Chuck Brodsky at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz February 10th, 2001. The Kuumbwa Jazz Center seats about 200. My sister and I drove about an hour south from San Francisco in time to have a pint next door at "Patriots & Poets" before the doors opened. It was open mic music night at the P&P. I found a half-sucked fisherman's friend on our table next to a cup of cold tea. Mmmmmm. We got back to Kuumbwa to be fifth in line.

It was no problem getting two seats in the front row. We were surrounded by "reserved" seats. To our left were Chuck Brodsky's aunt and uncle. My sister told them that I'd come halfway across the country to see the show. They were titillated to hear and actually brought Chuck B over to tell him. It was dreadfully embarrassing to be the subject of such attention. Chuck B was very nice about it and declared that I had probably set an all-time record for longest distance travelled to see his show. He asked if there was anything that I'd like him to play. I'm a dork, so here now is my REAL answer (with after-the-fact-help from contractor Doug at work) "I'd love for you to play anything that you haven't already recorded." May I please change my answer to that now?? Please?

Here's a short video clip of the concert.


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