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1998-12-06   Smart Women
(Blume, Judy - 1983)
Fiction Individual stories of divorced women in Boulder, Colorado.  
1998-12-05   Guardian Angel
(Paretsky, Sara - 1992)
Crime/Mystery Upstairs neighbor, Salvatore Contreras, hires Warshawski to find his missing union buddy. She uncovers some suspicious goings-on at the Diamond Head manufacturing plant. Could it somehow tie to the sudden interest that VI's irritating yuppie neighbors have taken in the cranky dog-loving old lady next door?  
1998-12-04   Your Blues Aint Like Mine
(Campbell, Bebe Moore - 1992)
Fiction Life in the sixties in the poor segregated south and how that society grew into the eighties.  
1998-12-03   Second Nature
(Hoffman, Alice - 1994)
Magical/Mystical Robin Moore saves the "Wolf Man" from psychiactric incarceration.  
1998-12-02   Seventh Heaven
(Hoffman, Alice - 1982)
Magical/Mystical Wonderful story of a neighboorhood's struggle to survive in the superficially perfect 1960's.  
1998-12-01   French Lessons
(Kaplan, Alice - 1982)
Memoir Alice Kaplan's autobiography of growing up in Minneapolis during the sixties and learning French.  
1998-11-06   White Horses
(Hoffman, Alice)
Magical/Mystical Girl becomes deeply entangled with her charismatic brother, Silver. Finally she grows up to escape his enchantment.  
1998-11-05   Turtle Moon
(Hoffman, Alice - 1992)
Magical/Mystical Suggested By: Author.
Mysterious woman living in divorcee community is murdered and the most evil 12 year old in town disappears with her orphaned baby.
1998-11-04   Misadventures in the 213
(Hensley, Dennis - 1998)
Fiction Aspiring screenwriter Craig Clybourn arrives in Hollywood and is soon sucked into a series of giddy escapades involving a phone book full of B-list celebrities and enough scandal to keep the most rabid "Melrose Place" fan happy.  
1998-11-03   Practical Magic
(Hoffman, Alice - 1995)
Magical/Mystical Two sisters orphaned early in life find love in very different ways.  
1998-11-02   Fortune's Daughter
(Hoffman, Alice)
Magical/Mystical A woman deals with the demons from her past of giving up a daughter for adoption by helping a young woman through her pregnancy.  
1998-11-01   Bangkok
(Baedeker's - 1987)
Travel Bangkok travel guide.  
1998-10-04   Practical Magic
(Hoffman, Alice - 1995)
Magical/Mystical Two sisters orphaned early in life find love in very different ways.  
1998-10-03   Burn Marks
(Paretsky, Sara - 1990)
Crime/Mystery The sixth adventure of Chicago private eye Victoria Iphenigia Warshawski begins with arson and proceeds to homicide as the intrepid V.I. contends with ambitious politicians, a construction-business scam, a corrupt cop and the best intentions of her closest family friends.  
1998-10-02   Blood Shot
(Paretsky, Sara - 1988)
Crime/Mystery VI Warshawski is manipulated into looking for her cousin's father. She uncovers some bad stuff related to Chicago's chemical industry.  
1998-10-01   Bitter Medicine
(Paretsky, Sara - 1987)
Crime/Mystery A young pregnant patient of Lotty's dies while delivering at a state of the art maternity ward. Soon after her doctor dies from a horrific beating. Something smells bad at the maternity ward.  
1998-09-07   Deadlock
(Paretsky, Sara - 1984)
Crime/Mystery VI's cousin, retired hockey player Boom Boom Warshawski, dies under suspicious circumstances at a shipping dock. VI investigates.  
1998-09-06   L is for Lawless
(Grafton, Sue - 1995)
Crime/Mystery Johnny-somebody from down the street dies. Kinsey is asked to volunteer to help figure out why the army denies that he ever served. How does this fit with the glorious war stories and the sudden interest in Johnny's garage apartment? Kinsey ends up in trouble in Dallas trying to find out.  
1998-09-05   K is for Killer
(Grafton, Sue - 1994)
Crime/Mystery Kinsey agrees to look into the 10-month-old death of Lorna Kepler, a young woman whose decomposed body was discovered in her cabin so long after death that it was impossible to determine the cause.  
1998-09-04   J is for Judgement
(Grafton, Sue - 1993)
Crime/Mystery Wendell Jaffe swindels locals out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It appears that he has commited suicide when his sailboat is found adrift at sea. That is until he, or someone who looks just like him, is sighted in Mexico.  
