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2008-12-05   Dead to the World
(Harris, Charlaine - 2004)
Magical/Mystical Witches try to take over Bon Temps. Eric's memory is erased. Sookie gets sucked into the middle of a war.  
2008-12-04   44 Scotland Street
(Smith, Alexander McCall - 2005)
Fiction Series about a fictitious building in a real street in the author's home town of Edinburgh was inspired by Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City". 44 Scotland Street, Espresso Tales, Love Over Scotland, The World According to Bertie, The Unbearable Lightness of Scones.  
2008-12-03   Club Dead
(Harris, Charlaine - 2003)
Chick Lit Sookie's vampire boyfriend, Bill, disappears. She goes to Jackson, Mississippi to look for him. Even with a Werewolf to protect her, she runs into grave danger while listening for leads at "Club Dead".  
2008-12-02   Applique Delights
(Goldsmith, Becky and Linda Jenkins - 2004)
Craft 100 Irresistable Blocks from Piece O' Cake Designs  
2008-12-01   Applique
(Ganderton, Lucinda - 1996)
Craft Suggested By: Unknown.
Techniques, Projects, Patterns, Motifs.
2008-11-06   Living Dead in Dallas
(Harris, Charlaine - 2002)
Chick Lit Sookie Stackhouse is summoned to Dallas to help the Dallas vamps find one of their nestmates who has been kidnapped.  
2008-11-05   A country Doctor's Chronicle
(MacDonald, Roger A. - 2004)
Memoir Further Tales from the North Woods  
2008-11-04   Ya-Yas in Bloom
(Wells, Rebecca - 2005)
Fiction Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book, bought after reading this. Seems like kind of a random selection of stories thoughout the life and times of the Ya-Yas and their children and grandchildren.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2008-11-03   The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why
(Ripley, Amanda - 2008)
Non-fiction Ripley offers a compelling look at instinct and disaster response as she explores the psychology of fear and how it can save or destroy us. Surprisingly, she reports, mass panic is rare, and an understanding of the dynamics of crowds can help prevent a stampede, while a well-trained crew can get passengers quickly but calmly off a crashed plane.  
2008-11-02   Eastern Standard Tribe
(Doctorow, Cory - 2004)
SciFi Theorizes that people in the world of the internet will shift their schedules to match those of others from around the world whose interests better match their own over those people in their own time zone.  
2008-11-01   A country doctor's casebook
(MacDonald, Roger A. - 2002)
Memoir Memoirs of a doctor from up north. See also "A country doctor's chronicle : further tales from the north woods"  
2008-10-06   Little Brother
(Doctorow, Cory - 2008)
SciFi Seventeen year old is caught up in the ethically questionable interrogation and torture of citizens after a terrorist attack on San Francisco destroys the Bay Bridge and the BART tunnel to Oakland.  
2008-10-05   Wild Animals I Have Known
(Bentley, Kevin - 2002)
Memoir Polk Street Diaries and After  
2008-10-04   Someone Come to Town, Someone Leaves Town
(Doctorow, Cory - 2005)
SciFi Alan is the son of a mountain and a washing machine.  
2008-10-03   Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
(Doctorow, Cory - 2003)
SciFi What Jules wants to do is move to Disney World, join the ad-hoc crew that runs the park and fine-tune the Haunted Mansion ride to make it even more wonderful. When his prudently stored consciousness abruptly awakens in a cloned body, he learns that he was murdered; evidently he's in the way of somebody else's dreams.  
2008-10-02   As I Live and Breathe
(Weisman M.D., Jamie - 2002)
Memoir Notes of a patient-doctor.  
2008-10-01   Overclocked
(Doctorow, Cory - 2007)
SciFi "Doctorow is rapidly emerging as the William Gibson of his generation." Well! If you want to glimpse the future of copyright policing, video game sweatshops, robotic intelligence, info war, and how computer geeks will survive the apocalypse, then this collection of shorts is your oracle.  
