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2002-12-05   No Lifeguard on Duty
(Dickinson, Janice - 2002)
Auto/Biography Janice Dickenson, "The World's First Supermodel".  
2002-12-04   Empress of the World
(Ryan, Sara - 2001)
GLBT Teenaged girl at hp summer school hooks up with some girl.  
2002-12-03   Good in Bed
(Weiner, Jennifer - 2001)
Chick Lit Woman breaks up with boyfriend, then finds out she's pregnant.  
2002-12-02   The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up
(Nelson, Charles - 1981)
GLBT Some gay guy volunteers for Vietnam and the book is his letters home to four people (fiction).  
2002-12-01   Cadillac Jack
(McMurtry, Larry - 1982)
Fiction Suggested By: Author.
$6.45 Kindle book, bought after reading. Cadillac Jack is a womanizing retired rodeo champion who travels the country as an antique scout finding things for his rich clients.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2002-11-07   Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
(Patterson, James - 2001)
Fiction A woman's lover breaks up with her and sends his wife's diary to explain.  
2002-11-05   Back When We Were Young
(Tyler, Anne - 2001)
Fiction Woman works in house converted to host parties. Her husband died a long time ago, and she finally looks up an old boyfriend.  
2002-11-04   From the Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden
(Stewart, Amy - 2001)
Memoir A woman takes up gardening.  
2002-11-03   September 11: An Oral History
(Murphy, Dean E. - 2002)
Non-fiction Detailed personal accounts of experiences of those who survived 9/11.  
2002-11-02   The Lost Continent: Travel in Small-Town America
(Bryson, Bill - 1989)
Memoir A travelogue by Bill Bryson is as close to a sure thing as funny books get. The Lost Continent is no exception. Following an urge to rediscover his youth (he should know better), the author leaves his native Des Moines, Iowa, in a journey that takes him across 38 states. Lucky for us, he brought a notebook.  
2002-11-01   The Lathe of Heaven
(Le Guin, Ursula K. - 1971)
SciFi George Orr!  
2002-10-08   How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
(Young, Toby - 2001)
Memoir Autobiographical account of a star-struck Brit journalist coming to the US to cover Hollywood.  
2002-10-06   It's In Her Kiss
(Dean, Elizabeth - 2002)
GLBT Not sure, but I think this is GLBT.  
2002-10-05   The Hinckley Fire
(McDermott, Clara and Antone A. Anderson - 1954)
Non-fiction Oral histories of the Hinckley Fire  
2002-10-04   Mistress of Justice
(Deaver, Jeffery - 1992)
Crime/Mystery A law firm crime mystery.  
2002-10-03   The Dead Celeb
(Maracotta, Lindsay - 1997)
Crime/Mystery Entertaining mystery with a good pace ala John Grisham.  
2002-10-02   Dear Exile
(Liftin, Hilary and Kate Montgomery - 1999)
Non-fiction Two old friends exchange letters during the year one of them is a teacher in Africa.  
2002-10-01   A Year in Van Nuys
(Loh, Sandra Tsing - 2001)
Memoir Writer and her husband buy "fixer-upper" in Van Nuys.  
2002-09-05   Noone Thinks of Greenland
(Griesemer, John - 2001)
Fiction Rudy Spruance gets posted to Greenland where they take care of hopelessly wounded Korean Vets. He falls in love with the commanding officer's girlfriend, Irene Teal.  
2002-09-04   Fifty Acres and a Poodle
(Laskas, Jeane Marie - 2000)
Magical/Mystical Woman finds love and fufills dream of owning a "farm" in the country.  
2002-09-03   The Egg and I
(MacDonald, Betty - 1945)
Memoir Woman marries and moves to northwest boonies to start an egg farm.  
2002-09-02   Fag Hag
(Rudi, Robert - 1992)
Fiction Woman in love with her best friend who is gay goes to extreme measures to get him for herself.  
2002-09-01   The Stone Monkey
(Deaver, Jeffery - 2002)
Crime/Mystery Chinese boat people sink off the US coast.  
2002-08-05   Welcome to my Planet
(Olson, Shannon - 2000)
Memoir Gen-Xer grows up in Chaska & Mpls. Wait. The jury is out on whether she actually grows up.  
2002-08-04   Hard Eight
(Evanovich, Janet - 2002)
Crime/Mystery Hunts for run-away mother with kid to avoid neighbor forfeiting custody bond. Chronic trouble brining in drunk.  
2002-08-03   Another Planet: A Year In the Life of A Suburban High School
(Burkett, Elinor - 2001)
Non-fiction Journalist spent a year at Prior Lake High School observing.  