1998-09-03   Don't Get Me Started
(Clinton, Kate - 1998)
GLBT A collection of funny essays probably culled from Kate Clinton's standup routines.  
1998-09-02   Letters From A Nut
(Nancy, Ted L. - 1997)
Essays Crank letters written by Ted to random business establishments and the very real responses.  
1998-09-01   A Boy Named Phyllis
(DeCaro, Frank - 1996)
GLBT A smart snappy autobiographical tale of Frank's childhood in New Jersey.  
1998-08-09   Beyond the Pale
(Dykewomon, Elana - 1997)
Fiction Historical fiction about Jewish Lesbians in turn-of-the(18th)-century Russia.  
1998-08-07   Sailor On the Seas of Fate
(Moorcock, Michael - 1976)
Fantasy Hack 'em Slash 'em Wizards and Warriors.  
1998-08-06   What We Wore
(Melinkoff, Ellen - 1984)
Non-fiction Documentary of sorts about women's clothing from the fifties to the eighties.  
1998-08-05   Equal Affections
(Leavitt, David - 1989)
GLBT Pleasant story about pleasantly boring gay people. And their family.  
1998-08-04   She's Come Undone
(Lamb, Wally - 1992)
Fiction Suggested By: Unknown.
Happy family. Mom loses baby; mom becomes depressed. Dad leaves family. Mom goes crazy. Long story about wacky family.
1998-08-03   Good Fences
(Ellis, Erika - 1997)
Fiction A rising black lawyer moves into a white neighborhood in Connecticut and on the first day his wife is mistaken for a maid.  
1998-08-02   Maybe the Moon
(Maupin, Armistead - 1992)
Fiction This is not a "Tales of the City" book. It's different and it's great! Candace Roth is a "Little Person" whose acting career peaked in a rubber suit while playing an E.T.-like character. It was all downhill from there. Or was it?  
1998-08-01   F is for Fugitive
(Grafton, Sue - 1989)
Crime/Mystery A confessed murderer and a fugitive for 16 years is suddenly caught by sheer luck. The murder case is reopened and the fugitive's father enlists Kinsey Milhone's help.  
1998-07-07   E is for Evidence
(Grafton, Sue - 1988)
Crime/Mystery Divorced ex-cop Kinsey Milhone looks for evidence in a routine insurance claim, and instead finds murder. In this case, Kinsey is the client.  
1998-07-06   Modoc
(Helfer, Ralph - 1997)
Non-fiction This is a "true story" about a boy and an elephant who are both born into a circus family on the very same day. They spend their lives together sharing incredible adventures.  
1998-07-05   The Men of Brewster Place
(Naylor, Gloria - 1998)
Fiction Gloria Naylor brings alive the voices of the men of Brewster Place with her characteristic grace, humor & compassion  
1998-07-04   Love Ruins Everything
(Tulchinsky, Karen X. - 1998)
Fiction Girl loses girl. Girl visits mother. Girl finds another girl. Girl has to leave. New girl is still interested!!  
1998-07-03   Two or Three Things I Know For Sure
(Allison, Dorothy - 1995)
Non-fiction She takes a probing look at her family's history to give us a lyrical, complex memoir that exploreshow the gossip of one generation can become legends for the next. Illustrated with photographs from the author's personal collection,Two or Three Things I Know for Sure tells the story of theGibson women -- sisters, cousins, daughters, and aunts -- and themen who loved them, often abused them, and, nonetheless, shared their destinies.  
1998-07-02   Home Before Morning
(VanDevanter, Lynda - 1983)
Memoir The story of an army nurse in Vietnam.  
1998-07-01   Killing Orders
(Paretsky, Sara - 1985)
Crime/Mystery It begins as a $3 million heist from a Dominican priory. It spirals into a case of lethal complexity that may unite big corporate conspirators, Chicago's underworld bosses and the Church itself in a very unholy trinity. V.I. Warshawski's job is to find out for sure...even though it's clear she might die trying.  
1998-06-03   I is for Innocent
(Grafton, Sue - 1998)
Crime/Mystery When Morley Shine, a fellow PI, dies from a heart attack, Kinsey Millhone takes over the seemingly simple task of gathering evidence for Lonnie Kingman, a local attorney immersed in a civil suit.  
1998-06-02   Indemnity Only
(Paretsky, Sara - 1982)
Crime/Mystery V.I. Warshawski is looking for a missing coed, but finds a large scam involving big business executives, notorious underworld figures and murder.  