2008-09-08   Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You
(Gosling, Sam - 2008)
Non-fiction Gosling's conclusions are supported by rigorous academic research, but his engaging book is aimed at a popular audience; he presents it as a field guide to the "special brand of voyeurism" he calls "snoopology." Few readers may actually rummage through their neighbors' garbage in search of what Gosling dryly calls "behavioral residue," but Snoop's conceit makes for an entertaining tour of how people project their inner selves outward into the world.  
2008-09-07   The Sugar Queen
(Allen, Sarah Addison - 2008)
Magical/Mystical Suggested By: Author.
Allen's follow-up to Garden Spells hews to the same formula in a North Carolina town that holds enough magic to seem quirky but not ridiculous.
2008-09-06   America's Boy
(Rouse, Wade - 2006)
Auto/Biography A journalist remembers his childhood struggles to gain acceptance from the jeans-wearing set, his envy of his admired older brother, his parent's atypical personalities, and the Fourth of July accident that ended his brother's life.  
2008-09-05   Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer
(Stark, Tim - 2008)
Memoir Stark uprooted a handful of heirloom tomato seedlings from his Brooklyn brownstone and returned to Eckerton Hill, his Pennsylvanian boyhood home, to harvest two acres of multicolored oddities. From Mennonite country to New York City, using a rusted Toyota pickup, he transported his first auspicious crop of Hill Billies, Tiger Toms and Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters to the Union Square Greenmarket, becoming the unlikely purveyor of apples to heirloom aficionados and Michelin-starred chefs.  
2008-09-04   The 13 Clocks
(Thurber, James - 1950)
Magical/Mystical This is a kid's book. Meanie Duke imprisons his niece and messes with the young princes who come to woo her. "It's one of the great kids' books of the last century. It may be the best thing Thurber ever wrote. It's certainly the most fun that anybody can have reading anything aloud." -Neil Gaiman  
2008-09-03   The Commitment
(Savage, Dan - 2006)
Memoir Savage's fourth book is true to his ribald, hilarious advice column.  
2008-09-02   Blindness
(Saramago, Jose - 1997)
Post-Apocalyptic Blindness is an apocalyptic thriller in which an entire town, save one doctor's wife, succumbs to a blindness epidemic.  
2008-09-01   On Call: A Doctor's Days and Nights in Residency
(Transue, Emily R. - 2004)
Memoir While her stories are often heartbreaking, they are also touching testimonies of a young doctor's efforts to treat each of her patients with compassion and respect.  
2008-08-09   Billions: Selling to the New Chinese Consumer
(Doctoroff, Tom - 2005)
Non-fiction 1. Chinese people put pineapple, not pepperoni, on pizza. All foods are divided into 'heaty' and 'cooling' foods, and the two must be balanced at all times. Pizza is heaty, so the pineapple cools it down. 2. In China, 'fresh' means 'alive'. Daoism is still a force in the People's Republic. Daoists believe our natural state is the only 'balanced' state. Therefore, Chinese have a deep aversion to man-made preservatives. For that matter, Chinese women get prickly about chemicals in shampoo. 3. Chinese people never have dinner parties. The home is a place of refuge, escape, and, every once in a while, self-expression. Comfort is key. But where you live is paramount, which is why apartment blocks sport such names as 'The Gathering of All Heroes Under Heaven' and 'Tycoon Court'. 4. More than 80 percent of Shanghai couples now get married with an engagement ring, up from practically zero a couple of years ago. In an unsafe world, men have to demonstrate 'not talk about' their love. Women are suspicious of guys who say, 'I love you'. 5. In China, feminine beauty is a tool that moves a woman forward. Cosmetic surgery is all the rage because it helps a young woman to land a job, not a man.  
2008-08-08   What It Is
(Barry, Lynda - 2008)
Art This graphic-art guide is an inspirational tribute to the do-it-yourself creative spirit.  