2002-08-02   Dress Codes
(Howey, Noelle - 2002)
Auto/Biography Autobiographical, woman's dad is a transvestite.  
2002-08-01   My Year of Meats
(Ozeki, Ruth L. - 1998)
Fiction Japanese/American woman makes show to promote American meats in Japan.  
2002-07-01   Put a Lid On It
(Westlake, Donald E. - 2002)
Crime/Mystery Francis Xavier Meehan is a thief. He's also sitting in jail getting ready to be found guilty of "big time" federal charges because the ordinary truck he helped hijack wasn't full of the expected computer stuff from Mexico, but U.S. Postal Service mail. Then out of the blue a very non-lawyerly person claiming to be his lawyer shows up at the jail to see him and makes him a deal that he can't refuse.  
2002-06-04   The Smoke Jumper
(Evans, Nicholas - 2001)
Fiction Fiction about forest fire-fighters, by author of "The Horse Whisperer".  
2002-06-03   Slave to Fashion
(Campbell, Rebecca - 2002)
Fiction Wacky British fashion assistant.  
2002-06-02   Report from Ground Zero
(Smith, Dennis - 2002)
Non-fiction The story of rescue efforts at the World Trade Center during and following September 11, 2001.  
2002-06-01   Leading Out: Women Climbers Reaching for the Top
(da Silva, Rachel (editor) - 1992)
Non-fiction Suggested By: Unknown.
True stories of women climbing. Mountain climbing.
2002-05-12   American Psycho
(Ellis, Bret Easton - 1991)
Fiction Psycho.  
2002-05-11   Joy School
(Berg, Elizabeth - 1997)
Fiction Katie the army brat returns (only she's not bratty).  
2002-05-10   Open House
(Berg, Elizabeth - 2000)
Fiction Samantha's husband, David, leaves her and son Travis. She meets moving man, King.  
2002-05-09   Never Change
(Berg, Elizabeth - 2001)
Fiction Nurse Myra Lipinski cares for, and loves, old classmate Chip Reardon who has a brain tumor.  
2002-05-08   Firestorm
(Barr, Nevada - 1996)
Fiction Fighting the Jackknife fire in CA Lea Nims is murdered during the firestorm.  
2002-05-07   Talking to Addison
(Colgan, Jenny - 2001)
Fiction Offbeat, hilarious tale about an ordinary girl's search for Mr. Right--with the inevitable Mr. Oddballs getting in the way.  
2002-05-06   One Hundred Days
(Biro, David - 2000)
Non-fiction My unexpected journey from doctor to patient. Just as he was hitting his stride as a successful dermatologist, Biro became what physicians call a "zebra"--someone with a rare disease--at age 31. Diagnosed with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a blood disease that afflicts only one in a million people and, if untreated, is often fatal, he elected to have a bone-marrow transplant.  
2002-05-05   Fighting Fire
(Paul, Caroline - 1998)
Memoir She passed the written and physical exams but delayed joining until 1988. This is her story of learning to adapt to a different way of life, with its own rules, traditions, and language. And, as Paul describes it, she followed a rocky road to being accepted by the men in the various fire houses in which she worked along the way.  
2002-05-04   Durable Goods
(Berg, Elizabeth - 1993)
Fiction Narrator Katie lives on a Texas Army base with her 18-year-old sister and volatile father, an officer of unidentified rank. The girls' mother has died of cancer, although Katie never discusses how much time has passed since the loss.  
2002-05-03   Range of Motion
(Berg, Elizabeth - 1995)
Fiction Suggested By: Author.
$2.14 Kindle book, bought after reading. Lainey is a wife/mother/office worker whose life is suddenly changed when her husband is sent into a coma by a freak accident. The only one who believes that he will one day wake up, she visits him daily, bringing him stimulus from everyday life in an attempt to reach him.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2002-05-02   Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping
(Underwhill, Paco - 1999)
Non-fiction Armed with an array of video equipment, store maps, and customer-profile sheets, Underhill and his consulting firm, Envirosell, have observed over 900 aspects of interaction between shopper and store. They've discovered that men who take jeans into fitting rooms are more likely to buy than females (65 percent vs. 25 percent). They've learned how the "butt-brush factor" (bumped from behind, shoppers become irritated and move elsewhere) makes women avoid narrow aisles.  
2002-05-01   Unafraid of the Dark
(Bray, Rosemary - 1992)
Memoir In elegant, passionate prose, Rosemary L. Bray uses her personal history to persuasively defend America's much-maligned welfare system. A smart black girl from the Chicago slums didn't have much chance of going to Yale or becoming an editor at the New York Times Book Review before Aid to Families with Dependent Children helped Rosemary's selfless mother make ends meet and keep Rosemary in school. Bray's account of her progress is both inspiring and despairing, as she criticizes the welfare "reforms" that closed to others doors that were opened for her.  
