Strength Training for Seniors Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      $2.14 Kindle book. 30 minute workout without gym.
      Hassman, Tupelo Girlchild Fiction An old Girl Scout Handbook helps bookworm Rory envision life beyond her trailer park in Reno.
      Hatchett, Jerry Unallocated Space Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. SPACE. It's not just the glitziest casino ever built. It's the largest man-made structure in history.This futuristic wonderland has captivated Las Vegas and the world, but beneath the shine and tech, something old lurks and festers.
      Hausmann, Gisela Naked News for Indie Authors Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. How NOT to invest your marketing $$.
      Havrilesky, Heather How to Be a Person in the World Essays Suggested By: Entertainment Weekly Mag.
      "Ask Polly" advice columns.
      Hawkins, Scott The Library at Mount Char Fantasy Suggested By: Other.
      BooksAndBars for May 2016. Debut novel. Neil Gaiman meets Joe Hill. Dark fantasy, with some humor and magic.
      Hawley, Noah Before the Fall Fiction Suggested By: People Mag.
      After the private jet he's aboard crashes off Martha's Vineyard, painter Scott Burroughs makes it to shore. Then, with media hounds and the other survivor's guardians trying to uncover why the plane crashed, the two survivors' lives get really interesting.
      Hayasaki, Erika The Death Class Non-fiction The true tale of Norma Bowe, a nurse who teaches a powerful college class on death that inspires her students to strive for more fulfilling lives.
      Hayden, Tom Street Wars Non-fiction Gangs And the Future of Violence
      Hayden, Torey One Child Non-fiction Suggested By:
      Six-year-old Sheila never spoke, she never cried, and her eyes were filled with hate. Abandoned on a highway by her mother, unwanted by her alcoholic father, Sheila was placed in a class for emotionally disturbed children after she committed an atrocious act of violence against another child. Everyone said Sheila was lost forever, everyone except her teacher, Torey Hayden.
      Hayes, Ever N. Emergency Exit: 2020 Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By:
      Free Kindle book. 2020 Series Book 1 of 3. Ryan Miner lost his wife, Sophie, four years ago. Her death nearly killed him. But, in a way, it also saved him. His parents, his kids, their friends--it saved them, too. It brought them to his cabin in the remote wilderness of northern Minnesota that second week of October, in 2020. They were there to celebrate what would have been Sophie's 40th birthday. Then…death came…again. A coded message on the radio spoke of a massive chemical attack. Over ninety percent of the country…dead!!
      Hayes, Ned The Eagle Tree Fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Fourteen-year-old March Wong knows everything there is to know about trees. They are his passion and his obsession, even after his recent falls--and despite the state's threat to take him away from his mother if she can't keep him from getting hurt. But the young autistic boy cannot resist the captivating pull of the Pacific Northwest's lush forests just outside his back door. Autism Spectrum. Autistic. Asperger's syndrome.
      Hayes, Sean Michael Five Weeks in the Amazon Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. A backpackers journey: life in the rainforest, Ayahuasca, and a Peruvian shaman's ancient diet. Packed with humor, full of unexpected twists and there is never any way to know how it will end. Author Sean Michael Hayes has written a book in a similar style to current blockbuster success, Cheryl Strayed's "Wild".
      Hayes, Shannon The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook Farmer, food writer, and home cook Shannon Hayes has packed this new edition of The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook with more recipes, new stories explaining how good farming practices result in great food, and up-to-date information on the health and environmental benefits of grassfed meats. In this inspiring classic of the green cuisine scene, Hayes approaches food with equal parts gastronomic passion and homespun practicality.
      Hazzard, Kevin A Thousand Naked Strangers Memoir Suggested By: People Mag.
      Longing to do good after 9/11, writer Hazzard became an EMT running calls on Atlanta's meanest streets. His wild 10-year ride makes for fascinating reading.
      Headley, Maria Dahvana The Year of Yes Chick Lit Suggested By: Unknown.
      Also, a memoir. Charming, hyperliterate (in a pretentious but not entirely insufferable college-student way), and even laugh-out-loud funny. After too many bad relationships, she decides to say "yes" to any man who asks her out. Uh, that's sound reasoning.
      Healthy Plus Clean Eating Made Simple Non-fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. The best way to lose weight naturally with deliciou clean eating food recipes that you'd love to cook.
      Healy, Thomas I Have Heard YOu Calling in the Night Memoir Drunken Glasgow thug sobers up and raises dobermans. Everything Marley & Me is not: smart, acerbic, laconic, with nary an ounce of treacle.
      Heath, Chip and Dan Made to Stick Non-fiction A savvy analysis of the reasons some ideas find traction and others fade away. Use the Heaths' tricks to make your own memos and communiques credible.
      Heath, Ryan Ecstasy Made Me Gay Memoir Suggested By:
      Free Kindle book. A Party-Hopper's Tale of Going Out, Coming Out & Drying Out in NYC's Y2K Megaclub Era. This humorous, poignant memoir touches upon the universal mission for self-respect and joy and stars a cast of colorful personalities as they bounce around legendary NYC nightlife venues like Limelight, Twilo, and Roxy in a post-AIDS, pre-9/11 sliver of time littered with designer drugs and soundtracked by classic house club anthems.
      Hedges, Peter What's Eating Gilbert Grape Fiction Book on which the movie is based.
      Heimann, Judith M. The Airmen and the Headhunters Non-fiction In November 1944, a U.S. B-24 on a routine bombing run off the Borneo coast was shot down in a jungle region populated by the head-hunting Dayak tribe and patrolled by the Japenese. Heimann brings a visceral urgency to one of WWII's most unlikely tales.
      Heiny, Katherine 2 Single, Carefree, Mellow Short Stories Whip-smart collection about women wrapped up in all kinds of love affairs will have you laughing out loud.
      Heldt, John A. The Show Fiction Suggested By: Other.
      Free Kindle book. Northwest Passage book 3. Seattle, 1941. Grace Vandenberg, 21, is having a bad day. Minutes after Pearl Harbor is attacked, she learns that her boyfriend is a time traveler from 2000 who has abandoned her for a future he insists they cannot share. Determined to save their love, she follows him into the new century. But just when happiness is within her grasp, she accidentally enters a second time portal and exits in 1918. Distraught and heartbroken, Grace starts a new life in the age of Woodrow Wilson, silent movies, and the Spanish flu. She meets her parents as young, single adults and befriends a handsome, wounded Army captain just back from the war.
      Helfer, Ralph Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion That Ever Lived Memoir Animal trainer Ralph Helfer thought love and rewards would allow him to work with dangerous animals. Some peers thought he was nuts. And there's always the question, "Will Zamba eat the nice postman?"
      Helget, Nicole Lea The Summer of Ordinary Ways Memoir Helget's debut combines jolting events with haunting descriptions of everyday life on a [Minnesota dairy] farm. This gifted young author has taken the messiest of lives and fashioned something beautiful.
      Helmericks, Constance Various - Constance Helmericks Memoir Suggested By: Author.
      Mother of Jean Aspen (Arctic Daughter).
      • We live in Alaska (1944)
      • We live in the Arctic (1947)
      • Our summer with the Eskimos (1948)
      • Our Alaskan winter (1949)
      • The flight of the Arctic Tern (1952)
      • Down the wild river north (1968/1989)
      • Australian Adventure (1971)
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