Last Updated: 31 December 2007

Olive came to live with us on 29 December 2007. She was just about a year old.

Doug's co-workers know that he has birds. One of them had a friend who needed to find a new home for a female parakeet. "R" works at an elderly care home. One day a boy brought in a coupla keeters and asked if he could donate them to live in the aviary. Well, some other company stocks and maintains those cages, so they can't just go adding random birds. "R" took the birds home. Olive was not a particularily vivacious companion, so "R" was looking to find her a good home.

We decided that Sherman and Lee would appreciate some new female company, and Olive came to live with us. "R" brought her over a few days later. Olive saw the boys and immediately starting chirping. Apparently, that was more noise than she had made in months. The boys crowded over to the corner of the cage to get a closer look at her. They got along immediately.

She's hand-tamed, which is nice. She did sit on my shoulder, but wasn't enthusiastic about it. Notice that she's completely butched. Safety first: I always clip the all flight feathers short before taking parakeets outside. Apparently, "R" has the same philosophy. It's good to know that she came from a home where someone cares enough to know how to clip wings. Oh, the nightmares I've had about a birdie flying out the door!

We're in the process of converting Olive to pellets. it's the first step when anybirdy moves in here. She's got a mix of the seed she was used to and pellets. The boys got busy helping her snarf up the millet. Hopefully she'll see them eating the pellets and jump in after them.

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