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2004-12-05   Saul and Patsy
(Baxter, Charles - 2003)
Fiction Read a decent review of this somewhere.  
2004-12-04   Annapurna: A Woman's Place
(Blum, Arlene - 1980)
Memoir Suggested By: Suggested List.
An all woman expedition attempts to climb Annapurna with fatal results. Mountain climbing.
2004-12-04   R is for Ricochet
(Grafton, Sue - 2005)
Crime/Mystery Kinsey picks up some rich guy's daughter, Reba, when she is released from prison.  
2004-12-03   Whoopie Goldberg Book
(Goldberg, Whoopie - 1997)
Auto/Biography There may have been another author...  
2004-12-02   Never Tear Us Apart
(Brockton, Quinn - 2003)
Fiction Queer as Folk Novel: Mikey and Brian's first year in college at Allegheny Community College and Carnegie Mellon, respectively.  
2004-12-01   Every Nine Seconds
(Brockton, Joseph - 2003)
Fiction Queer as Folk Novel: Mikey and Brian graduate from high school.  
2004-11-07   At Home in France
(Barry, Ann - 1996)
Memoir Tales of an American and her House Abroad  
2004-11-07   Strip City
(Burana, Lily - 2001)
Memoir A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America  
2004-11-06   The Antelope Wife
(Erdrich, Louise - 1998)
Fiction Cavalry soldier raises an Ojibwa baby.  
2004-11-05   The Fourth Star
(Brenner, Leslie - 2002)
Non-fiction Boring lists of what people were doing in a restaurant kitchen.  
2004-11-04   Bungalow: American Restoration Style
(Cigliano, Jan - 1998)
Non-fiction Uh, a book about bungalows.  
2004-11-03   Running with Scissors
(Burroughs, Augusten - 2002)
Memoir Childhood with crazy family, parents get divorced and he ends up with and even crazier surrogate family.  
2004-11-02   Skin and Other Stories
(Dahl, Roald - 2000)
Fiction A collection of stories.  
2004-11-01   Say When
(Berg, Elizabeth - 2003)
Fiction Griffin tries to ignore the problem when his wife, Ellen, announces that she's having an affair and wants a divorce.  
2004-10-04   Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole
(Nielsen, Dr. Jerri - 2001)
Memoir Dr. leaves bad marriage and goes to South Pole to work at the scientific station.  
2004-10-03   Handmade Books and Cards
(Kropper, Jean G.)
Craft Books and cards to make.  
2004-10-02   Man's Search for Meaning
(Frankl, Viktor E. - 1959)
Non-fiction Concentration camp survivor writes about his experience and life.  
2004-10-01   The Book of Salt
(Truong, Monique - 2003)
Fiction Vietnamese cook works for Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas in Paris.  
2004-09-03   We Know Where You Live
(Taylor, Jean - 1995)
Crime/Mystery Another Maggie Garrett Mystery, I think.  
2004-09-02   The Necessary Hunger
(Revoyr, Nina - 1997)
GLBT High school girls, friends, family, basketball rivals.  
2004-09-01   The Last of her Lies
(Taylor, Jean - 1996)
Crime/Mystery A Maggie Garrett Mystery  
2004-08-04   Bruised Fruit
(Livia, Anna - 1999)
GLBT Several stories intertwine.  
2004-08-03   Icebreaker
(Galindo, Rudy with Eric Marcus - 2002)
Non-fiction The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo  
2004-08-02   Jorgiann's Amazon canoe trip book.
Non-fiction Guy and his son canoe from the US down to South America and the Amazon.  
2004-08-01   Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend
(Wilkinson, Rosemary - 1996)
Craft Many patterns and instructions.  
2004-07-03   Big Fish
(Wallace, Daniel - 1998)
Fiction Inspired the movie.  
2004-07-02   Rivers Running Free
(Niemi, Judith & Barbara Weiser (editors) - 1997)
Non-fiction Stories of Adventerous Women (Bergamot Books)  
2004-07-01   Prayer Warriors
(Miller, Stuart Howell - 1999)
Memoir Gay guy tells of being ostracized from his very religious family.  
2004-06-03   The Last River
(Balf, Todd - 2000)
Non-fiction The Tragic Race for Shangri-La  
2004-06-02   Complications
(Gawande, Atul - 2002)
Non-fiction A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science  
2004-06-01   Wife of the Chef
(Febbroriello, Courtney - 2003)
Non-fiction The True Story of a Restaurant and Romance  
2004-05-04   If I Live to Be 100
(Ellis, Neenah - 2002)
Non-fiction Lessons From the Centenarians  
2004-05-03   The Art of Travel
(de Botton, Alain - 2002)
Non-fiction Musings about travel.  
2004-05-02   A Kangaroo In the Kitchen: And Other Adventures of an American Family Down Under
(Sloan, Ethel - 1978)
Non-fiction Tales of living in Australia from an American bigot. This is hopelessly dated. I couldn't stop reading to see the next amazing gaff. Look right for some examples...  
2004-05-02   Cold Beer and Crocodiles: A Bicycle Journey Into Australia
(Smith, Rolf - 2000)
Memoir Riding a bike all the way around Australia.  
