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2001-12-06   Hangman
(Bohjalian, Christopher - 1991)
Fiction The house that they moved into, an extremely old, almost abandon house in the middle of a small town in Vermont.  
2001-12-05   Doghouse Roses
(Earle, Steve - 2001)
Short Stories Reading this uneven collection of 11 stories by underground country music legend Earle is like listening to an album that has been rushed into production to meet a deadline.  
2001-12-03   Invisible Life
(Harris, E. Lynn - 1991)
Fiction This trilogy follows Raymond Tyler Jr. from his college days through his years as a successful young attorney. It is in college that he encounters his first homosexual experience, at a time when he has a steady girlfriend. When he takes his first job in New York City, he settles into a bisexual lifestyle but becomes engaged to Nicole, the other central figure in the series, who ambitiously pursues a show business career while searching for the perfect man.  
2001-12-02   Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man
(Flagg, Fannie - 1992)
Fiction Hilarious look at life in the South during the '50s. It begins when Daisy Fay is a feisty, lonely 11-year-old, and ends six years later when she's the unlikely winner of the Miss Mississippi contest.  
2001-12-01   Savage Love
(Savage, Dan - 1998)
GLBT Straight answers from America's most popular sex columnist.  
2001-11-04   The ARRL Extra Class License Manual
(ARRL - 2000)
Non-fiction Extra class study guide.  
2001-11-03   Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
(Rowling, J.K. - 1999)
Fantasy When the Chamber of Secrets is opened again at the Hogswart School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, second-year student Harry Potter finds himself in danger from a dark power that has once more been released on the school.  
2001-11-02   P is for Peril
(Grafton, Sue - 2001)
Crime/Mystery Kinsey Millhone is back, and she's broke, which is why she decides to take on a missing persons case involving a rich doctor who may have repeated history by running out on his wife and child. Things heat up when she learns that the good doctor is wanted by federal fraud busters on suspicion of Medicare fraud.  
2001-11-01   The Woman Who Rode to the Moon
(Johnson, Bett Reece - 1999)
GLBT Just as Symkin begins to familiarize herself with the residents of El Gato, they begin to die. Each of the neighbors seems to hold a piece or two of the puzzle, but it is the glamorous Eva Blake who lures Symkin into a dangerous private investigation of the community and its apparent link to a serial killer.  
2001-10-06   Stir Fry
(Donoghue, Emma - 1994)
GLBT On arriving in Dublin to study at the university, she moves into a flat with two women and catches them kissing. Next, she develops a crush on a student, only to learn he is gay.  
2001-10-05   California Screaming
(Guinan, Doug - 1998)
GLBT For years gay photographer Kevin Mahoney, 28, has been cultivating a body beautiful by pumping iron. It finally pays off when he is picked up by a rich Hollywood filmmaker who falls in love with him.  
2001-10-04   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
(Rowling, J.K. - 1998)
Fantasy Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  
2001-10-03   Seven Up
(Evanovich, Janet - 2001)
Crime/Mystery Stephanie's bailbondsman cousin, Vinnie, gives her an easy job: pick up vicious senior citizen Eddie DeChooch, who is wanted for cigarette smuggling, but who no one can capture. Meanwhile, Stephanie must consider vice cop Joe Morelli's marriage proposal, and fellow bounty hunter Ranger's proposal for a single night.  
2001-10-02   Like Being Killed
(Miller, Ellen - 1999)
GLBT Ilyana Meyerovich is smart, well educated, and a heroin addict. Her story, told in lacerating prose, can be off-putting.  
2001-10-01   Trans-Sister Radio
(Bohjalian, Chris - 2000)
Fiction Alison Banks meets and falls in love with Dana Stevens just a few months shy of his appointment with a surgeon to transform himself into a female.  