2002-04-06   Other People's Dirt: A Housecleaner's Curious Adventures
(Rafkin, Louise - 1998)
Non-fiction The author, a thoroughly educated sometime-writer, works as a cleaner, cleaning people's houses. She tells us something of what that's like, and she also pokes into other corners of the cleaning world, talking to someone who cleans up after murders, talking to folks who get paid extra to clean in the nude, and spending a week in a spiritual community in Japan that finds sustenance in service, including cleaning.  
2002-04-05   Hello Darling, Are You Working?
(Everett, Rupert - 1992)
Fiction Still smarting from his childhood discovery of the male member that will prevent him from becoming a Great Actress, and warmed by his fonder memories of his early days as a precocious male prostitute, onetime soap-opera star Rhys Waveral is living on, and living it up, in a suite at the Hotel Leicester in Paris--until his father, Brigadier Dimbleby (``Dim'') Waveral, phones with the news that Rhys's financial advisor, ``that bloody deviant, Gavin Winterton,'' has just sold him short in the stock market crash of '87.  
2002-04-04   How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
(Alvarez, Julia - 1991)
Fiction This sensitive story of four sisters who must adjust to life in America after having to flee from the Dominican Republic is told through a series of episodes beginning in adulthood, when their lives have been shaped by U. S. mores, and moving backwards to their wealthy childhood on the island.  
2002-04-03   The Eleanor Roosevelt Girls
(Bluh, Bonnie - 1998)
Fiction Through a lively sequence of flashbacks, Bluh (Woman to Woman) weaves a complex story of female friendships spanning more than 50 years. Upon hearing of her dearest friend Mallory's suicide, the bitter, grieving narrator, Julia, a successful playwright in her early 60s, reflects on her childhood in Sunnyside, Queens, a neighborhood fraught with tensions between its Catholic and Jewish residents.  
2002-04-02   Bad News
(Westlake, Donald E. - 2001)
Crime/Mystery Guilderpost's plan to take over an Indian gambling casino requires the replacement of one dead Indian buried in a Queens cemetery with another corpse, who's actually related to Guilderpost's partner, a Las Vegas chorine named Little Feather. Dortmunder and pals have to spirit Joseph Redcorn out of the plot he's been occupying for nearly a century and replace him with Little Feather's grandfather, who's been dead for quite a spell himself.  
2002-04-01   Chained (A Sam Jones Mystery)
(Henderson, Lauren - 2000)
Crime/Mystery .) Sam is a stand-in for a difficult young actress named Sarah, who has a knack for ticking people off. Sarah's latest enemies are a group of animal rights activists (read terrorists), who start sending her threats in the form of dead animals. Sam, apparently mistaken for Sarah, gets kidnapped. After escaping her captors, Sam returns to the bright young things for many more pages of chat.  
2002-03-05   Hope is the Thing With Feathers
(Cokinos, Christopher - 2000)
Non-fiction A Personal Chroinical of Vanished Birds.  
2002-03-04   Kitchen Confidential
(Bourdain, Anthony - 2000)
Non-fiction Behind the scenes of restaurant life.  
2002-03-03   Fast Food Nation
(Schlosser, Eric - 2001)
Non-fiction But the industry's drive for consolidation, homogenization, and speed has radically transformed America's diet, landscape, economy, and workforce, often in insidiously destructive ways.  
2002-03-02   Before I Say Goodbye: Recollections and Observations from One Woman's Final Year
(Picardie, Ruth - 2000)
Memoir Suggested By: People Mag.
In 1997 at the age of 32, journalist Picardie died of an aggressive cancer (originally misdiagnosed) that began in her breast and spread to her bones, liver and brain, killing her within 10 months. Her career was in full swing when she was diagnosed, and her twin children were just one year old.
2002-03-01   Thinking in Pictures and Other Reports From My Life With Autism
(Grandin, Temple - 1995)
Memoir Suggested By: Author.
Autistic woman. Develops chutes to direct cows for slaughterhouses. Autism Spectrum. Autistic. Asperger's syndrome.