2008-08-07 6 Look Me in the Eye
(Robison, John Elder - 2007)
Memoir Suggested By: Unknown.
Augusten Burrough's Asperger Brother. Growing up was a mystifying experience for Robison, a bright kid unable to grasp even the most basic social skills. It's a fantastic life story (highlights include building guitars for Kiss) told with grace, humor, and a bracing lack of sentimentality. Autism spectrum. Autism Spectrum. Autistic. Asperger's syndrome.
Source: Library.
Format: Hardcover.
2008-08-06   The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted
(Berg, Elizabeth - 2008)
Short Stories Most of the heroines in this collection are alone, overweight, and processing regrets. Sounds like a downer, but it's not.  
2008-08-05   Angel Landing
(Hoffman, Alice - 1980)
Fiction Angel Landing
An explosion has occurred at Angel Landing III, the power plant under construction at the edge of a Long Island harbor. Natalie Lansky, an antinuclear organizer, is unaware that this event will change her life.
2008-08-04   Property Of
(Hoffman, Alice - 1977)
Fiction Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book. Purchased long after reading. Anonymous narrator falls in love with the president of the local gang. He believes foremost in honor, and it twists his fate. She follows him down the hole into heroin.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2008-08-03   Self-Made Man
(Vincent, Norah - 2006)
Non-fiction One woman's journey into manhood and back again.  
2008-08-02   The Drowning Season
(Hoffman, Alice - 1979)
Fiction Disfunctional Russian immigrant family lives in the USA where the unloved adult son tries repeatedly to drown himself.  
2008-08-01   The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
(Haddon, Mark - 2003)
Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Unknown.
Autistic narrator, a teen named Christopher, solves a dog's murder. "Read it now!" Ingenious and marvelously executed. Autism Spectrum. Autistic. Asperger's syndrome.
2008-07-07   American Nerd
(Nugent, Benjamin - 2008)
Non-fiction The "story of my people" from a guy who had anxiety attacks when forced to play soccer.  
2008-07-06   Queen of the Oddballs
(Carlip, Hilary - 2006)
GLBT Memoir. Looks amusing.  
2008-07-05   Prodigal Summer
(Kingsolver, Barbara - 2000)
Fiction Three intertwined stories about the mountains and struggling small farms of southern Appalachia.  
2008-07-04   A Lifetime of Secrets
(Warren, Frank - 2007)
Non-fiction More postcards.  
2008-07-03   The Third Angel
(Hoffman, Alice - 2008)
Magical/Mystical Three women in three different times in love with the wrong men.  
2008-07-02   Quaker Summer
(Samson, Lisa - 2007)
Fiction A "Women of Faith Novel of the Year". "What's wrong with a woman who has everything...yet still feels miserable inside."  
2008-07-01   Into the Wild
(Krakauer, Jon - 1996)
Non-fiction Some guy goes into the woods for an adventure, and ends up starving to death. What was he thinking?  
2008-06-09   Garden Spells
(Allen, Sarah Addison - 2007)
Magical/Mystical "Overflowing with the tangled joys and sorrows of and life." One sister adds magical powers to food with the flowers from her garden.  
2008-06-08   You Suck
(Moore, Christopher - 2007)
Fantasy Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book. Bought after reading. Vampire Jody and her minion, Thomas C. Flood, reappear after vanquishing ancient vampire, Elijah. Minor character, Abby Normal, from A Dirty Job makes a much bigger appearance.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2008-06-07   My Secret
(Warren, Frank - 2006)
Essays More PostSecret postcards  
2008-06-06   The Stupidest Angel
(Moore, Christopher - 2004)
Fantasy Suggested By: Author.
$2.15 Kindle book, bought after reading. A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2008-06-05   The Guy Not Taken
(Weiner, Jennifer - 2006)
Short Stories Short stories.  
2008-06-04   Tales From the Edge: True Adventures in Alaska
(Kaniut, Larry - 2005)
Essays Essays. About adventures in Alaska.  