2001-09-05   Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy
(Morey, Mabel - 2001)
GLBT James has been locked away in a Swiss sanitarium, having at last 'lost his nerve.' The British Secret Service plots to recruit his bookish, unambitious lesbian twin sister, Jane, hoping that in disguise, she will be a convincing stand-in for the world-famous agent.  
2001-09-04   Out, Loud, and Laughing
(Flowers, Charles (ed) - 1995)
GLBT A collection of Gay & Lesbian humor  
2001-09-03   Ransacking the Closet
(Zipter, Yvonne - 1995)
Essays Much of this book is a reprint of Zipter's column Inside/Out.  
2001-09-02   Fresh Lies
(Lileks, James - 1994)
Essays Essays  
2001-09-01   Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me
(Ford, Michael Thomas - 1997)
GLBT And other trials from my queer life  
2001-08-08   The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint
(Udall, Brady - 2001)
Fiction If I could tell you only one thing about my life it would be this: when I was seven years old the mailman ran over my head.  
2001-08-07   Sam the Cat
(Klam, Matthew - 2001)
Short Stories Prosperous, morally addled young Americans wallow and flail in a glossy, unsettling consumer wonderland in Klam's unnervingly dead-on debut collection of seven long stories.  
2001-08-06   A Walk In The Woods
(Bryson, Bill - 1998)
Memoir Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail  
2001-08-05   Notes of a Nervous Man
(Lileks, James - 1991)
Essays Columns from the Pioneer Press  
2001-08-04   French Fried
(Rochefort, Harriet Welty - 2001)
Memoir The culinary capers of an American in Paris.  
2001-08-03   French Toast
(Rochefort, Harriet Welty - 1999)
Memoir An American in Paris celebrates the maddening mysteries of the French  
2001-08-02   Blue Diary
(Hoffman, Alice - 2001)
Magical/Mystical Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book - bought after reading. Ethan Ford, reliable master carpenter, fire department volunteer and life-saving hero, perfect husband and all-round hunk is suddenly arrested for rape.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2001-08-01   The Kundalini Equation
(Barnes, Steven - 1986)
SciFi The story thrives on the concept that martial arts is only the first step of a much more powerful force.  
2001-07-05   The Wind Done Gone
(Randall, Alice - 2001)
Fiction Think of Margaret Mitchell's epic Gone with the Wind condensed and told from the perspectives of Mammy and the Tara slaves, and you have Randall's debut novel.  
2001-07-04   Death Killer (Mind Killer/Time Pressure)
(Robinson, Spider)
SciFi Junkies practice 'wireheading' -- plugging themselves into sockets that directly stimulate their pleasure centers. And Sam discovers a beautiful naked woman asleep in his woods during a blizzard.  
2001-07-03   Emerald Budgies
(Maxwell, Lee - 2001)
Fiction darkly comic tale of disintegration, betrayal and revenge  
2001-07-02   Free Fall in Crimson
(MacDonald, John D. - 1981)
Crime/Mystery Travis McGee looks into the beating death of a very wealthy man, the timing of which dramatically altered the path of inheritance for his son Ron Esterland. The investigation renews an unfinished adventure with a randy and famous actress Lysa Dean, a very nasty nest of murders, a motorcycle gang, pornographic movies, and hot air balloonists.  
2001-07-01   The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper
(MacDonald, John D. - 1968)
Crime/Mystery McGee receives a posthumous letter from widow Helena Pearson requesting that he look into the sudden and mysterious medical problems of her daughter. Maureen lost a baby to a miscarriage and then began to suffer from short term memory loss, the cause of which stumps all medical experts, rendering her an invalid. Maureen's husband, Tom Pike, and sister, Biddy, pitch in to care for her. When enough people die Travis feels honorbound to unravel the mystery.  
2001-06-08   The Baby Boon
(Burkett, Elinor - 2000)
Non-fiction How Family-Friendly America Cheats the Childless  
2001-06-07   By Any Other Name
(Robinson, Spider)
SciFi Stranded time travelers; squabbling cosmic warriors; reincarnated rock stars; blind starship pilots; monsters both human and alien.  