2002-02-10   Rubber Stamping Beyond the Basics
(Abel, Michele - 1994)
Craft Preface -- Easy as 1, 2, 3 -- Step 1: stamping -- Step 1a: embossing -- Step 2: coloring the image -- Step 3: glitter & other dimensions -- Basic principles -- Color -- Composition -- Scenery -- Backgrounds -- Tools for beautiful backgrounds -- Faux finishes -- Making your own paper & patterned paper -- Color photos -- High tech stamping -- Through the mail -- Mail art -- Make your own envelopes -- E-mail and other on-line fun -- What is a rubber stamp? -- Mounting your own stamps -- Carving your own -- Storage -- Storing stamps -- Cataloging -- Traveling with stamps.  
2002-02-09   Rubber Stamping Easy as 1-2-3!
(Abel, Michele - 1991)
Craft Rubber stamping.  
2002-02-08   The Shipping News
(Proulx, Annie - 1993)
Fiction Quoyle, a patient, self-deprecating, oversized hack writer who, following the deaths of nasty parents and a succubus of a wife, moves with his two daughters and straight-thinking aunt back to the ancestral manse in Killick-Claw, a Newfoundland harbor town of no great distinction. There, Quoyle finds a job writing about car crashes and the shipping news for The Gammy Bird , a local paper kept afloat largely by reports of sexual abuse cases and comical typographical errors.  
2002-02-07   The Paper Card Book
(Kerr, Lisa - 1997)
Craft Paper Cards.  
2002-02-06   Making Greeting Cards with Rubber Stamps
(McGraw, Maryjo - 1997)
Craft Self explanatory.  
2002-02-05   Creative Greeting Cards
(Green, Caroline - 1997)
Craft Self explanatory.  
2002-02-04   In a Sunburned Country
(Bryson, Bill - 2000)
Memoir Australia.  
2002-02-03   What We Keep
(Berg, Elizabeth - 1998)
Magical/Mystical Ginny, Sharla, mom leaves.One night, Ginny and Sharla overhear their mother screaming at their father about her unhappiness and telling him that she never wanted children. Then she walks out with no explanations, returning briefly a few months later to explain that she's not coming back. The following years bring occasional visits that are impossibly painful for all concerned and so full of buried anger that the girls decide to curtail them altogether.  
2002-02-02   Until the Real Thing Comes Along
(Berg, Elizabeth - 1999)
Magical/Mystical Patty/Ethan. Gay. Baby.  
2002-02-01   The Little Book of Neuroses
(Ford, Michael Thomas - 2001)
Essays One night, Ginny and Sharla overhear their mother screaming at their father about her unhappiness and telling him that she never wanted children. Then she walks out with no explanations, returning briefly a few months later to explain that she's not coming back. The following years bring occasional visits that are impossibly painful for all concerned and so full of buried anger that the girls decide to curtail them altogether.  
2002-01-06   Henry Reed's Think Tank
(Robertson, Keith - 1986)
Fiction Looking for a project that requires no investment, Henry takes a suggestion from his Uncle Al and, with his friend, Midge, forms a think tank. Their first client is an overweight neighbor, Rodney, looking for a way to gain the approval of his athletic dad. While they are pondering Rodney's plight, Deirdre appears, complaining that her allowance is much too small when her father could easily afford more.  
2002-01-05   4 Blondes
(Bushnell, Candace - 2000)
Chick Lit a quartet of novellas on her favorite subject--the mating habits of wealthy sex-, status-, and media-obsessed New Yorkers. These are people for whom a million or two does not make one rich, and who consider Louis Vuitton and Prada bare necessities.  
2002-01-04   Sex and the City
(Bushnell, Candace - 1996)
Chick Lit Well, the show came from this.  
2002-01-03   The Chelsea Girl Murders
(Hayter, Sparkle - 2000)
Crime/Mystery Robin Hudson has reason to believe that the only cosmic order ruling her existence is Murphy's Law. What else could a woman think when her pious, next- door neighbor's electric Jesus display shorts out and burns down their East Village apartment building? Bad enough that she's just returned from a disastrous PR trip for TV network WNN.  
2002-01-02   Midwives
(Bohjalian, Chris - 1997)
Fiction On a violent, stormy winter night, a home birth goes disastrously wrong. The phone lines are down, the roads slick with ice. The midwife, unable to get her patient to a hospital, works frantically to save both mother and child while her inexperienced assistant and the woman's terrified husband look on. The mother dies but the baby is saved thanks to an emergency C-section. And then the nightmare begins: the assistant suggests that maybe the woman wasn't really dead when the midwife operated.  
2002-01-01   Just As I Am
(Harris, E. Lynn - 1994)
GLBT At the end of Invisible Life, Raymond and Nicole had just ended a blossoming love affair when Nicole found herself unable to cope with Raymond's bisexuality. Just As I Am begins soon after that, as the two former lovers try to rebuild their lives.  
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