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Last Updated: 30 December 2001

Doug pulled Ling out of our backyard lilac tree 8 August 2000. I was outside without my glasses when I saw something GREEN on the birdfeeder. I got my glasses and there was a parakeet! She flew up to the power line when I stepped out from the porch. I went inside and got a handful of millet. She eyed it from the power line, but was too afraid to come down to eat. I got Doug. He showed her a handful of seed and she stared, but flew into the lilac tree. Doug got up on a chair in the tree, she danced for the millet but climbed higher, he tiptoed, she hopped down for a taste, and he grabbed her. We put a flier up at the Humane Society, but never got a call. We quarantined her in a little cage in the kitchen. She wasn't finger tame, but she got excited when she saw us. She did little somersaults around her perch. Millet went over big, but pellets didn't do at thing for her. After four weeks in the kitchen, she moved in with PeeWee and Blue. As you can see below, she and PeeWee get along great.

Video: PeeWee and Ling Fighting for a Bath (1.3Mb MPEG)


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