1998-06-01   The Horses at the Gate
(Mackey, Mary - 1995)
Fiction A war between a matriarchy and a patriarchy. The heroine is Marrah, queen of the matriarchy, and she leads her people in battle against the nomadic tribes of the patriarchy. The time is 5th Century BC, the setting the steppes of the Ukraine, and the novel describes the different lifestyles of societies ruled by men and by women.  
1998-05-04   The Year the Horses Came
(Mackey, Mary - 1993)
Fiction To the east of the peaceful, creative peoples, however, are the patriarchal tribes of the steppes, where women--and life itself--are little valued. Doom is on the way, and lovers from two cultures find themselves in the thick of horror.  
1998-05-03   The Horse Whisperer
(Evans, Nicholas - 1995)
Fiction A girl on a horse is involved in a car accident, loses a leg and the horse goes mad. As she won't allow him to be destroyed, her mother, a New York magazine editor, quits job and husband and takes horse and daughter to a rancher in Montana, said to cure horses by talking to them. Despite cultural differences--she is British--love blooms between editor and rancher.  
1998-05-02   The Partner
(Grisham, John - 1997)
Crime/Mystery A thriller on the international movement of dirty money. Its protagonist is an American lawyer who skips the country with $90 million belonging to crooks. They catch up with him in Brazil, torture him, but he does not know where the money is, his lawyer girlfriend is circulating it around the globe. Extradited to the U.S. to face various charges he is going to use the money to get off.  
1998-05-01   Undaunted Courage
(Ambrose, Stephen - 1996)
Non-fiction Follows Lewis and Clark as they explore the west. Centers on Lewis.  
1998-04-03   Tojours Provence
(Mayle, Peter - 1997)
Memoir Peter Mayle offers us another funny and beautiful book about life in Provence. Here is a heart-warming portrait of a place where, if you can't quite "get away from it all," you can surely have the best of times trying.  
1998-04-02   M is for Malice
(Grafton, Sue - 1996)
Crime/Mystery PI Kinsey Millhone is hired by three brothers to find a fourth who, it appears from their father's will, was not disinherited after all when he walked out on the family, and is entitled to $5 million. Kinsey finds him working as a janitor in a church, but no sooner found, than he is killed. Kinsey has more work.  
1998-04-01   Into Thin Air
(Krakauer, Jon - 1997)
Memoir Suggested By: Unknown.
True life story of Jon Krakauer's experiences during his climb up Mount Everest the season so many people died there. Mountain climbing.
1998-03-02   Fallen Angels
(Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle and Michael Flynn - 1991)
SciFi Suggested By: Author.
One of the books I gave to the library. There is a mostly self-sustaining space station which is left to it's own devices when anti-technology sentiments rule on earth. A trajedy during a mission to acquire resources from earth's upper atmosphere leaves two space station residents marooned on earth. A bunch of nerds and geeks (filk of the saddest kind) try to get them back to the station.
Source: Owned.
Format: Paperback.
1998-03-01   The Perfect Storm
(Junger, Sebastian - 1997)
Non-fiction October 1991. It was "the perfect storm - a tempest that may happen only once in a century - a nor'easter created by so rare a combination of factors that it could not possibly have been worse. Creating waves ten stories high and winds of 120 miles an hour, the storm whipped the sea to inconceivable levels few people on earth have ever witnessed. Few, except the six-man crew of the "Andrea Gail," a commercial fishing boat tragically headed toward the storm's hellish center.  
1998-02-02   Achilles Choice
(Niven, Larry and Steven Barnes - 1992)
SciFi You can be scientifically enhanced to perform better in the modern Olympics, but the candle that burns twice as brightly burns half as long.  
1998-02-01   Slaves of New York
(Janowitz, Tama - 1986)
Fiction Stories from the daily lives of young adults (oh, vomit! did I just say "young adults"??) living in New York in the 80s.  
1998-01-03   A Year in Provence
(Mayle, Peter - 1989)
Memoir Autobiographical account of Peter Mayle and his wife's experiences after they bought an old farmhouse in Provence, France.  
1998-01-02   The Sun Also Rises
(Hemingway, Ernest - 1926)
Fiction The lives, loves, and liquor of friends in Paris and their trip to Spain for the fishing and bullfights.  
1998-01-01   A Moveable Feast
(Hemingway, Ernest - 1964)
Memoir Suggested By: Author.
I own this on Kindle now. Autobiographical account of Hemminway's years in Paris with his first wife, Hadley (about 1921 - 1926).
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