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1999-12-07   High Five
(Evanovich, Janet - 1999)
Stephanie Plum's uncle Fred disappears and the family asks Stephanie to find him. In between leads Stephanie takes on various side-jobs from the sexy and mysterious Ranger and brutalizes a midget bail jumper (it is funny but you had to be there) for a $70 recovery fee.
1999-12-06   A Deadly Shade of Gold
(MacDonald, John D. - 1965)
Crime/Mystery Sam Taggart shows up with an indigenous people's gold religious statuette years after bailing on his soulmate, Nora Gardino. Then everybody dies. Some in Florida, Some in Mexico, and Some in California.  
1999-12-05   The Nudist on the Late Shift
(Bronson, Po - 1999)
Essays True tales from Silicon Valley  
1999-12-04   Pale Gray for Guilt
(MacDonald, John D. - 1968)
Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
$3.41 Kindle book. Purchased after reading. Asshole southern business men arranged to kill Travis McGees old football buddy, Tush Bannon, when his small marina gets in the way of their real estate deal. Travis avenges his death and provides a new future for the widow and her kids.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
1999-12-03   The Beach
(Garland, Alex - 1997)
Fiction A young English traveler in Thailand is left a map by a wacked out suicide from the next guestroom. He and a young French couple he meets from the room on the other side follow the map to a tropical beach paradise. Things did not quite turn out as they may have guessed.  
1999-12-02   Fight Club
(Palahnuik, Chuck - 1996)
Fiction An unnamed narrator finds some meaning in life when he begins to attend support groups for horrible medical conditions from which he does not suffer. He also strikes a friendship of sorts with Tyler Durden, an intense charismatic fanatic who is everything that the narrator is not.  
1999-12-01   The Quick Red Fox
(MacDonald, John D. - 1964)
Crime/Mystery Lysa Dean, movie star, is being blackmailed with pictures taken of her at a drunken drugged-out orgy (ew!). Dana Holtzer, Ms. Dean's personal assistant, and Travis join (heh) to hunt down the blackmail money and keep the story from leaking.  
1999-11-02   Nightmare in Pink
(MacDonald, John D. - 1964)
Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book. Purchased after reading library book. Travis' blinded and crippled best friend from the Korean War, Mike, has asked Travis to look into the death of his sister Nina's fiance Howard Plummer. Howie helped manage the rather vast fortune of Charles Armister. Turns out he may have stumbled across somebody swindling money out of the accounts and may have died to keep that information quiet.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
1999-11-01   Wake Up, I'm Fat!
(Manheim, Camryn - 1999)
Auto/Biography Autobiography by one of the stars of TV's "The Practice".  
1999-10-04   N is for Noose
(Grafton, Sue - 1998)
Crime/Mystery Kinsey noses around the mountain village of Nota Lake to investigate the suspicions of newly widowed Selma Newquist that her policeman husband, Tom, was acting strangely before he died of a heart attack. Was he working on a big case? Was he having an affair? Why was he noticeably upset and sneaking around at night?  
1999-10-03   The Coffin Dancer
(Deaver, Jeffery - 1998)
Crime/Mystery Lincoln Rhymes returns. This time Lincoln is trying to protect a small-airline pilot whose husband has already been assasinated by the "Coffin Dancer" before he could testify before a grand jury about some career criminal he saw dump evidence in the ocean.  
1999-10-02   The Bone Collector
(Deaver, Jeffery - 1997)
Crime/Mystery Lincoln Rhymes is brought out of retirement to help solve a particularily nasty and fast working serial killer. He works the case while paralyzed from the neck down in his apartment. He enlists patrol cop Amelia Sachs to be his eyes, ears, hands, and feet in the field.  
1999-10-01   A Maiden's Grave
(Deaver, Jeffery - 1995)
Crime/Mystery Evil jailbreakers kidnap 8 deaf students and their 2 teachers and hole up in an abandoned slaughterhouse. The FBI arrives almost immediately to begin the process of negotiating with the hostage takers.  
