My cousin, L, got married to S in August of 2002. The wedding was in Pennsylvania, so Doug and I decided to drive out and make a vacation of it.

We went to Cedar Point in Sandusky OH, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Hamilton Ontario, Niagara Falls Ontario, the Kinzua Bridge PA, the wedding, Gettysburgh PA, the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum in OH, the Gus Grissom Air Musuem, and the Rock Island Arsenal.

This is our rental car. We got it through Avis, and it cost $389.00 for two weeks. It struggled a little bit through the mountains of PA, but was a great car otherwise. AC and CD, yea!

We picked up the car downtown. It was closer and cheaper than the airport. Unfortunately there was some kind of basketball tournament going on, and the Avis was right by the farmer's market. It was impossible to find a parking spot, but somehow Doug managed.

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