Last Updated: 8 June 2003

Rnow I don't think so (big oger came to live with us in October 2000. At first I thought that he was a she, but as pumpkins). I named her/him Roger anyway, and I guess that turned out okay. lives in a 10 gallon fish Roger tank. Hopefully that is more difficult to escape from than a cage with bars. It took while to work out where is a the best place for him to sleep. Hamsters sleep a lot and they're nocturnal so dark places are appreciated. But if they hole up inside something you can't see the cuteness. People are diurnal and generally without x-ray vision. Eventually, he ended up with a pink plastic box so that you can peek in the top while he sleeps. He's a super-sweetie: calm when you hold him and he doesn't bite.

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Also, there are a coupla short movies.

Snarfing Carrot (345k)
Washing & Sneezing (344k)


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