2004-05-01   The Wizard of Oz
(L. Frank Baum - 1900)
Fantasy Uh, it's the Wizard of Oz  
2004-04-08   All the Sundays Yet To Come
(Bertine, Kathryn - 2003)
Memoir What it's like to skate women's Sr's and in the Ice Capades.  
2004-04-07   Loose Lips: A Novel
(Berlinsky, Claire - 2003)
Fiction Huh. I don't remember much about this one.  
2004-04-04   The Postman
(Brin, David - 1985)
Post-Apocalyptic Suggested By: Movie/TV.
$2.15 Kindle book. I bought this loooong after reading it. Post-apocalyptic postman. He was a survivor--a wanderer who traded tales for food and shelter in the dark and savage aftermath of a devastating war. Fate touches him one chill winter's day when he borrows the jacket of a long-dead postal worker to protect himself from the cold. The old, worn uniform still has power as a symbol of hope, and with it he begins to weave his greatest tale, of a nation on the road to recovery.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2004-04-03   Cave Passages: Roaming the Underground Wilderness
(Taylor, Michael Ray - 1996)
Non-fiction Stories of caving.  
2004-04-02   Poker Thief: A Girlhood Among Gamblers
(Lederer, Katy - 2003)
Memoir Totaling up her experiences at the $3-$6 tables, Katy chooses writing over poker, but while studying poetry at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, her mother and older siblings' massive accumulation of wealth disappears overnight, with jail looming.  
2004-04-01   Facing The Extreme
(Kocour, Ruth Anne with Michael Hodgson - 1998)
Memoir One Woman's Story Of True Courage And Death-Defying Survival In The Eye Of Mt. McKinley's Worst Storm Ever  
2004-04-01   The Empty Copper Sea
(MacDonald, John D. - 1978)
Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Author.
$3.23 Kindle book. Bought after reading. McGee is hired to find the truth behind the disappearance of Hub Lawless. Is the man accused of murder guilty or the victim of an elaborate hoax? Plus - Trav meets the glorious amazon, Gretel.
Source: Owned.
Format: eBook.
2004-03-03   Castaway
(Irvine, Lucy - 1983)
Memoir Hippie-type lady answers ad to be some guy's "wife" for an extended stay on a deserted island.  
2004-03-02   Acceptable Risk
(Cook, Robin - 1994)
SciFi A research scientist discovers a mood-altering, enhancing drug and involves himself and other researchers in a deadly experiment.  
2004-03-01   The Diamond Age or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer
(Stephenson, Neal - 1995)
SciFi John Percival Hackworth is a nanotech engineer on the rise when he steals a copy of "A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" for his daughter Fiona. The primer is actually a super computer built with nanotechnology that was designed to educate Lord Finkle-McGraw's daughter and to teach her how to think for herself in the stifling neo-Victorian society.  
2004-02-03   The Free Lunch
(Robinson, Spider - 2001)
SciFi Twelve-year-old Mike tries to hide himself in Dreamworld, but runs into the "Mother Elf," a midget named Annie. Comparing notes, they begin to suspect that Dreamworld is being infiltrated, but by whom? They first suspect "aliens," then agents of Alonzo Haines, proprietor of Dreamworld's spatterpunk rival, Thrillworld.  
2004-02-02   The Far Side of the World
(O'Brian, Patrick - 1984)
Fiction Captain Jack Aubrey sets sail for Cape Horn, determined to intercept an American frigate before it can wreak havoc on the British whaling trade.  
2004-02-01   OceanSpace: A Novel
(Steele, Allen - 2000)
SciFi During seven days in June 2011, a crew of scientists working for an oceanic mining corporation plus a few others set out to explore a newly arisen smoker (a hot vent teeming with primordial life) on the ocean floor--with the venture including a side trip to glimpse, hopefully, the strange beast-a sea serpent?-that has almost totaled a crew member's small submarine.  
2004-01-03   All Tomorrow's Parties
(Gibson, William - 1999)
SciFi Nodal points are rare but significant events in history that forever change society, even though they might not be recognizable as such when they occur. Colin isn't quite sure what's going to happen when society reaches this latest nodal point, but he knows it's going to be big. And he knows it's going to occur on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, which has been home to a sort of SoHo-esque shantytown since an earthquake rendered it structurally unsound to carry traffic.  
2004-01-02   Burn
(Doolittle, Sean - 2003)
Crime/Mystery Suggested By: Unknown.
In California the hills are on fire. Not a good sign for Andrew Kindler, who just came from back east to get away from his past as an arsonist. In fact, almost from the moment he sets foot in his cousin's Santa Monica beach house, the heat starts swirling around him. First there's the cop who thinks Andrew might know something about a murder suspect. Then there's the suspect's beautiful sister, who is willing to pay Andrew $5,000 for the same information.
2004-01-01   Master and Commander
(O'Brian, Patrick - 1970)
Fiction Suggested By: Author.
I bought a Kindle copy. The opening salvo of the Aubrey-Maturin epic, in which the surgeon introduces himself to the captain by driving an elbow into his ribs during a chamber-music recital. Fortunately for millions of readers, the two quickly make up.
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