1999-09-06   A Purple Place for Dying
(MacDonald, John D. - 1964)
Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle Book. Bought Kindle book after reading. Travis McGee reluctantly flies out to see big blond Mona Yeoman who is convinced that her husband Jass Yeoman, a crony of her father (ick!), has swindled her inheritance. The blond is shot dead while explaining her plight to Travis, but someone is trying to make it look like the big woman ran off with the thin professor, John Webb. Travis detoxes then sleeps with the professor's sister, Isobel Webb.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
1999-09-05   The Deep Blue Good-By
(MacDonald, John D. - 1964)
Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book, bought after reading. Travis McGee tries to recover the mysterious fortune brought back from the war by the father of a Florida dancer. The icky blond blue-eyed man who took it, in addition to abusing then stealing the mysterious fortune from the Florida dancer, also abused some elegant rich lady who bought gas at the station which he attended. Travis McGee sleeps with all of them. Okay, all except the icky man.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
1999-09-04   The Devil's Teardrop
(Deaver, Jeffery - 1999)
Crime/Mystery At noon on New Years Eve 1999 "The Digger" sprays a Washington D.C. subway station with machine gun fire and disappears into the crowd without being noticed. Soon thereafter a note is delivered to the Mayor demanding $22 million or the shooter will repeat the carnage at 4pm, 8pm, and midnight. Parker Kincaid, document examiner and former agent, steps in to help the FBI stop the criminals.  
1999-09-03   Four to Score
(Evanovich, Janet - 1998)
Crime/Mystery Stephanie Plum stumbles onto a bloody trail of bodies while, once again, trying to track down a seemingly low-level criminal. She's some woman who stole her abusive boyfriend's car. Stephanie is aided by the eager former prostitute and puzzle-solving transvestite Sally. Miss Plum makes headway with hot cop Joe Morelli.  
1999-09-02   Three To Get Deadly
(Evanovich, Janet - 1997)
Crime/Mystery Stephanie Plum enrages the burg with her attempts to track down beloved candy store owner Uncle Mo for the relatively mild crime of carrying a concealed weapon. The prostitute from Stephanie's balcony in the previous novel joins the bail office and becomes Stephanie's occasional partner.  
1999-09-01   Complete Dykes to Watch Out For
(Bechdel, Alison - 1997)
Other A collection of 7 books of lesbian cartoons. The collected books are listed separately below.  
1999-08-10   Mangrove Squeeze
(Shames, Laurence)
Crime/Mystery Aaron Katz moved from New York City to Key West with his father to refurbish and run a bed-and-breakfast. Suki Serakis's latest job is selling ad space in the Island Frigate, but she's weary of the job and of the attention of Lazlo Kalyanin, a Russian immigrant who fancies himself a playboy.  
1999-08-09   Openly Bob
(Smith, Bob - 1997)
Essays A collection of funny anecdotes.  
1999-08-07   HTML 4 for the World Wide Web
(Castro, Elizabeth - 1998)
Technical/Reference HTML 4 examples with brief explanations.  
1999-08-07   I Left My Back Door Open
(Sinclair, April - 1999)
Fiction Dee Dee is 41, divorced with no children, and searching for love in the I-Feel-Your-Pain '90s.  
1999-08-06   Two for the Dough
(Evanovich, Janet - 1996)
Crime/Mystery Stephanie Plum tracks down Kenny Mancuso. It was supposed to be a simple recovery of a guy who shot his friend in the knee. Someone beats a prostitute nearly to death and hangs her from Stephanie's balcony.  
1999-08-05   One for the Money
(Evanovich, Janet - 1994)
Crime/Mystery Stephanie Plum loses her job buying lingerie for a low-brow department store. She turns in desperation to a career in bounty hunting. Her first gig is trying to bring in cop Joe Morelli who jumped bail for murder.  
