Buzz & Jake & Porky & Molly
Terri & Dale

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Last Updated: 20 June 1999

Buzz cockatiel and Jake double-yellow-headed-amazon live with Terri people and Dale people. Buzz was adopted by Terri from a breeder, Wings over Minnesota, in about 1993(?). Buzz talks a fair bit.

Jake and Dale got together sometime around 1986(?). Jake says lot of things, including "yeah right". Jake finally figured out that if she's nice to Terri she gets treats and can be carried to where the action is. If you're anyone else, you'd better beware the pinpointing eyes cuz Jake would rather nip first than get eaten by scaree strangers!

Until recently, Porky parakeet lived with them too. After about 13 years of life she laid her first egg and had some trouble with it, but she pulled through. A month or so later she laid another and it was just too much for her. For a while Porky shared a cage with Molly parakeet, who was probably blind. That was weird!


Terri with PeeWee, Buzz and Murrie

Dale with Jake and Lily

Doug with PeeWee, Porky, Molly, Buzz and Murrie. The whole Terri gang visited while Terri went skiing. Birdie chaos!



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