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Last Updated: 8 January 2004

I adopted PeeWee from "Wings Over Minnesota", a breeder in Golden Valley. Terri S. and I went out together. It was probably March 22, 1994. PeeWee was handfed and lived in an aquarium full of prickly pin-feathered little parakeet monsters. The baby parakeets thought that food magically appeared from people's fingers. When you put your hand in the tank they'd all run over each other to nip at you. It was hilarious! Even funnier was the way the babies would sit in squirmy piles. Just like puppies. Who knew? PeeWee lives to torment Murrie the sweetie cockatiel. The only time that they get along is when they are foraging on the floor. It's amusing to see how much bully is packed into little tiny parakeets. Just twice, once each to me and Doug, PeeWee said "Grandma's Pretty Bird" which she learned from Barny's incessant repetition. She is quite the smartie under her calm facade.

Video: PeeWee and Ling Fighting for a Bath (1.3Mb MPEG)


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