2008-06-03   The Secret Lives of Men and Women
(Warren, Frank - 2007)
Non-fiction More postcards containing secrets sent to Frank. See  
2008-06-02   Post Secret
(Warren, Frank - 2005)
Non-fiction Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives. Postcards containing secrets that people wrote and sent in, and then were posted online. Now published in a book.  
2008-06-01   A Dirty Job
(Moore, Christopher - 2006)
Fantasy Charlie Asher is a Death Merchant who must retrieve souls stored in the beloved posessions of the recently departed.  
2008-05-13   Stash-Buster Quilts
(Edwards, Lynne - 2006)
Craft Time-Saving Designs for Fabric Leftovers  
2008-05-12   Reverse Applique With No Brakez
(Mullen, Jan - 2003)
Craft It looks like you make a sandwich with backing, batting, "secret layer" and top. Then you cut holes through the top to reveal the "secret layer", then stitch down the edges of your hole to keep it from exploding.  
2008-05-11   Free & Eazy Circles: Magic Ballz & Other Foundation Follies
(Mullen, Jan - 2006)
Craft Jan Mullen did the Cut Loose Quilting that I like. This one is kinda interesting, but I am having a very hard time understanding her instructions. You make wedges and piece them on a foundation to make a round wheel.  
2008-05-10   Simple Start Stunning Finish
(Wells, Valori - 2007)
Craft Fabric secrets, easy piecing, quilting solutions.  
2008-05-09   Imperial Life in the Emerald City
(Chandrasekaran, Rajiv - 2006)
Non-fiction Living in the "Green Zone" in Iraq - the walled-off headquarters for U.S. authorities. This is a fantastically written account of well-meaning people who seem to find themselves in over their heads.  
2008-05-08   The Rift
(Williams, Walter J. - 1999)
Post-Apocalyptic Earthquakes disrupt the mid-west.  
2008-05-07   New Cuts for New Quilts
(Alexander, Karla - 2006)
Craft More ways to stack the deck.  
2008-05-06   Stack a New Deck
(Alexander, Karla - 2004)
Craft More great quilts in 4 easy steps.  
2008-05-05   Stack the Deck!
(Alexander, Karla - 2002)
Craft Crazy quilts in 4 easy steps.  
2008-05-04   Reversible Quilts: Two at a Time
(Pederson, Sharon - 2002)
Craft Something I saw in the library catalog.  
2008-05-03   Ham Radio for Dummies
(Silver, Ward - 2004)
Technical/Reference "Here's what you need to know to get on the air".  
2008-05-02   Why Does My Bird Do That?
(Mancini, Julie Rach - 2007)
Non-fiction A guide to parrot behavior.  
2008-05-01   Juno: The Shooting Script
(Cody, Diablo - 2007)
Other Well, it's the script from the movie, Juno.  
2008-04-10   The Road
(McCarthy, Cormac - 2006)
Post-Apocalyptic Earth has been leveled by an unspecified calamity, possibly nuclear, and is inhabited now by scavenging bands of humans, among them an unnamed father and son. How do you explain the behaviour of scavenging humans in such a situation to a child? Would it be a mercy to just kill the kid?  
2008-04-09   Sportsdykes: Stories from On and Off the Field
(Rogers, Susan Fox - 1994)
Essays Collection of essays, some fiction.  
2008-04-08   Hammer of the Gods
(Davis, Stephen - 1985)
Auto/Biography The Led Zeppelin Saga  
2008-04-07   Mommy Knows Worst
(Lileks, James - 2005)
Non-fiction Highlights from the golden age of bad parenting advice.  
2008-04-06   If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name
(Lende, Heather - 2005)
Memoir Obituary writer's autobiographical love letter to her isolated community.  
2008-04-05   Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures
(Leo, Jennifer L. editor - 2003)
Essays Essays about travel misadventures.  
