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1997-12-05   Our Paris: Sketches from Memory
(White, Edmund and Hubert Sorin - 1994)
Memoir Brief yet detailed exerpts from the lives of Edmund White and Hubert Sorin in Paris.  
1997-12-04   Debugging the Development Process
(Maguire, Stephen - 1994)
Technical/Reference Practical tips for computer software project leaders.  
1997-12-03   My Life as a Pornographer
(Preston, John - 1993)
Essays Essays about his work and life by gay pornographer John Preston.  
1997-12-02   French or Foe?
(Platt, Polly - 1994)
Non-fiction Practical advice and anectdotes to help you understand how to get by while living and working in France.  
1997-12-01   Where Wizards Stay Up Late
(Hafner, Katie and Matthew Lyon - 1996)
Non-fiction Suggested By: Unknown.
A true account, or at least one version of the truth, of the Origins of the Internet.
1997-11-08   H is for Homocide
(Grafton, Sue - 1991)
Crime/Mystery Strongly encouraged by the police after ending up in jail during an investigation, Kinsey Milhone goes undercover to pursue an automobile insurance fraud crime ring.  
1997-11-07   Sea of Glass
(Longyear, Barry B. - 1987)
SciFi It's the future. A computer runs most of the world. It's evil. It must be overthrown.  
1997-11-06   Looking for Mr. Goodbar
(Rossner, Judith - 1975)
Fiction NY singles scene in the 70s.  
1997-11-05   The Runaway Jury
(Grisham, John - 1996)
Crime/Mystery A jury sits on a trial about the culpability of a tobacco company in the death of a customer.  
1997-11-04   Ultimate Kaua'i Guidebook
(Doughty, Andrew and Harriet Friedman - 1997)
Travel This is a guidebook for Kaua'i written by residents.  
1997-11-03   Naked
(Sedaris, David - 1997)
Non-fiction A collection of autobiographical short stories.  
1997-11-02   Still! The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
(Tobias, Andrew - 1983)
Technical/Reference A very down-to-earth investment guide.  
1997-11-01   The Best Little Boy in the World
(Reid, John (a.k.a. Andrew Tobias) - 1979)
Auto/Biography This autobiography of Andrew Tobias was written under the alias John Reid. It covers his life from his birth until his mid twenties.  
1997-10-05   Sure of You
(Maupin, Armistead - 1989)
Fiction Volume Six of "Tales of the City" (Final Volume). Brian and Mary Ann have serious problems. Michael is doing better. Mona and Mrs. Madrigral have a Greek adventure.  
1997-10-04   Significant Others
(Maupin, Armistead - 1987)
Fiction description  
1997-10-03   Babycakes
(Maupin, Armistead - 1984)
Fiction Volume Five of "Tales of the City". DeeDee and Dorthea (sp?) have an adventure. Things look up for Michael. Brian has serious problems.  
1997-10-02   Hornet's Nest
(Cornwell, Patricia - 1996)
Crime/Mystery Ms. Cornwell leaves the familiar character of Dr. Kay Scarpetta and instead writes a tale of police in Charlotte. This is right off of the book jacket. I haven't actually read anything myself - but this is a hot book on two week loan from the library. I'll start it tomorrow.  
1997-10-01   Further Tales of the City
(Maupin, Armistead - 1982)
Fiction Volume Three of "Tales of the City". The plot was somewhat contrived, and there is somewhat less flavor of the times, but it's still very engrossing.  
1997-09-06   More Tales of the City
(Maupin, Armistead - 1980)
Fiction Volume Two of "Tales of the City". Mrs. Madrigal's secrets are revealed.  
1997-09-05   Tales of the City
(Maupin, Armistead - 1978)
Fiction Mary Ann Singleton has been inspired while vacationing there to quit her job in Cleveland and move to San Francisco. She moves into an apartment at 28 Barbary Lane and things get interesting!  
1997-09-04   After Dolores
(Schulman, Sarah - 1988)
Fiction Pathetic woman with twisted ideas about relationships obsesses about the woman who left her.  
1997-09-03   Stranger Among Friends
(Mixner, David - 1996)
Auto/Biography Yet another political autobiography.  
1997-09-02   Desert Queen
(Wallach, Janet - 1996)
Auto/Biography Gertrude Bell b. 14 July 1868 d. 11 July 1926.  
1997-09-01   Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member
(Sanyika, Shakur a.k.a. Monster Kody Scott - 1993)
Auto/Biography Yet another gang autobiography.  
1997-08-05   The Easy Way Out
(McCauley, Stephen - 1992)
Fiction Narrator Patrick, a Cambridge, Mass., travel agent in his early 30s, lives with Arthur, an immigration lawyer; but for a long time, Patrick has been sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of their bedroom. His younger brother, Tony, plans to marry his high school sweetheart but is having an affair that is far more satisfying than his relationship with his fiancee.  
1997-08-04   The Object Of My Affection
(McCauley, Stephen - 1987)
Fiction George is a gay kindergarten teacher, holding a torch of the inextinguishable variety for his not-worth-it ex-boyfriend. Nina is a pregnant "almost-psychologist" feminist with a nail-polish obsession and an overbearing boyfriend.  
1997-08-03   What's a Girl Gotta Do
(Hayter, Sparkle - 1994)
Crime/Mystery Mystery  
1997-08-02   Push
(Sapphire - 1996)
Fiction A self-portrait of a black teenage girl, big, fat, unloved, with a father who rapes her and a jealous mother who screams abuse. For Precious, as she is called, hope appears when a courageous teacher, a young black woman, bullies, cajoles and inspires her to learn to read.  