1999-08-04   Virgin Heat
(Shames, Laurence - 1997)
Crime/Mystery Angelina Amaro has been "saving herself" for her first love - a mafia dude who ratted out her father. He went underground to avoid the wrath of the father and she hasn't seen him since. Until she recognizes his hands in her uncle's Key West vacation video.  
1999-08-03   Tropical Depression
(Shames, Laurence - 1996)
Crime/Mystery Depressed Bra King Murray Zemelman considers suicide, then leaves his trophy wife and retires to Key West. He hooks up with Indian Tommy Tarpin, gets them involved in a shady mafia gambling deal, and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.  
1999-08-02   Sunburn
(Shames, Laurence - 1995)
Crime/Mystery Godfather Vincente Delgatto hires newspaper man Arty Mangus to ghostwrite his memoirs.  
1999-08-01   Scavenger Reef
(Shames, Laurence - 1994)
Crime/Mystery Expected prices soar for paintings of an artist thought to be lost at sea. When he returns from the dead not everyone is happy.  
1999-07-05   Florida Straights
(Shames, Laurence - 1992)
Crime/Mystery Joey Goldman leaves behind a marginal mafia career in New York City to pursue his own life in Key West.  
1999-07-04   Land Girls
(Huth, Angela - 1995)
Fiction Three young women join the Land Girls program to help provide farm labor in Great Britain during WWII.  
1999-07-03   Eiger Dreams
(Krakauer, Jon - 1990)
Non-fiction Suggested By: Author.
Short stories about mountain climbing.
1999-07-02   The Last Resort
(Lurie, Alison - 1998)
Fiction Famous naturalist author Willie Walker and his wife Jenny spend a vacation in Key West. Willie fears cancer and comtemplates suicide. Jenny, no understanding his distance, makes close friends in the neighborhood.  
1999-07-01   Moving Violations
(Hockenberry, John - 1995)
Essays Essays from the life of John Hockenberry, reporter in a wheelchair.  
1999-06-03   Wasted
(Hornbacher, Marya - 1998)
Auto/Biography Autobiographical account by an anoretic.  
1999-06-02   JavaScript for the World Wide Web
(Smith, Dori and Tom Negrino - 1999)
Technical/Reference JavaScript examples with brief explanations.  
1999-06-01   Little Alters Everywhere
(Wells, Rebecca - 1992)
Fiction Walker family members take turns narrating stories.  
1999-05-04   Duane's Depressed
(McMurtry, Larry - 1999)
Fiction McMurtry returns us to late in the life of Duane from "The Last Picture Show" and "Texasville". He parks his truck one day and from then on walks everywhere. He spends the rest of the book trying to figure out why.  
1999-05-03   Cyberpunk Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier
(Hafner, Katie and John Markoff - 1991)
Non-fiction A true account, or at least one version of the truth, of several computer crimes.  
1999-05-02   Cavedweller
(Allison, Dorothy - 1998)
Fiction Delia Byrd returns to her hometown in Georgia to heal her broken self.  
1999-05-01   Here on Earth
(Hoffman, Alice - 1997)
Magical/Mystical March Murray and her daughter travel from California to March's childhood home in the east for the funeral of the Judith Dale, housekeeper for the family when March grew up. March gets sucked back into a relationship with (evil) Hollis, her first love.  
1999-04-05   The Last Manly Man
(Hayter, Sparkle - 1998)
Crime/Mystery A stranger on the street gives Robin a hat. She gets drawn into a a mystery about bonobo chimps.  
1999-04-04   Iced!
(Alquire, Judith - 1995)
GLBT Lesbian novel about professional women's hockey in Canada.  
1999-04-03   Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
(Wells, Rebecca - 1996)
Fiction Complicated relationship between daughter Siddalee and her mother Vivi (I think that I read that on the back of the book or somewhere).  
1999-04-02   Outburst
(Zimmerman, R.D. - 1998)
Crime/Mystery Crime reporter Todd Mills is set up to witness a murder. Did the transgendered person do it?  