2008-04-04   Making It Big: Sex Stars, Porn Films, and Me
(LaRue, Chi Chi - 1997)
Memoir Chi Chi LaRue is a drag-queen porn movie director. This is his memoir.  
2008-04-03   Women on the Verge
(Rogers, Susan Fox (Editor) - 1999)
Essays Lesbian tales of power and play.  
2008-04-02   Lifeguarding
(McCall, Catherine - 2006)
Memoir A memoir of secrets, swimming, and the south.  
2008-04-01   Maximum Ride
(Patterson, James - 2006)
SciFi Second in a series about 6 kids who escaped from a mad-scientist experiment to hybrid birds and kids.  
2008-03-08   My Road to Microsoft
(Bittencourt, Soraya - 2003)
Memoir A success story of building Expedia  
2008-03-07   Antarctica
(Rogers, Susan Fox (Editor) - 2007)
Essays Life on the ice.  
2008-03-06   Going Alone
(Rogers, Susan Fox (Editor) - 2004)
Essays Women's Adventures in the Wild  
2008-03-05   As I Lay Frying: A Rehoboth Beach Memoir
(Jacobs, Fay - 2004)
GLBT Qlib. She's Jewish, she's gay. She and her partner chucked a "normal life" in the suburbs mid-career to build a new life for themselves by the ocean, a move that many of us would like to make but few have the guts to follow through on.  
2008-03-04   All About Canning & Preserving
(Rombauer, Irma S. and more - 2002)
Cookbook Hot Pepper Jelly  
2008-03-03   Creative Pickling
(Ciletti, Barbara - 2000)
Cookbook From Classic Dills to Ginger Pears, 50 Sweet, Savory, and Tangy Recipes.  
2008-03-02   The Unsavvy Traveler: Women's Comic Tales of Catastrophe
(Various - 2001)
Essays Not super duper, but it was a fast read so it must have been pretty decent.  
2008-03-01   The Ice Cave
(Bledsoe, Lucy Jane - 2006)
Essays A Woman's Adventures from the Mojave to the Antarctic.  
2008-02-02   The Sunrise Lands
(Stirling, S.M. - 2007)
Post-Apocalyptic A stranger from the mid-west brings a summons from Nantucket Island for Rudi Mackenzie to go there and fulfill his destiny. He forms a fellowship of nine people to go out East.  
2008-02-01   Fragile Things
(Gaiman, Neil - 2006)
Short Stories Short Fictions and Wonders  
2008-01-04   Eternity Road
(McDevitt, Jack - 1997)
Post-Apocalyptic Post-apocalyptic. Eternity Road is set 1,000 years from now, when the world as we know it has been dead for eight centuries, destroyed by a plague that killed most of humanity. Technological artifacts remain, but the knowledge of what they are and how to use them has been lost by a society that has degenerated into a series of city-states. Legend has it that the Roadmakers left a store of knowledge in a place called Haven, but when an expedition from Memphis sets out to find it. (found on a list at  
2008-01-03   Dream When You're Feeling Blue
(Berg, Elizabeth - 2007)
Fiction The three Heaney sisters write to and receive letters from fiances, boyfriends, and boys they've met at USO dances during WWII.  
2008-01-02   Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper
(Cody, Diablo - 2006)
Memoir She's from Minneapolis (by way of Chicago)!! Removing her clothes and dry-humping strangers in sex clubs had become her way of escaping premature respectability. Quite inexplicably, her boyfriend was completely cool with her new occupation, even joining her on occasional sex jaunts. When the inevitable burnout set in, Cody switched to phone sex, until that, too, got old, and the 9-to-5 straight world beckoned. Cody's so alarmingly entertaining, readers will wish the book were longer, though they'll be glad it ends before anything really ugly happens.  
2008-01-01   Slam
(Hornby, Nick - 2007)
Fiction At 16, Sam's carefree days of skateboarding are finished when his girlfriend gets pregnant. Sam's panicked internal monologue is shamefully familiar to men twice his age.  
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