1997-08-01   Nice Girls Finish Last
(Hayter, Sparkle - 1996)
Crime/Mystery The protagonist is Robin Hudson, a gun-totting New York reporter, though her gun does not fire bullets, it shoots hot glue on two settings, stream and spray. Robin is assigned to cover the murder of her gynecologist, handcuffed and shot in his office. The doctor's death has a sado-masochistic angle.  
1997-07-05   Devil in a Blue Dress
(Mosley, Walter - 1990)
Crime/Mystery Devil in a Blue Dress honors the tradition of the classic American detective novel by bestowing on it a vivid social canvas and the freshest new voice in crime writing in years, mixing the hard-boiled poetry of Raymond Chandler with the racial realism of Richard Wright to explosive effect.  
1997-07-04   The Ax
(Westlake, Donald E. - 1997)
Fiction A middle-aged pulp-paper manufacturing middle-manager is layed off. He struggles unsuccessfully to find employment. Then he devises a plan to get another job...  
1997-07-03   D is for Deadbeat
(Grafton, Sue - 1987)
Crime/Mystery The feisty female P.I. gets pulled into a former client's suspicious life--and death--and soon discovers an impressive list of potential murderers among the mourners.  
1997-07-02   Black Betty
(Mosley, Walter - 1994)
Crime/Mystery LA's black investigator Easy Rawlins, financially in the hole, must accept $2,000 from the oily white private eye Saul Lynx to track down one Elizabeth Eady, aka Black Betty. From her native Houston to her position as a housekeeper for a wealthy Beverly Hills family Betty's beauty and sensuality have left a trail of chaos.  
1997-07-01   Breaking the Surface
(Louganis, Greg with Eric Marcus - 1994)
Auto/Biography Autobiograpy.  
1997-06-07   Revenge of the Cootie Girls
(Hayter, Sparkle - 1997)
Crime/Mystery New York TV producer Robin Hudson invites Kathy, an intern, to a girls' night out. When Kathy fails to show up Robin and the girls go looking for her, encountering murder and men from their past.  
1997-06-06   Waist High in the World
(Mairs, Nancy - 1996)
Memoir Nancy Mairs takes on the subject woven through all her writing: disability and its effect on life, work, and spirit.  
1997-06-05   My First White Friend
(Raybon, Patricia - 1996)
Non-fiction Recalling the history of her family and her childhood in largely white eastern Colorado, Raybon (journalism, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder) traces the life journey that transformed her, a bitter African American angry at all whites, into a mature woman who decides to stop hating and start forgiving.  
1997-06-04   Idoru
(Gibson, William - 1996)
SciFi A mystery centered on a virtual-reality marriage. The groom is Rez, the star of a rock band, while the bride is Rei Toei, the beautiful and entirely virtual pop singer adored by all Japan. Why would a man want to marry a woman who does not exist? Flesh and blood Chia McKenzie from Seattle, who loves Rez, flies to Tokyo to find out.  
1997-06-03   Ain't Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice
(Sinclair, April - 1996)
Fiction A young black woman explores her sexuality in the 1970s. She is Jean Stevenson of Chicago whose quest for self-discovery begins in college by an affair with a lesbian. On graduation, she moves to San Francisco where she has more affairs, including one with a gay. The novel recreates the obsessions of the times--free love, drugs, war protest and women's consciousness-raising groups.  
1997-06-02   Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
(Berendt, John - 1994)
Non-fiction The enormously engaging account of life and death in secluded and hauntingly beautiful Savannah, Georgia, continues to take America by storm.  
1997-06-01   C is for Corpse
(Grafton, Sue - 1986)
Crime/Mystery Hired by rich young man who fears that he has been targeted for murder. Fun sub-plot involving landlord Henry and his new paramour makes this installment a "two-for-one" bargain. Kinsey tells the story of one of her ex-husbands and Rosie the restaurateur blossoms.  
1997-05-06   Emergence
(Palmer, David - 1984)
Post-Apocalyptic Emergence is an inspiring and often touching book about a very intelligent girl, who must deal with a post Nuclear/Biological war world. As others have noted, there are similarities in feel to Heinlein's juveniles.  
1997-05-05   Cause of Death
(Cornwell, Patricia - 1996)
Crime/Mystery In Norfolk, Virginia, a reporter is killed while scuba diving in the naval yard. As she investigates, chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta uncovers a plot by a fascist militia to take over an atomic power plant.  
1997-05-04   From Potter's Field
(Cornwell, Patricia - 1995)
Crime/Mystery Another novel featuring psycopath serial murderer Gault. Lucy (Dr. Kay Scarpetta's niece) is interning with the FBI.  
1997-05-03   B is for Burglar
(Grafton, Sue - 1985)
Crime/Mystery Hired by woman needing signature on estate papers to find missing sister.  
1997-05-02   A is for Alibi
(Grafton, Sue - 1982)
Crime/Mystery Hired by parolled murder to find the real killer of her lawyer husband.  
1997-05-01   Murder at Monticello
(Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie - 1994)
Crime/Mystery The third Mrs. Murphy mystery, coauthored by novelist Brown and her cat (Mrs. Murphy is also a feline), in which the purring detective must solve a mystery involving the discovery of a body during archeological excavations at Thomas Jefferson's old estate.  
1997-04-02   Bastard Out of Carolina
(Allison, Dorothy - 1992)
Fiction Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book. Set in the rural South, this tale centers around the Boatwright family, a proud and closeknit clan known for their drinking, fighting, and womanizing. Nicknamed Bone by her Uncle Earle, Ruth Anne is the bastard child of Anney Boatwright, who has fought tirelessly to legitimize her child.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
1997-04-01   The Portable Dorothy Parker
(Parker, Dorothy - 1973)
Other Short stories, reviews, poems from a wicked wit.  
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