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2009-09-04   How to be a Bad Birdwatcher
(Barnes, Simon - 2004)
Non-fiction Irreverent. Barnes reveals the secret joys of being a bad birdwatcher. This delightful book should inspire readers to go outside and look again at their feathers friends.  
2009-09-03   Fever Pitch
(Hornby, Nick - 1992)
Memoir Hornby writes about being a life-long obsessed soccer fan.  
2009-09-02   Anansi Boys
(Gaiman, Neil - 2005)
SciFi Fat Charlie is about to get married when he gets word that his father has died. He travels from England to Florida for the funeral and weird things start to happen.  
2009-09-01   Laughing Without An Accent
(Dumas, Firoozeh - 2008)
Essays Adventures of an Iranian American, at Home and Abroad.  
2009-08-03   My Mercedes is Not for Sale
(van Bergeijk, Jeroen - 2006)
Memoir From Amsterdam to Ouagadougou and Auto-Misadventure Across the Sarhara  
2009-08-02   It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
(Hodgson, Moira - 2008)
Memoir My adventures in life and food.  
2009-08-01   Neverwhere
(Gaiman, Neil - 1996)
Magical/Mystical Richard Mayhew stops to help a bleeding waif on the street of London and gets sucked into a terrifying underworld.  
2009-07-05   My Body Politic
(Linton, Simi - 2006)
Memoir Paralyzed in a car crash in 1971, the disability-rights activist leads an illuminating tour of the country of the disabled.  
2009-07-04   Dial M
(Swanson, William - 2006)
Non-fiction The Murder of Carol Thompson  
2009-07-03   The Story Sisters
(Hoffman, Alice - 2009)
Magical/Mystical Three sisters, Elv, Meg, and Claire, look enough alike that they could be twins. What does a mother do when one of them goes astray.  
2009-07-02   Confessions of a Mormon Boy
(Fales, Steven - 2006)
Auto/Biography Behind the Scenes of the Off-Broadway Hit  
2009-07-01   Dead and Gone
(Harris, Charlaine - 2009)
Magical/Mystical The Weres reveal themselves to the world. Sookie's sister-in-law comes to a horrible end. And there's trouble in the fairie world. As usual, Sookie gets in the middle of things and takes a beating. Even being with Eric the sexy vamp can't save her. Can't wait for the next book!  
2009-06-06   Eat This Not That: Supermarket Survival Guide
(Zinczenko, David with Matt Goulding - 2009)
Non-fiction Compares supermarket food for nutritional pluses and minuses.  
2009-06-05   Parasites Like Us
(Johnson, Adam - 2003)
Post-Apocalyptic Darkly satiric debut novel. Anthropology professor Hank Hannah must cope after accidentally unleashing the plague and becoming one of the last 12 [is that right - 12?] people on earth.  
2009-06-04   Julie & Julia
(Powell, Julie - 2004)
Non-fiction As a half-joke, the author decides to tackle every recipe in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", and documents her progress in a blog.  
2009-06-03   Home Safe
(Berg, Elizabeth - 2009)
Fiction Helen Ames is navigating the first year after her husband dies at the kitchen table leaving her a widow. Then a stranger calls with important news about her finances which leads to a surprising turn in her life.  
2009-06-02   The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz
(Jeremy, Ron with Eric Spitznagel - 2007)
Memoir "The entire world is infatuated with porn, even if they've never watched so much as five minutes of a blue movie," writes sex-film star Ron Jeremy in his charmingly frank memoir.  
2009-06-01   Last Night At the Lobster
(O'Nan, Stewart - 2007)
Fiction Named one of EWs 10 best fiction books of 2007 - follows a Red Lobster manager through a holiday late shift during a blizzard.  
2009-05-06   Fool
(Moore, Christopher - 2009)
Fiction Moore's take on Shakespeare in general and King Lear in particular.  
2009-05-05   Lost in My Own Backyard
(Cahill, Tim - 2004)
Non-fiction A Walk in Yellowstone National Park. Cahill knows how to accentuate local color. He assesses the danger of indigenous bison, which 'may seem indolent even lazy. But then they abruptly decide you need to be gored.'  
2009-05-04   The Compassionate Carnivore
(Friend, Catherine - 2008)
Memoir Or, how to keep animals happy, save old MacDonald's farm, reduce your hoofpring, and still eat meat.  
2009-05-03   Mostly True
(O'Neill, Molly - 2006)
Memoir O'Neill was formerly the esteemed food columnist for The New York Times Magazine with a famous right-fielder baseball playing brother. It's one of the funniest, most heartwarming memoirs in years. Foodies and baseball fans alike will cheer for the remarkable O'Neills.  
2009-05-02   Everybody Into the Pool
(Lisick, Beth - 2005)
Memoir Lisick, a natural storyteller, plunges not only into the pool but also into details, some undeniably gory, about her transformation from ultratanned homecoming queen into a young woman living illegally in a warehouse as raw sewage falls from broken pipes and the upstairs occupants. Well, that's a slide into drug-culture squalor for you. That warning posted, let it be said that Lisick employs a whacked-out, loopy humor that many will find charmingly off-the-wall.  
2009-05-01   A Feast Made For Laughter
(Clairborne, Craig - 1982)
GLBT A memoir with recipes.  
2009-04-04   Report for Murder
(McDermid, Val - 1987)
GLBT During a fund-raising concert, Lorna is found strangled with a cello string, and schoolmistress Paddy Callaghan, an old friend of Lindsay's, is charged with the murder. Lindsay sets out solve the crime with the aid of noted playwright Cordelia Brown, another old girl, who had written and staged a play for the fund-raiser.  