1999-04-01   Hostage
(Zimmerman, R.D. - 1997)
Crime/Mystery Crime reporter Todd Mills returns to the airwaves in a big way when a senator is abducted mid-interview.  
1999-03-05   Snowshoeing Through Sewers
(Rockland, Michael Aaron - 1994)
Memoir New Jersey professor seeks "Walden"-like experiences in an urban landscape.  
1999-03-04   99 Portable New York City
(Frommer's - 1999)
Travel New York City Guidebook  
1999-03-03   Tribe
(Zimmerman, R.D.)
Crime/Mystery Former crime reporter Todd Mills gets pulled into the middle of a big mystery when his friend Janice gets temporary custody of a baby.  
1999-03-02   Suits Me
(Middlebrook, Diane Wood - 1998)
Auto/Biography Biography of Jazz Musician Billy Tipton who spent most of her life masquerading as a man.  
1999-03-01   What Looks Crazy on an Ordinary Day
(Cleage, Pearl - 1997)
Fiction 30-something black woman test positive for HIV. She closes her successful Atlanta salon and goes to visit her sister in Michigan (?) en route to "retiring" in San Francisco.  
1999-02-07   Caucasia
(Senna, Danzy - 1999)
Fiction Black father. White mother. Older daughter looks "black". Younger daughter looks "white". When parents split they divide the children by color. Girls grow up apart.  
1999-02-06   Summer Sisters
(Blume, Judy - 1998)
Fiction Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book. Bought 17 years after reading. Two girls spend every summer together on Marth's Vineyard. How they grow into women and what happens when they do.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
1999-02-05   Indian Killer
(Alexie, Sherman - 1996)
Fiction White people get scalped. Did an Indian do it?  
1999-02-05   The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
(Alexie, Sherman - 1994)
Short Stories Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book. Bought after reading. The twenty-four linked tales in Alexie's debut collection--an instant classic--paint an unforgettable portrait of life on and around the Spokane Indian Reservation, a place where "Survival = Anger x Imagination," where HUD houses and generations of privation intertwine with history, passion, and myth. We follow Thomas Builds-the-Fire, the longwinded storyteller no one really listens to; his half-hearted nemesis, Victor, the basketball star turned recovering alcoholic; and a wide cast of other vividly drawn characters on a haunting journey filled with humor and sorrow, resilience and resignation, dreams and reality.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
1999-02-03   Reservation Blues
(Alexie, Sherman - 1995)
Fiction Indian Band Coyote Springs.  
1999-02-01   Dreamtime Alice
(Sayer, Mandy - 1998)
Memoir Memoir of her time as a street act.  
1999-01-07   The Bondmaid
(Lim, Catherine - 1995)
Fiction Destitute mother of many sells daughter into service.  
1999-01-06   Family Outing
(Bono, Chastity - 1998)
Auto/Biography Is it still "auto" if she has a coauthor?  
1999-01-04   The End of the Road
(Bodett, Tom - 1989)
Short Stories Tom Bodett spins tales of the peculiar residents of the Alaskan city at "The End Of The Road".  
1999-01-04   Lettin it All Hang Out
(RuPaul - 1995)
Auto/Biography Autobiography.  
1999-01-03   Closet
(Zimmerman, R.D. - 1995)
Crime/Mystery Crime reporter Todd Mills jumps out of the closet and into the fire. A fight with his boyfriend convinces him to come out of the closet, but then his boyfriend's murder puts him right in the middle of big trouble.  
1999-01-02   Singing in the Comeback Choir
(Campbell, Bebe Moore - 1998)
Fiction A successful young-ish black woman deals with issues in her career as a Hollywood talk show producer and also with her aging grandmother in a declining neighboorhood in the east.  
1999-01-01   Dead Man Walking
(Prejean, Helen C.S.J. - 1993)
Memoir Sister Helen Prejean (pray-zshawn) describes her personal experiences with and fighting against the death penalty.  
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