2001-06-06   The Comedienne
(Lee, V.G. - 2001)
GLBT Joan Littler is a well-known TV comedy writer in England. Beginning with sections of a taped interview, she tells us about her life and loves, from the lonely 23-year-old woman still living with her mother in Birmingham to the successful writer she is today.  
2001-06-05   Night of Power
(Robinson, Spider)
SciFi Caught in the middle of the insurrection are Russell and Dena Grant and their daughter Jennifer, a 13-year-old whose genius-level intelligence saves her lifer more than once after insurrection breaks out. As an interracial couple, the Grants face the problems every couple does-but the Night of Power becomes the ultimate test, of their loyalty to each other and to their separate races.  
2001-06-04   LifeHouse
(Robinson, Spider - 1997)
SciFi Suggested By: Author.
Fen get taken by grifters who then run afoul of time travels and go back to the scaree con organizers for help. This is the third volume in the trilogy that started with Mind Killer and continued with Time Pressure (which are collected together in one volume as Deathkiller).
2001-06-03   The Bladerunner
(Nourse, Alan E. - 1975)
SciFi Suggested By: Movie/TV.
In order to curb skyrocketing medical costs the government bans the private practice of medicine, and creates a program of socialized medicine with one catch - you must be sterilized to qualify. No big surprise, but underground black-market medicine becomes a booming business.
2001-06-02   The Callahan Touch
(Robinson, Spider - 1993)
SciFi Suggested By: Unknown.
More scaree fen in a bar. Where they spend all of their time. They're smart, and they're interesting, and they're weird, and not all necessarily in a good way. When a creature that resembles a drunken leprechaun drops in unexpectedly at Mary's Place, bartender Jake Stonebender gets his first inkling that his establishment might just live up to his expectations as a special bar where unusual things happen.
2001-06-01   Jack of Eagles
(Blish, James - 1970)
SciFi The very first 'adult' (not-'A Wrinkle in Time') sci-fi I ever read.  
2001-05-05   Tunnel in the Sky
(Heinlein, Robert A. - 1955)
SciFi High schoolers and college students get stranded on an uncolonized planet while taking the final exam for a wilderness survival course.  
2001-05-04   Bachelors Anonymous
(Wodehouse, P.G. - 1973)
Fiction Much married, much divorced movie mogul Ivor Llewellyn (friend of Monty Bodkin), and his long-suffering lawyer Ephraim Trout, find the idea of a support group for bachelors appealing. The members can watch each other's backs, keeping them safe from roving females.  
2001-05-03   Pearls, Girls, and Monty Bodkin
(Wodehouse, P.G. - 1972)
Fiction Monty Bodkin, nephew of Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe, is back from his adventures in Hollywood, with his situation (as introduced in The Luck of the Bodkins (1935)) still as complicated as ever.  
2001-05-02   Return of the King
(Tolkien, J. R. R. - 1955)
Fantasy Huge battle at Gondor. After which the army moves on to Mordor to distract the red eye from the quest of the ring. Frodo and Sam continue on to Mordor to destroy the ring.  
2001-05-01   Value Investing
(Lowe, Janet)
Non-fiction Not sure if I know exactly which book this is.  
2001-05-01   Value Investing Made Easy
(Lowe, Janet - 1996)
Non-fiction Goes through the value investing theories put forth by Kenneth Graham and followed by Warren Buffet.  
2001-04-05   Chang and Eng
(Strauss, David - 2000)
Fiction Suggested By: Unknown.
Chang and Eng remain the most famous conjoined twins in history--the phrase 'Siamese twins' was coined in reference to them--but this work is most definitely a work of fiction.