2009-04-03   Clone
(Edmonson, Roger - 2000)
Auto/Biography The Life and Legacy of Al Parker Gay Superstar  
2009-04-02   People of the Wolf
(Gear, W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear - 1990)
Fiction "The Bestselling Saga of Prehistoric North America" Tribes moving in from other areas are driving the People of the Wolf out of their traditional hunting grounds. One of their young hunters starts having dreams of a "hole through the ice".  
2009-04-01   Chasing Harry Winston
(Weisberger, Lauren - 2008)
Chick Lit 3 girlfriends make a pact to change their sex lives - some for more, some for less.  
2009-03-05   The Computer Nut
(Byars, Betsy - 1984)
Fiction Someone starts talking to Kate on her father's work computer. And also her boy friend's computer.  
2009-03-04   The Sun Also Rises
(Hemingway, Ernest - 1926)
Fiction Drunk people with money staggering France and Spain fishing, watching bullfights, and having affairs.  
2009-03-03   Coraline
(Gaiman, Neil - 2002)
Magical/Mystical Coraline finds a door in her parent's new house which leads to a parallel world where her "other mother" lives.  
2009-03-02   Shudderchild
(Norwood, Warren Carl - 1987)
Post-Apocalyptic Set just under 100 years after "Shudderday" when a series of devastating earthquakes reshaped the earth's surface. Only 1 in 200 people survived the disruption of the food supply, re-emergence of smallpox from quake-disturbed graves, and other troubles. Now the survivors are divided into factions with uneasy peace or flat out hostility.  
2009-03-01   A Moveable Feast
(Hemingway, Ernest - 1964)
Memoir Suggested By: Author.
I own this on Kindle now. Stories of starting out as a writer in Paris in the 1920s.
2009-02-07   To Have and Have Not
(Hemingway, Ernest - 1937)
Fiction Charter fisherman in the FL Keys get stiffed by a big buck customer and has to turn to less savory jobs to keep flesh and soul together. It ends badly for all.  
2009-02-06   Naked Brunch
(Hayter, Sparkle - 2003)
Magical/Mystical Annie Engel turns into a werewolf, but it takes her a while to figure it out.  
2009-02-05   The Quilts of Gee's Bend
(Beardsley, John - 2002)
Non-fiction Huuuuge quarto book. Featuring pictures of quilts and stories about the women who made them.  
2009-02-04   A Year in the South: Four Lives in 1865
(Ash, Stephen V. - 2002)
Non-fiction Follows the lives of 4 southerners for a year in 1865, at the end of the Civil War.  
2009-02-03   The Reader
(Schlink, Bernhard - 1995)
Fiction 15-year-old has affair with a 36-year-old neighbor. They drift apart, then he encounters her again when she turns up as a defendant in a Nazi war-crimes trial.  
2009-02-02   Hero of Flight 93 Mark Bingham
(Barrett, Jon - 2002)
GLBT Biography of one of a man who fought back on Flight 93 September 11, 2001.  
2009-02-01   The Sinister Pig
(Hillerman, Tony - 2003)
Crime/Mystery Some nameless guy gets shot in the back in Jim Chee's jurisdiction. Could it be related to an investigation into money being diverted away from payments for Native American natural resources?  
2009-01-09   From Dead to Worse
(Harris, Charlaine - 2008)
Magical/Mystical A relative finds Sookie. Sookie finds Quinn. There's a were war and a vampire takeover.  
2009-01-08   All Together Dead
(Harris, Charlaine - 2007)
Magical/Mystical Sookie goes to a vampire summit in a big pyramid hotel. Things heat up with Quinn. Mystery and intrigue abound.  
2009-01-07   Definitely Dead
(Harris, Charlaine - 2006)
Magical/Mystical Sookie Stackhouse hooks up with Quinn, the shapeshifting Tiger hunk from the Were Packmaster competition. She is summoned to New Orleans to clear out the apartment of her definitely dead vampire cousin, from which she is violently kidnapped.  
2009-01-06   The Prophet of Yonwood
(DuPrau, Jeanne - 2006)
Post-Apocalyptic Well, technically this is pre-apocalyptic. Somewhat irrelevant story about some girl before 'the disaster'.  
2009-01-05   The People of Sparks
(DuPrau, Jeanne - 2004)
Post-Apocalyptic The People of Sparks picks up where The City of Ember leaves off. Lina and Doon have emerged from the underground city to the exciting new world above, and it isn't long before they are followed by the other inhabitants of Ember.  
2009-01-04   Deep Water A Sailor's Passage
(Kahn, E.M. - 2005)
Memoir A hobbyist sailor's memoir about love, loss, and sailing.  
2009-01-03   The 100th Generation: The Ibis Prophesy Book One
(Saracen, Justine - 2006)
GLBT Archeologist Valerie Foret starts out as a normal seeming Egyptolgist, but rapidly devolves into a weirdo who steals mummies, sees ghosts, dies, and comes back from the dead.  
2009-01-02   The City of Ember
(DuPrau, Jeanne - 2003)
Post-Apocalyptic This is a kid's book. First in a series, followed by The People of Sparks and The Profit on Yonwood. The only light during the regular twelve hours of "day" comes from floodlamps that cast a yellowish glow over the streets of the city. Beyond are the pitch-black Unknown Regions, which no one has ever explored because an understanding of fire and electricity has been lost, and with it the idea of a Moveable Light.  
2009-01-01   Dead as a Doornail
(Harris, Charlaine - 2005)
Fantasy Somebody is shooting shape-shifters. Sookie is pursued romantically by a were-wolf, a were-panther, Sam her boss, Eric the vampire, Bill the vampire, and a few others express interest. Someone tries to burn down her house, with her in it.  
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