2001-04-04   Black Rubber Dress
(Henderson, Lauren - 1999)
Chick Lit Samantha 'Sam' Jones, a London sculptress, revels in the ironies of life. Her recent sale of a colossal mobile to a merchant bank temporarily places her among a group of spoiled rich folk, including an anorexic, a drug-addicted banker's daughter, a hunky corporate financier, and others.  
2001-04-03   Notes From A Small Island
(Bryson, Bill - 1995)
Memoir Britain fascinates Americans: it's familiar, yet alien; the same in some ways, yet so different. Bryson does an excellent job of showing his adopted home to a Yank audience, but you never get the feeling that Bryson is too much of an outsider to know the true nature of the country.  
2001-04-02   That's Mr. Faggot to You
(Ford, Michael Thomas - 1999)
Essays In the title essay, reports of a teenager who successfully sued his school district for failing to prevent physical and mental abuse by his classmates prompts Ford to recall his own traumatic high school experiences and leads him to recognize that, years later, 'he is happier, more successful, and a great deal more attractive' than his classmates.  
2001-04-01   A Day Late and a Dollar Short
(McMillan, Terry - 2001)
Fiction The stories of a black family from Vegas as told through their different eyes.  
2001-03-04   Arctic Daughter
(Aspen, Jean - 1988)
Memoir Autobiographical story of Jean and her boyfriend, Phil, who spend a year roughing it above the Arctic Circle. Published by Bergamot Books.  
2001-03-03   The Last Precinct
(Cornwell, Patricia - 2000)
Crime/Mystery "The Werewolf" attacked Kay Scarpetta at the close of "Black Notice". The book picks up here as Kay picks up the pieces of her life.  
2001-03-02   Shopgirl
(Martin, Steve - 2000)
Fiction Shopgirl falls in love, not quite the right guy the first time around, but things work out.  
2001-03-01   I'm A Stranger Here Myself
(Bryson, Bill - 1995)
Essays Mr. Bryson is an Iowan who lived in the UK for 20 years with his British wife and their family. He moved back to the United States, but travelled solo around the country before leaving. These are his travel essays.  
2001-02-05   Motherless Brooklyn
(Lethem, Jonathan - 1999)
Fiction Lionel Essrog, the main character, is a mob flunky working under cover of a car service. He has tourettes and the story spends quite a bit of time in his head describing his life with the condition.  
2001-02-04   Strawberry Tatto
(Henderson, Lauren - 1999)
Chick Lit Sam Jones, young British artist, stumbles on a murder in a New York art gallery. She's a big drinking, wacky, Bridget-Jones-Styled heroine. And I'm sure that the author would be quite chagrined to hear me compare her to BJ. Sorry. It's just the way it is.  
2001-02-03   The Girls Are Coming
(Carlson, Peggy - 1999)
Non-fiction Autobiography from one of the first women pipefitter employees at Minnesota company Minnegasco.  
2001-02-02   The Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain's Journey
(Greenlaw, Linda - 1999)
Memoir Tale of one fishing trip by the captain of the ill-fated Andrea Gail's sister boat.  
2001-02-01   Chasing Cezane
(Mayle, Peter - 1997)
Fiction A French photographer living in New York (he can make more money in America) stumbles onto a forgery scam.  
2001-01-04   Barrier Island
(MacDonald, John D. - 1986)
Crime/Mystery Some crooked developer fakes up a scheme to build on a barrier island, thus jacking up its value so that the government will pay more when it goes through with plans to buy up the islands as protected land.  
2001-01-03   The Endurance Shackelton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition
(Alexander, Caroline - 1998)
Non-fiction True story of Shackleton's expedition during the WWI (I believe that it started just before and was almost put off because of the war).  
2001-01-02   Loose Lips
(Brown, Rita Mae - 1999)
Fiction Some slow boring story about rich people from old families out east when they weren't really so rich.  
2001-01-01   Me Talk Pretty One Day
(Sedaris, David - 2000)
Memoir The author shares memories of his childhood, his career as a writing teacher, his attempt to learn French, and more.  
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